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Learning Science in a New Way with Basher Books and Toys

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learning science

Learning should be fun. When I was school aged, science was always my favorite subject. It was the one class where we were constantly tinkering, getting out of our seats for labs and just using our kinesthetic learning skills to experiment. One of my favorite science teachers was so wacky and loved having us up and moving. The kind of teacher who years later knows you are getting married and is thrilled to attend. Simon Basher has the same passion for teaching science in a way that is fun and engaging.

science toys

The best part is that the new Basher toys and card games to go along with his books he has been creating are here in the US at Target stores. My son is already anxious to collect more science toys in the Series 1 of characters. You know about collecting toys by series-they have levels of blind boxes or mini building block bags that are released in a series and that concept applies here too. We have Gas, Liquid, Aton, Ion and Molecule for Series 1 Basher Figureines.

periodic table

Mattel offered to join Basher Science to create these toys. The toy line includes Basher Science figurines, card games, collectable cards, play sets and experiment kits. They feature characters from Basher’s Periodic Table, Physics, Biology and Rocks and Minerals books.

chemistry book

Basher Science also has over 30 science and learning books from preschooler to older children. We have the book, Chemistry: Getting A Big Reaction. It is our nightly reading book and are about half way through it now. My son is 8 and is loving everything about the book and toys. The card games are a science twist of the games Uno and Memory. It is a great addition to the book to keep the learning going. He has not started Chemistry in school yet, but I can’t help to think Basher Science will now have him well prepared when he does as we continue to collect and play with the new toys and games.


Make sure you visit the toys aisle at your local Target on your next visit and find the Basher Science products. You can also find some Basher Science products on Amazon.

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Engineering: An Illustrated History from Ancient Craft to Modern Technology book

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Engineering Book Cover

Engineering: An Illustrated History from Ancient Craft to Modern Technology

Edited by: Tom Jackson

Learning about science has never been more fun and engaging then in the books by Tom Jackson. He has a way of bringing stories and historical narratives into learning certain aspects of science. Such as in this book, Engineering: An Illustrated History from Ancient Craft to Modern Technology he touches on many engineering concepts in short, easy-to-follow descriptives.

The book offers illustrations and diagrams to help you grasp many concepts. With a son at WSU and heading into an Engineering major, this book is better than a textbook. The pages can teach you more than listening to hours of lectures I feel. I wanted this book for him and found myself getting into the pages and even the 8 year old has been grabbing it up and became fascinated. It is not a children’s book per-say, but the discussions are only 1/2-1 page long that cover 100 different marvels so it is not overwhelming at all.

engineering book

If you do not have an Engineering fan, consider some of his other titles:


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BOSEbuild: Build and customize your own bluetooth speaker.

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BOSEbuild bluetooth speaker

I grew up with 2 younger brothers and a sister. One of my brothers was that ‘tinkering’ child. I remember one morning hearing a bunch of commotion in our family room and going out to see who was in trouble. My brother had dismantled the vacuum. It was in pieces. I knew he was in big trouble. However, I remember my parents not severely punishing him. In those days my parents did not have much money and replacing a vacuum is a huge deal. Looking back, they decided he needed more building toys, not a huge punishment. The BOSEbuild Speaker Cube is great for those children.

The BOSEbuild Speaker Cube is a build and learn bluetooth speaker that connects to Apple devices. My son and I built this and we used my iPhone playlist to play his songs through it when we were done.

bluetooth speaker set up

Explore the concepts of:

  • Magnets and electromagnets
  • How sound works
  • How speakers work
  • Frequency and waveforms

bluetooth speaker app

The build is all done with an app that connects to the speaker with bluetooth and guides your child along as he or she builds and learns. Along the way there are videos to further explain the concepts as they move through the process.

bluetooth speaker learning


bluetooth speaker building

My son is 8 and moved through this just fine. He is excited to go to school and tell his teacher he built his own speaker and knows what is inside. He wants to ask to take it to show over a science lesson day sometime soon.

bluetooth speaker box

It really is a great feeling for them at the end. The sound is as you would expect from BOSE. It is loud and powerful. Once built, your child can play with the sound equalizer, colors and outer design to fully customize it.

bluetooth speaker creation

Visit BOSEbuild to learn more and get one for that special child on your gift list that loves to build and play with science.

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Project Droid Chapter Book Series for Kids


Project Droid Series: Science No Fair and Soccer Shocker

by: Mike Moran

There is nothing like soccer and science fairs to capture the older readers attention. My son is in 3rd grade and he doesn’t hate reading but it is hard to get him to read unless the story really captivates him. He also likes to switch books before he completes one so as per his teacher and my concerns of that he is to finish a book before moving on. This makes it especially important that the topic interests him. He plays soccer and his favorite subject is science so he was sold just by the cover on these titles.

The table of contents below is for Science No Fair. Logan has wanted a companion and his inventor Mom has built a robot cousin for him, named Java. It is important that Logan try and help Java act as normal as possible so no one can tell he is a robot. At the same time Logan has a science fair coming up and he will have the brains of Java. But can Logan hang onto Java as his partner or will his project become an epic fail?


The next set of table of contents below is for Soccer Shocker. If your child plays soccer, you may have heard all about the ball hoarder! Java joins Logan’s team but he is good and knows it. Logan used to be the start player and not only does Java have talent,  but he is THAT ball hoarder player. But when Java gets wet and goes on the fritz, can the whole team—even a short-circuiting Java—come together to score the winning goal?


If you have trouble getting your child to become engaged in chapter books, the Project Droid series is very engaging and witty with its words as well. You can find these books at Amazon, indies and Barnes&Noble


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Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden

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Insect-Lore-Products | Parenting Healthy |

You may remember this Insect Lore Butterfly Garden from when you were a kid. Perhaps you had one in your home or classroom. Since 1969, they have been sending the complete caterpillar to butterfly kits for kids to witness butterflies grow. It is about a 3 week process and we have been using one in our home. My son is in the third grade now and in Kindergarten, he had one in his classroom so he is a bit familiar with this process.

Insect-Lore-Growing-Butterflies| Parenting Healthy |

Our kit arrived and we opened to see the instructions. Once it arrives you want to carefully place the cup of live caterpillars somewhere safe where hands won’t touch or shake it. In about a week to 10 days those tiny caterpillars will spin silk and grow a lot larger and hang from the sticky underneath of the lid. Once they are hanging and hardened into chrysalides we moved on to the next step.

Live-caterpillars | Parenting Healthy |

We very careful to moved the chrysalides into the mesh garden that opens us easily. The great thing about the garden is that when it is not in use, it flattens for easy storage. Then we waited and watched for about another 7-10 days until butterflies emerged.

Butterfly-Emerging | Parenting Healthy

Butterfly-Release | Parenting Healthy

It can be a rather quick process. You can literally watch the painted Lady Butterflies emerge and in about 1-2 hours they are ready to be released outside.

Butterfly-Garden | Parenting Healthy

Butterfly-Sighting | Parenting Healthy

Experiencing the live butterfly garden is science at its best. I prepared my son again for the fact that we cannot keep them but rather send them out together to find better food. The hot weather is the best conditions so hurry and experience the metamorphosis before summer is gone for good. Visit Insect Lore –> Website _ Facebook _ Twitter

Tweet: We grew our own butterflies from live caterpillars. See them at