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3 Benefits of Consuming Manuka Honey

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3 Benefits of Consuming Manuka Honey

Maybe you have heard of manuka honey. If not, it is gaining attention in the medical world for its abundance of therapeutic effects from certain bacteria ailments to skin and immunity improvements.

Following the success of Comvita internationally, it’s great timing to introduce our certified UMF® Manuka Honey to millions of health-conscious Costco members across North America,” said Vice President of Comvita North America, Corey Blick. “Through responsible beekeeping and setting the bar for Manuka in the industry from a quality perspective, Comvita has earned the highest level of trust with retailers and consumers.

Honey that helps

The Manuka plant of New Zealand is climate-sensitive and only flowers two to six weeks per year, making the honey a scarce resource. Comvita is a leader in offering certified UMF® Manuka Honey. They own and operate the world’s largest fresh-picked Olive Leaf farm and produces other purest source health and wellness products. 

So, why manuka honey? What are the benefits? There are many, but I picked 3 to highlight for you below.

Manuka Honey is known to relieve Gastritis

The bacteria found most commonly in the high acid stomach regions is called Helicobacter pylori. If you have ever suffered through acid reflux you know how miserable it is. According to a report published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, manuka honey had been found to be potent against 7 different Helicobacter pylori strains, but a similar effect was not observed with other types of honey. Using a Manuka honey with a UMF 10+ or higher seems best. The higher the UMF, the higher it is in its therapeutic effects.

Manuka Honey is great for our Immune System

According to a 2016 print in Natural Living Ideas, lab tests have shown that it contains certain substances that can stimulate cytokine production. Cytokines are signaling proteins involved in immune reactions by the body. They kickstart the defense mechanisms of the body and gets it to fight off pathogens and diseases. Increased cytokine production is behind manuka honey’s protective action against potential infections and diseases.

Manuka Honey is fantastic for those with Chronic Sinusitis

With sinus infections you have bacteria thriving in moist, warm chambers of the sinus cavity. These bacteria will form a biofilm making it hard for antibiotics to break through and take care of the infection. Manuka honey has the ability, especially when consuming manuka honey at least UMF 15+ or higher to act against the common sinusitis bacteria for great relief overall.

Manuka Honey Brand

Which manuka honey is right for you?

Comvita offers UMF 5+, 10+, 15+ and 20+ manuka honey varieties. Which one is right for you? UMF 5+ has natural honey benefits. It is the most similar to benefits in any pure honey from a trusted source and natural plant. As you get higher in the UMF, you get the best natural benefits offered from its healing and antimicrobial properties. If you are healthy and not in immediate need of a wide range of healing you can still benefit from UMF 5+ and 10+ just fine and feel good about your honey source and have it to rely on when minor ailments arise like colds and such. If you suffer from ailments like chronic acid reflux, chronic sinusitis, eczema and other such conditions that manuka honey can help bring you relief you would want manuka honey that is 15+ or higher.

comvita 40 years

Find Comvita on Amazon and in Costco stores. Remember, manuka honey is a scarce source and is therapeutic . The price reflects this. You are essentially buying a natural healing product more so than a coffee or tea sweetener.

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Choosing the Best Natural Baby Wipes

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Choosing the Best Natural Baby Wipes

Oh, baby! What are you wiping me with? Methylisothiazolinone (how do you pronounce that)? Maybe the wipes contain parabens and or Tricolsan. None of these are really meant for a baby’s sensitive skin. These are all preservatives, hormone disruptors and even CAUSE dermatitis. You had no idea what was actually in wipes? Neither did I until I saw more and more brands offering natural, safer wipes and wondered why I need these. What do they mean by ‘safer’? What is unsafe about my commercial wipes in those adorable ads? Lots! So, I wrote this post for choosing the best natural baby wipes.

about bloom baby

Natural wipes contain pure water and have natural lotions derived from actual plants. It is a combination of nature and responsible science. It is about making sure baby’s sensitive skin gets clean with no harsh residues.

BLOOM baby natural Wipes

I am a fan of bloom BABY. One of the baby wipe brands that want you to have access to safe yet affordable wipes. These wipes are naturally scented with no added fragrances. They can be used on the most sensitive of skin. They are enriched with (plant-derived) Vitamins such as A, B-Complex, D, Omega -3 and -6. It naturally gives the skin back what it needs after wetness has compromised that area.

jumbo wipes

Natural baby wipes features:

  • Natural Ingredients in pure water
  • Safe for Rash- & Eczema-Prone Skin
  • Sensitive Moisturizing Lotion from natural source
  • Enriched with Plant-Derived Vitamins
  • Hypoallergenic and produced in an FDA facility free of nuts, gluten and wheat processing

Natural Wipes

Where can you find the bloom BABY wipes? Amazon is a good source. You can also visit bloom BABY’s store locator. I see that my local Target also carries these.

