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Healthy Snacks for Kids – Pure Organic Fruit Sandwiches

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PURE kids

With Easter coming it is hard to find healthier snack options for the basket that the kids would actually enjoy. It seems that bright colors and and fruity flavors are always a hit and enticing for kids to want to open and eat. PURE Organic Fruit Sandwiches are an option for healthy snacks for kids.

PURE snacks

Why PURE Organic are Healthy Snacks for Kids

The goodness is more about what is not in these snacks than what is. There are no artificial additives of any kind, no peanuts or nuts and is only 60 calories each.

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When you are shopping for foods that are pure and organic it is hard to find healthy snacks the entire family like and that are great for on-the-go snacking. My husband and I enjoy grabbing one as much as Anthony does.

healthy kids snacks

The colors remind me of spring and so these also make great non-candy options for the Easter basket. I found some co-ops near me that carry these and they are on Amazon too. Pure Organics also has other fruit strip snacks and bars. Visit PURE Organic and see their store locator to find these near you for Easter treats or everyday healthy snacks for kids.

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Pure and Natural Energy from Honey Stinger

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 Honey-Stinger-Product-Line | Parenting Healthy

Honey is one of the most natural sources of energy and it is low in carbs. So many years ago Honey Stinger began to market smaller packs of honey as natural energy bursts. From there it developed into honey snacks from chews, waffle snacks, bars and even a full kid line of natural energy as well as the other benefits of honey. For children,  you get snack-sized waffles as well as chews that are all organic and an excellent source of Vitamin C.

Honey-Stinger-Waffles | Parenting Healthy

I wasn’t sure  what to expect when I saw a thin package labeled (flavored) Waffle. Essentially, they are soft waffle-like crackers with a flavored honey center. I say cracker for the lack of a better word, but the entire snack is super chewy and delicious. You really can taste the real ingredients. They are wrapped in a single wrapper and are all organic. Some flavors are gluten-free as well.

Organic-Energy Chews | Parenting Healthy

If you like fruity, you’ll love the Organic Energy Chews. It’s like a giant, soft fruit snack for adults with blasts of fruit flavors. They are naturally occurring fiber and protein derived from 100% organic tapioca syrup and honey.

Honey-Stinger-Snack-Bars | Parenting Healthy

If you like to get your energy from nuts and grains. the Honey Stinger Snack Bars are wholesome and make a great mid-day snack. They are low in sugar, non GMO ingredients and gluten free ingredients and organic honey. There are 4 flavors: Peanut Butter & Jelly, Nuts, Seeds & Roasted Serrano, Cran-Apple & Walnuts and the Super Fruit & Ancient Grain.

Honey-Stinger-Kids-Organic-Snacks | Parenting Healthy

Now there are snacks for the kids too! Flavored organic honey waffles and sour fruit chews. I tried the sour chews and they weren’t sour as in puckered lips, but just a large blast of fruit flavor. My son says “these have the most fruit taste than fruit snacks..”. You won’t find any artificial colors or flavors or preservatives and HFCS in the products. They are all organic and make great lunchbox snacks or to pack for game day.

Organic-Kids-Waffle-Honey | Parenting Healthy

Honey-Organic-Kids | Parenting Healthy

You can find Honey Stinger products at sports and some health stores near you. Visit to shop or find the store locator near you.

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Game Day Snacks Roundup

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Game day-snacks-roundup | Parenting Healthy |

At Parenting Healthy I have featured a lot of healthier snacking options in my foods and natural foods topics. By healthy I can mean a variety of things from gluten-free options for those that suffer from celiac to snacks free of artificial ingredients. Now with the after school snacks and football party season starting again, I have a round up of healthier snack options for your family. Some brands are new to me and some I have featured before. In all, I have tried each one below and that information is included.


