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Final Four Games and Healthy Chip Dunking – Giveaway

Samples from Good Health chips sent for feature

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I did something this March Madness season I have never done before. I entered a local bracket. Well, I had Villanova going to finals and they lost Round 2 so that has my bracket a bit messy now. My local team is Gonzaga but I had them playing Villanova in Final Four and losing but like I said my bracket is a mess and that is not a team up option. Gonzaga is headed to the Sweet 16 and play Thursday so still hoping they advance again. How is your bracket looking? If it is a mess like mine then I’ll help give you something to feel good about.

corn chip

Good Health has some new snacks from Organic Tortilla Chips with Black Bean and Rice to Eat Your Veggies variety chips. Whichever variety of ‘feel good’ chips you decide to snack on during March Madness, it’a all bout how you dunk your chips. I like buying salsa then adding in some more ingredients to it like corn and extra seasonings to jazz it up.

GH chip

Good Health snacks use real ingredients like avocado an olive oils, whole grains, sweet potatoes and extra goodness of tomatoes, spinach, beets, broccoli and carrots. Good Health has chips. pretzels, popcorn and more.
How do you dunk your chips?

The Giveaway

1 lucky reader will win one bag of each of the Good Health chips, Sea Salt Eat Your Vegetables and Organic Black Bean & Rice Tortillas. Enter below. Open to US and ends on 4/7. Good luck

tort gway

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Hip Chick Farms Organic Poultry Products

Samples for feature

organic poultry

Chef Jen is passionate about creating food that incorporates only the freshest, sustainable and locally sourced ingredients. This is why she took her well-loved homemade chicken fingers and other organic poultry creations and packaged them for all to enjoy a cleaner meal.

hip chicken

Whether you eat the products cooked as is or use them to add to dishes you can feel good about the chicken and turkey you are eating. Hip Chick Farms products are:

  • Organic and/or Anti-biotic free
  • Humanely certified by an independent certified agency
  • Transparently sourced
  • 100% All-natural
  • Free of fillers, preservatives, and stabilizers

Available products are at Kroger and Co-Op stores, but make sure to visit their store locator to find specific retailers near you.

Enjoy Anthony’s full video review below and learn more:

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Organic and Sustainable Clothing You Can Wear Anywhere – prAna


Did you know that you can buy clothing that is responsible? What does that mean? It means that from the very start of the process the cottons, hemps and other materials used to make your clothing is not making a negative impact on the environment as it is processed. From cotton that has not been sprayed with pesticides to Farmers treated fairly and paid a fair wage for their farming skills you get clothing that is organic and sustainable. This is why I love my prAna Organic Clothing.

prana top

I needed new clothing because I was not happy with the performance of some of mine that wasn’t working for me as being versatile. After my research I found that the best clothing for me was organically made. It feels like a responsibility I wanted to take and by watching the video below you may see why…

Benefits of prAna Organic Clothing

  • Made of organic cotton or of hemp
  • Being planet-friendly matters to prAna
  • prAna offers sustainable, recycled, fair trade certified items.
  • The clothing is created to be fashionable, comfortable and versatile so you can wear it anywhere
  • prAna prioritizes giving back to communities all over the world
  • prAna actually has only one core belief, and that is to give back more than we take from the world

prAna sustainable

What am I Wearing?

Cleo T-Shirt – Color: Mood Indigo. This is such a lightweight material and is a fitted tee. It is a burnout wash jersey knit style top that allows me to look fun and casual wherever I go. I wear this to work and running errands as well as my son’s sports practices. Not to mention, I wore this on a date night with my husband recently under a thin sweater.

 Lizbeth Capris – Color: Coal. I love that these are both pleated and tapered. It really gives it a great look that allows these pants to be worn casually or out on the town under a stunning top. It is a blend of soft hemp and recycled materials that has a bit of stretch in the pant. These are so comfortable and these are my new go-to pants.

prAna Organic

Sustainability matters and is truly responsible. To own just a few pieces will not be a regrettable decision. The comfortable and lightweight material is unlike any other clothing I own. You have to feel the difference to believe it. You deserve to feel comfortable anywhere you go an prAna works responsibly to bring you that. See all of the great items at prAna.

prAna work

Save 15% until April 14, 2017 by using promo code: PMOMEPH at checkout.