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Natural House Cleaning with e-cloth High Performance Dusting & Cleaning Glove

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ecloth glove

Let me start by asking, have you read the ingredients in most household cleaners? The sprays you use on tables and baths your children sit at and the floor cleaner the pets and baby spend their day near may contain very harsh chemicals. I have often used those products in my home before giving much thought to what I may be leaving behind. In many cases you need the sanitizing products to really disinfect, but you can get there with less chemicals by choosing what you use wisely. e-cloth has the cleaning products you need that work with only water.


At the e-cloth website and coming to Ace Hardware stores on May 1 is the e-cloth High Performance Dusting and Cleaning Cloth. Just put it on your left or right hand and wipe away. I never liked how dusters threw dust all around the room and a cloth works if you spray it to trap the dust better. With this glove you use it dry, collect the dust and move through the house in no time giving it an easy clean.


The trick is in the extra long fibers that collect and hold dust better than any cloth or feather. I have many wood blinds in my home and I wiped over them in about a third of the time it takes me normally. I found myself walking in and out of each room finding more things to dust and clean. I got the TV’s, shelves, window sills, frames, ceiling fans and more.


Visit e-cloth to learn more and find many more natural home cleaning products like floor care, baby and more.

e-cloth is healthier and safer; safe family; healthy family; clean safer; clean better; clean with e-cloth
Learn more

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Natural Baby Products for Hair and Skin with Babytime – Giveaway

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When it comes to our children we want to use only the safest and purest ingredients on their skin. With the spotlight on harmful ingredients used in familiar brands of baby and children products that we ignored for a long time, it is fantastic that brands like Babytime give us a more natural choice. Babytime has natural baby products for hair and body. I even use this with my 8 year old.

natural baby products

Babytime has natural sunscreen, shampoo/body wash, bubbles, cheek salve, soothing lotions, balm, powder, bug spray and Active Repair for sensitive and eczema-prone skin. There are collections like the 3-Step system of sunscreen, wash and lotion in one bundle as well as a nut-free pack for those with allergies. Safe beginning at age 0.


Babytime products are organic, developed by professionals in the USA and contain healthy probiotics. Made with healthy oils and no artificial additives. Babytime also gives back! With every Active Repair purchase you make, Babytime donates on to a baby in need.

~ Anthony’s Review ~

Here is Anthony’s opinion of bathing with Babytime Natural products?

~ Where to Buy ~

You can find Babytime products at buybuy Baby, Sprouts, Whole Foods and other similar retailers as well as at

~ Giveaway ~

1 lucky reader will win a Babytime 3-Step System as pictured below. Enter below. Open to US. Ends on 4/10

babytime giveaway

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Natural Soaps that Save Lives with Health 2 Humanity

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Natural Soaps H2H

Buying products that save lives matters. Maybe we lack time or finances to really do things to make a difference, but sometimes helping others is as simple as purchasing from a brand that gives back for you. Health 2 Humanity takes your purchase and gives back. You get clean and natural soaps and that purchase helps fund international vocational programs that create jobs, grant scholarships, develop skills and improve lives around the world.


These natural soaps only consist of about 8 real ingredients. Have you read the ingredient list on the back of most store soaps? That’s a lot of science vocabulary written there. Health 2 Humanity soaps have ingredients such as olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil, essential oils.

H2H Soaps

The natural soaps come in 4 scents-unscented, lavender, lemon and peppermint. They are non-GMO, vegan, cruelty free and hypoallergenic. Buy individually or as a subscription so you never run out and you keep on giving back. They are made in Concord, Ca (where I was born). Buy soap, donate (they are a 501c3) and share this great cause today. The soaps are packaged well enough to make great gifts. Visit H2HGlobal to learn more.

natural soaps lives

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Healthy Snacking with Sunkist Fruit Chips and Trail Mix

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So many of us want the healthier snack options. Whether it is your New Years resolution to eat healthier or an ongoing goal it is fantastic to see brands recognize what we want as consumers. We want healthier options, that actually taste good at great prices that are easy to locate. Sunkist now has Fruit Chips and Trail Mix options for us.

sunkist snacks 2

Sunkist Fruit Chips are full of delicious and natural fruit flavors. Whether you choose to snack on the 4 medley varieties or banana, strawberry or apple you get just fruit freeze dried into a yummy snack. Eat them by the handful or you can use as a topping for yogurts and desserts.

sunkist snacks

Sunkist Trail Mixes are my favorite. I love mixes for a snack and these Sunkist varieties are full of delicious flavors for anytime of day. You get a healthier snack option with premium fruits and nuts without peanuts, raising or artificial colors and flavors. You only get dried real fruit and tree nuts. There are 8 flavors from Fruit Lovers Breakfast Espresso & Granola to Kiwi Cantaloupe and more.


Grab up a few snack bags on your next Walmart stock up and snack healthier with Sunkist snacks.