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Registration Freebies for Challenger Sports British Soccer Camp


British Soccer Camps are the most popular soccer camp in the US. With an innovative curriculum that develops skills, speed and confidence in players ages 3-18, The British Soccer Camp provide boys and girls with the rare opportunity to receive high-level soccer coaching from a team of international expert’s right in the heart of their own community. In addition to teaching new skills and improving game performance, each British Soccer Camp provides lessons in character development, cultural education and is the most fun your child can have learning the sport they love!



Enroll you child in a British Soccer Camp today REGISTER FOR CAMP & GET FREE SOCCER JERSEY, SOCCER BALL, T-SHIRT & POSTER with code: CAMP17 at

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Project Droid Chapter Book Series for Kids


Project Droid Series: Science No Fair and Soccer Shocker

by: Mike Moran

There is nothing like soccer and science fairs to capture the older readers attention. My son is in 3rd grade and he doesn’t hate reading but it is hard to get him to read unless the story really captivates him. He also likes to switch books before he completes one so as per his teacher and my concerns of that he is to finish a book before moving on. This makes it especially important that the topic interests him. He plays soccer and his favorite subject is science so he was sold just by the cover on these titles.

The table of contents below is for Science No Fair. Logan has wanted a companion and his inventor Mom has built a robot cousin for him, named Java. It is important that Logan try and help Java act as normal as possible so no one can tell he is a robot. At the same time Logan has a science fair coming up and he will have the brains of Java. But can Logan hang onto Java as his partner or will his project become an epic fail?


The next set of table of contents below is for Soccer Shocker. If your child plays soccer, you may have heard all about the ball hoarder! Java joins Logan’s team but he is good and knows it. Logan used to be the start player and not only does Java have talent,  but he is THAT ball hoarder player. But when Java gets wet and goes on the fritz, can the whole team—even a short-circuiting Java—come together to score the winning goal?


If you have trouble getting your child to become engaged in chapter books, the Project Droid series is very engaging and witty with its words as well. You can find these books at Amazon, indies and Barnes&Noble


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Challenger Sports British Soccer Club Summer Camp

This week my son had another one of the best experiences at his age of 8. His week at Challenger Sports British Soccer 1/2 day camp is all he can talk about. This is his second year at this camp and it remains his favorite summer activity. The difference this year is we decided to host a coach. James was born in Liverpool and lives in Kuwait and stayed with us for the week. It was such a fun experience and we would love to host again next year.
The coaches were excellent. So professional and quickly gained the children’s respect. They are tough enough on them that they learn and don’t get away with running off or speaking out. There was coach James, Kelsey and Alex. Within no time at all they had children’s names memorized and each child was paid attention to equally throughout the week. I actually stayed each day and got some work done on my laptop because we live almost 30 minutes away and the scenery was gorgeous-can’t beat the office view I had from the field all week of the Puget Sound and Mukilteo Ferries.
Everyday was structured with drills, group games, scrimmages, water breaks, snack break and team discussions. However, the drills and games would change up to new ones each day which kept the kids engaged and they had a blast. On day one my son learned new drills and immediately I saw him using them at practice with his normal city league he is in. He was doing toe touches, fast feet and roller ball proudly.
The week was full of point-earning activities and those points add up. All kids were divided equally by age into 4 teams. Each team got to choose a country-A’s team chose USA. There was England, Ireland and Brazil. These were to be their teams for the week on scrimmages and team meetings and activities. They could earn points with goals. There was some homework too, but fun homework. Wednesday was wacky Wednesday so they had to dress up and bring silly clothes for the coaches to wear. Friday was country day-they had to bring facts about their country to share and make something related to that country flag. My son made red, white and blue taffy sticks for his USA team. Others made craft flags or cupcakes. Then a team would be named best flag spirit and USA took the win (they brought treats to share with everyone-cupcakes always win).
So what team won the World Cup on the last day? That would be USA-my son’s team! I loved that not only at victory, but after every scrimmage the coaches gathered the kids who were to reflect on that game they just played and to choose an MVP of the game. My son was chosen as MVP once every day out of 3-4 games a day. He self-declared himself as Super MVP for the week-lol. This year he learned about team spirit and was loud-calling for the ball and cheering for his teammates in game as well as encouraging other team’s players. I have not seen that in him in other sports he played until camp this week.
The value of this camp is simply the best of any camp I have ever enrolled any of our boys in for all of these years! The kids listen, respect, reflect, learn, work as teams, encourage each other. Plus in the 80 and 90 degree heat wave we had they hung in there like champs. On the Thursday my son hit burnout due to not only camp but his soccer team practices in the heat wave all week and he wanted to come anyway. He wanted to show up-sick- to not let his team down because they have learned to be supportive all week and truly relied on each other at scrimmage time. Amazing how these coaches were that skilled to get a group of over 20 kids all ages working so well together from day 1! I will do this camp every year as long as my son wants! I recommend it to any child interested or who loves the sport.
What you get after registering for Challenger British Sports clubs
  • Register by 45 days to camp start and receive a free Challenger Sports jersey
  • Every player gets a free British Soccer ball and British Soccer Club T-shirt
  • Each player gets a certificate at the end with an evaluation form filled out to see their areas of strength and improvements
  • Every player also gets a free poster
  • Host a coach for the week and save $80-once you register you will get emails asking for host families!
After all of the freebies, I ordered my son the matching shorts, socks, shinguards and ties and spent under $35 shipped. Their shop prices are great.
Look now for camps still open in many US states! Choose the camp that fits best for your child. If you missed a camp in your area this year, mark your calendars for Feb-March. Tis is about when you can start looking for the new year’s sign ups.
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Leo Messi Foot Bubbles Review

We were provided product for feature

Foot Bubbles
He wears the blue and white jersey and my son loves Leo Messi! My son plays soccer, has soccer decor in his room and watches soccer. At 7 he has gravitated to Futbol as his favorite sport! When I was sent the Foot Bubbles featuring Leo Messi you should of seen his excitement. This is our Leo Messi Foot Bubbles review.



Foot Bubbles is a bubble set where you blow one medium to large bubble at a time and with the socks that come with the set you work to be gentle and fancy to keep that ball moving as long as possible before it pops. It took my son some time to master as he tended to kick it and his toes would pop the bubble. He also would get it away from him where it would hit a wall or furniture and pop. It actually took concentration and control which in a fun way is great practice for his playing.
You can find the Leo Messi Foot Bubbles at Kmart and Toys R Us stores. My son has a lot of soccer friends so I plan to keep an eye out for them and scoop some up to have on hand for birthday gifts, etc.. These make fun prizes for players if you are a coach. Great entertainment and my son can’t play enough!
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Football Adjustable Table Lamp from Parrot Uncle

I won this lamp and choose to feature

Several weeks ago I won a credit to Parrot Uncle lamps. I fell in love with so many lamps they have. One caught my eye as I have been redoing my son’s room and I had to share. This is the Modern Football Adjustable Lamp. It features a soccer design and the neck is adjustable. I love this because we keep it on his bed shelf and he can adjust it as he uses it as a reading light. As I set it up I took some photos to share more of this fun lamp any sports fan would love!


I wanted to share this sight because Parrot Uncle truly has such a large variety of lights from pendant lights to desk lamps like my son’s new Football lamp.