Popped corn chips that are crunchy. 7 flavors. Gluten-Free and no artificial ingredients. I love the Sweetly Salted Caramel and Cheddar Feel-Good. My son also loves the caramel. Beware! They are very addictive. Available at retailers such as Winco, Rite Aid and Albertsons

PopCorners-Chips-Grocery| Parenting Healthy |

Barbaras Cheese Puffs

Baked with stone ground corn and carefully selected cheeses. 4 varieties. Non-GMO, cholesterol and wheat free, vegetarian

Like the unhealthy cheesy crunch chips variety? You’ll love these because they taste just like it without the unhealthy ingredients. Great for those with gluten and/or wheat allergies and just made better for you. We are addicted to these.

Barbaras-healthy-snacks | Parenting Healthy |

Barbaras-Cheese Puffs | Parenting Healthy |

Good Health Snacks

Crispy and crunchy snacks you crave with the ingredients you only want. 6 types of snacks. Variety of gluten free, Non-GMO and organic options

We love the Veggie pretzels and Avocado Oil Kettle Chips. There are so many options available at a variety of retailers for any occasion made with good and healthy ingredients.

Good Health-healthy-snacks | Parenting Healthy |

Good Health-pretzels | Parenting Healthy |

Mamee Stacked Potato Crisps

Potato snacks that are in 3 flavors. Gluten free and non-gmo. They are so delicious and my son can’t get enough of these. You can get them on Amazon and they are prime qualified.


Bare Snacks

Baked crunchy banana snacks. Also available in coconut and apple varieties. Made with real fruit, oven baked and everything good…I mean everything.

These are great for baking with or snacking on. Most cocoa flavors are best baked with. They are all non-GMO and free of gluten, trans fats, preservatives, nuts and dairy. Available at most retailers.

bare-natural-baked-chips | Parenting Healthy |

Drazil Kids Teas

Delicious kids herbal teas infused with fruit juices. 4 flavors. Free of caffeine and no added sugar or sweeteners.

These are my son’s top picks for lunches. I keep these on hand for home lunches he takes to school.

Drazil-Kids-Tea | Parenting Healthy |

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Snack Mates Kids Jerky

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With school starting again we are back to staring in the pantry and wandering the store aisles as we keep creative about lunches and snacks for the kids. With a house full of boys, one snack that they cannot resist is meat snacks. They go nuts over meat sticks, jerky, salamis and now The New Primal has made available the first ever kids jerky.


Why do we need a kids jerky? There are several reasons. The only real meat snack are brands like Slim Jim or inside Lunchables loaded with sodium and common allergens. To feed kids an abundance of sodium will effect blood pressure and create other issues later on so we all know the importance of limiting salt. Also, so many children with allergies miss out on the fun snacks and with a clean jerky like The New Primal, now more kids can enjoy meat snacks. The New Primal does not add the preservatives and other fillers that we try to avoid.

These Classic Turkey and Classic Beef (more flavors coming soon) jerky snacks are gluten free. Also, Non-GMO, hormone and antibiotic-free, soy free, Paleo friendly, and made from free-range turkey and 100% grass-fed beef.


Jerky’s are such a great source of protein. My son plays sports year round and sometimes we have practice right at dinner time. I am left with the dilemma on do I get dinner served early or eat when we get home from practice. On the nights where it is more convenient to eat later, I need him to carry a snack to sustain him through practice. Otherwise, he drops halfway through because his body is expecting a meal at that time. Protein is that source of energy he needs. The New Primal Snack Mates packs 6 grams of protein in that jerky stick.



The New Primal bends over backwards to make sure their beef is humanely treated and pasture raised. It is not injected with hormones or antibiotics, or being fed anything other than non-GMO contaminated grass.

  • Beef is sourced from New Zealand for these reasons: grass grows year round due to NZ’s temperate environment. NZ has some of the strictest animal welfare standards and bio-security laws in the world. GMO’s are illegal, and cattle have zero natural predators there.
  • There is zero sodium, sugar, or preservatives/nitrates added to The New Primal’s jerky. There is only natural, easily recognizable ingredients you’re likely to find in your own kitchen.


Head over to and learn more about the brand. Keep an eye out for these Snack Mates varieties real soon.