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Back to the Roots Gift Sets to Grow Your Own Food

Samples sent for feature

Back to the Roots Logo

If you take a peek at your gift list, chances are you can find a foodie or a health enthusiast and even a parent who wants to feed their family nutritious meals. Just about anybody will love these Back to the Roots food growing sets.

back to the roots foods

With selections like the Mushroom Farm, Garden in a can or jar and water gardens, you will find something for everyone. Even my 8 year old thought these were a lot of fun. There are only 3 steps to their food grow products and that are so simple an 8 year can handle it with no help.

back to the roots cans

No need to dig out those planting pots either because the boxes and cans are designed to sustain the process from seeds to food. It’s like going back to the roots of food to make your own in your kitchen from a well-lit window sill. I cannot garden for the life of me, but I can put seeds in a can and add water.

back to the roots growing

ready to grow mushroom


We’re on a mission to Undo Food™ and connect families back to where it comes from. Whether you’re growing your own food or buying it at the grocery store, we believe the trust and transparency behind each product should be the same. With ingredients from the kitchen, not a lab, our Ready to Grow and Ready to Eat products go beyond organic and bring great taste, discovery, and fun back into the kitchen & classroom.

It’s time to get back to the roots of food. Real, clean food. Are you in?

Save 10%

My readers get to save 10% on Holiday Gift Sets so head on over and take care of that gift list. Use code:ParentingHealthy10 at checkout. Plus Free shipping on Holiday Gift Sets orders over $35.

back to the roots grow set

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Healthees Organic Brown Rice Bowls now comes with three savory new flavors

Samples sent for feature

healthee brown rice line

Finding healthy, quick-cook side dishes and mini meals is tough. So many of the boxed products are loaded with preservatives or fats and other unhealthy additives. I like to locate clean-eating foods and these brown rice bowls from Healtheerice are delicious and nutritious.

healthee brown rice

Now USA’s Organic Brown Rice Bowls now comes with three savory new flavors:

  • Spanish Style
  • Chicken Chipotle
  • Chicken

microwave brown rice

Healthee USA heat-and-eat rice bowls aren’t only a great vegan option for healthy eating on-the-go, but with 100% organic, GMO-free ingredients they are also vegan and organic. In just 90 seconds you have 2 servings ready to eat. Spoon it onto a plate as a side dish or take to work as a quick lunch kin the microwave.

chicken brown rice

The rices are also 100% whole grain,  high in fiber and do not contain any trans fat or cholesterol. You can find these Healtheerice varieties as well as other HealtheeUSA branded foods at their website and at locations near you by using their store finder. This is the photo of the chicken and it is so delicious. I cooked the entire bowl for myself but it filled me up mid-day before I could finish it all.

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Family Charity Activity with the Bake-it-Better Challenge

Samples sent for feature

Bake-It-Better baking challenge

What inspires you to bake during the holidays? Bake up a treat of your choice using Miss Jones baking mix and/or frosting, and they will donate $1 to the SF-Marin Food Bank. It makes a great family charity activity. Just use the hashtag #betterwithmissjones on social media or visit their website for more info at

Your creativity is the secret ingredient! Great ideas could include candy cane Christmas cookies, maple cheesecake brownies, chocolate cake waffles, or any other tasty treats you can conjure. I joined as well.

Bake-it-better challenge

I let my son make some treats for my work Thanksgiving potluck at work. I work at the local High School in the kitchen and we have a lot of fun at work. Celebrating holidays and birthdays with foods and gifts is something well do often.

I kept it simple for the 8 year old so off to the supermarket we went to find fun toppings for out Miss Jones Baking Co. inspired treats. He knows his creations will give back to charity so it is very inspiring to him.

bake for family charity

cookies for family charity

You can win too! Use the hashtag #madewithmissjones within your contest promotion posts to be entered. So the 2 hashtags to use are #madewithmissjone and #betterwithmissjones. One gives to charity and one enters you into contest prize for a Grand Prize, valued at over $1,500.

A great way to sneak in some charity over the Holidays with the kids! Find Miss Jones Baking Co. mixes and frostings at their website shop and retailers like Whole Foods and some Target stores and