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Healthy Popcorn Maker Makes 26 Cups of Popcorn

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Healthy popcorn maker

I swore off microwave popcorn long ago after being reminded how unhealthy they are. Now we pop our own and my old popper would pop small amounts and did not have a warming cup. My new Ozeri Movietime Popcorn Maker pops 2 large bowls at once and has a butter warming cup. I can use my own healthy, low cholesterol butter from home to season.

Ozeri popcorn

Ozeri Movietime Popcorn Maker Features

  • Pops up to 26 cups  (2 large bowls for the whole family) in under 2 1/2 minutes 
  • Untilizes hot air for a low calorie treat of puffier popcorn and free of saturated fats, artificial flavors, unneeded salt and preservatives
  • Works with regular and gourmet popcorn types and offers a see-through chute for that traditional movie-theatre taste and experience
  • Includes a removable butter cup that automatically melts and distributes the butter while popping


This saves time, money and saves you from consuming unhealthy artificial butter ingredients. We love all the features of this maker.

healthier popcorn ozeri

The Movietime Popcorn Maker by Ozeri is available on Amazon and is a Prime qualifier so  you can start popping healthier popcorn in just a few days.

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Pirate’s Booty Limited Edition School Packs

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School-lunch-snacks | Parenting Healthy |

As I write this school starts tomorrow for my son. I actually work at the High School in nutrition and have an 8 year old that prefers home lunches over school lunch on most days. Given that, I need snacks and lunch items that are not loaded with preservatives and artificial ingredients. My son was so excited to find that Pirate’s Booty comes in larger 1oz snack sizes now for school lunches and after school snacks.

You can find Pirate’s Booty by the bag for handfuls of snacking or in pouches. The pouches are easy to open-my 8 year old was able to open with no problem. I had these shipped to my door and no packages came open in shipping so it stores very well. The 1 oz packages are a great snack size.

School-lunch-snack | Parenting Healthy |

Pirate’s Booty is gluten-free and does not contain any artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. They are also kosher and the Pirate’s Booty Smart Puffs and Original Tings are Non-GMO. Bored while snacking? Find some Pirate Activities on their website. Fun activities you can use if you have a pirate-theme party coming up.
School-lunch-Cheddar-snack | Parenting Healthy |
School-lunch-snacking | Parenting Healthy |
Remember these fun pirate snacks for the summer and back to school. Visit to learn more.