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Pet Me Multiplication and Division Math Board Game for Kids

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Logic Roots Pet Me Multiplication and Division Math Board Game

Anthony is in the 4th grade and knee deep into multiplication and division, They have been working on dividing 2×4 digits and multiplying large numbers as well. Having tools to practice at home is crucial. The first week of class he was so bummed when he kept bringing home homework papers filled with 1×1 multiplication problems. “Mom! This is easy. Why do we do like hundreds of these problems every week?”

Last week as he was doing his multiplication homework I reminded him about how upset he was wit the redundant work he had the beginning of the year. “The reason you did those over and over again was to make multiplying 1 digit at a time easier. Now that you are multiplying 3-4 in one problem it makes it faster and bit easier to learn to solve.” Now he got it.

division practice

It’s a lot of work sorting out those long division and multiplication problems at this age. Pet Me is here to help. It makes it so much more fun to practice math then those boring white sheets of papers with letters in black to solve with a pencil. He still has to do his homework sheets but just before bedtime we do our “fun” learning time.

math game

Pet Wonderland is full of adorable puppies, kittens and parrots. The theme of the game is a walk in the park. You will win many hearts as you feed them and meet them all. The goal of the game is to win the most hearts. It is about dividing food and love up equally.

Other players check the math and make sure each player is distributing evenly to the animals they encounter. Then sometimes you get an uneven equation and have remainders left over. It is all about landing on spots where the animals are not already adopted (fed) and claim them with hearts earned.

Pet Me game

Pet Me is one of several math games by Logic Roots and is great for ages 8+. There are more choices for this age and younger. You can find math sheets too for age-appropriate and subject practice.

You can buy on Amazon too!

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Kids Online Math Games with Smartick

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With the school year about halfway through you would know by now how much help your child may need in math at school no matter what grade level. Smartick is an engaging online math game for ages 4-14. Even if your child is not struggling at math but is unmotivated Smartick has a system just right for them too.


I set up an account for my son who is in grade 3. He does very well in some aspects in Math and ok in other areas. Even though he is not behind, I use this to motivate him to get extra practice. How? By installing incentives via the parent control panel.


There are 2 ways to log in- child and parent. In parent mode you can see your child’s progress, create incentives per number of ticks you set, and get performance reports. For various activities like completing without errors, playing multiple days in a row, completing sections and more they get ticks. These ticks can be used in their virtual world to buy items and upgrade their world. They can buy a home, add to it and other fun world items with their Avatar they can personalize. As a parent, you can set tick rewards, like movie time or choice of dinner after so many ticks as incentive.


In child mode they do 15 minute daily sessions. First they will take a placement test. It is a bit difficult by design to really guage the level of your child and create an accurate profile of games for them. Each day they come back for a 15 minute session. That is enough time to get some practice in yet not too long that they become bored or frustrated.

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The Results:
  • 94% of Smartick students improve their mental calculation and agility
  • 83% of Smartick students improve their grade in math, and half improve in other subjects


You can start a 15 day free trial right now at Smartick