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Healthy Kitchen Gadgets from T-Fal

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T-Fal-Brand-Kitchen Gadgets

I recently gutted my kitchen cupboards. I gathered Tupperware with lost lids, lost lids with no containers, pots and pans with too much grime or loss of surface and kitchen utensils that were warped and donated or threw them out. It was time to get rid of the old and make a list to go shop for new.

What has been a go-t brand for me? T-Fal is one. The quality and price combined is a value that can’t be beat. I recently was sent a few new healthy kitchen gadgets I will share about with you.

t-fal products

Here are some of new T-Fal gadgets. From pots, bakeware, utensils and other gadgets T-Fal does a great job creating products that make life in the kitchen so easy.

The T-Fal Masher is not just your average masher, rather it has the side mashing feature. If you look, it has the prongs that stand up on the side. Also, the red silicone you see is a bumper. This allows you to safely tap the masher on the rim of a glass or porcelain bowl with no worries of chipping it. It is made of high-temp nylon that resists heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

t-fal masher

Have you ever wanted to make your own juice? As the more fruits are coming into season, there is nothing like fresh squeezed juice. If effort was keeping you from juicing your own fruit, try the T-Fal Citrus Juicer. No machines or running parts to maintain-just an effortless twist of your favorite citrus fruits. There is a larger and small juicing cups and a stay-fresh lid so you can juice, drink, re-lid and put in the fridge for later.

t-fal juicer

There are 2 T-Fal gadgets I love for a healthy kitchen in my RV. We just bought a newer RV and I now have a better grater and the perfect AirBake cookie sheet in a medium size which is great for the smaller oven in the RV. My standard cookie sheets were too big so I love the option of a medium size. It fits great.

t-fal sheet

The T-Fal Multi-Grater is fantastic because I choose the blade size I need and it all fits back together in a compact way which is what I need in the RV with the little kitchen space I have.

t-fal bake

Is it time to update your kitchen gadgets? Start by visiting visiting T-Fal online.

2016 Holidays, Home

Kyocera 3 Piece Knife Set Citrus #HolidayGiftGuide

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Kyocera knife set

Kitchen items have always been my go-to gift ideas for the hard to shop for over the holidays. You can’t seem to go wrong with gifts in the kitchen. Knives, utensil sets, storage sets and cutting boards seem to be a constant hit in gift giving. Kyocera has quality ceramic products like this knife set that make fantastic gifts ideas.

knife set box

Kyocera was founded in 1959 in Japan. It opened a US-based company in 1969 and in North America Kyocera holds those same dedicated standards of high quality and advanced materials to make an effective product. The quality shows in this knife Kyocera Citrus knife set.

knife set blades

You get the citrus color theme which is a lot of fun- an orange Santoku knife, yellow Utility Knife and green Paring knife. With this citrus knife set you save almost $20 than if you were to buy these 3 knife types separately. The set only runs $79.95 for all 3. If you know quality knives, this is a great deal and they will last.

knife set graphic

If you need more gift ideas like this Kyocera Citrus 3-piece set or want to browse other products, visit http://kyoceraadvancedceramics.com/ and make sure you follow onFacebook and Instagram.

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Capresso Mini Kettle Holiday Gift Guide Feature

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capresso logo

Holiday Gift Guide Feature: Capresso Mini Kettle

Capresso mini kettle

This past fall we dropped the middle son off at college and it was a challenge to scale down living into one tight room he has to share. It was appliances made fro small spaces that allows him to cook and heat his own foods so he’s not left with the temptations of eating out all of the time. I also know others who have roomates and share homes and apartments and space can be limited when you blend people into one living structure. The Capresso Mini Kettle is perfect for small spaces and beats heating water up in a microwave that takes a while to get to a boil.

Capresso box

My Capresso arrived in the middle of a nasty cold and a cup of tea and honey was a great way to test my Capresso Mini Kettle. I plugged it in, filled with water and turned it on. In just moments I had boiling water. The indicator light turns off once ready to pour.

Capresso mini

Besides the small size and quick boil, there is a small filter that helps collect particles as you pour, keeping them out of your food and beverage. The window on the unit allows you to see your water level. The handle stays cool so you will not feel heat if you grab the handle to pour. The bottom also stays cool, but the unit gets real warm, but cools down quickly when done. There is an auto-off and thermal cut off for safety as well.

Capresso hot water

You can find the Capresso Mini Kettle and other Capresso products at their website and other retailers.

2016 Holidays, Home

Ronco Beef Jerky Machine Kit #HolidayGiftGuide

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Holiday Gift Guide Feature: Ronco Beef Jerky Machine

Ronco Beef Jerky

Ronco has always brought us affordable and innovative kitchen gadgets and machines and is a . This year I am featuring the Ronco Beef Jerky Machine with 5-piece Jerky Kit. Not only can you make beef or poultry jerky, but it also comes with a jerky gun with 4 attachments for some jerky sticks and more.


I have never made jerky before and I dried out my first batch. It said to leave on 1- 1 1/2 days and after 18 hours it was hard as a rock. I googled and watched some You Tube videos and realized I had not marinated the meat very long but I also cut it way too small of chunks. My next batch was made with wider steak sizes and marinated several hours. It was actually done for us in about 12 hours.

I already had the marinade ingredients in my cupboard, so the 2 pounds of jerky just cost me the price of the meat which I found on clearance in the grocer. They cut it on a #4 slice in the meat department so it was the thickness I wanted. Once I got home I cut to size, marinated and dried it.

Having this unit works great. There are some other options like higher grade dehydrators with fans and temp control. Ronco makes such dehydrators if you choose. This unit is one setting-just plug in and it starts. It is so quiet. With this unit we got great jerky and the price can’t be beat. With a Beef Jerky machine like this on one setting I would just say that you do not want to overcrowd the racks because air flow is very important. The trays in this (an other dehydrators) tend to be plastic so never crowd a tray or overlap meat or veggies. If you do it as I did above you get great jerky. It save you a lot of money too.

Ronco jerky machine

Visit Ronco to find this Jerky Machine and other great gift ideas for this holiday season. You can find at Best Buy and other retailers.

Visit the 2016 Holiday Gift Guide for the master gift list-it is updated daily.

2016 Holidays, Beauty, Healthy Living

3 TriDerma Must Haves in the Kitchen #HolidayGiftGuide

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With the winter weather comes the drying out of our skin. There are many moisturizing and hydrating beauty products that offer moisture to our dry skin. Never have I needed soothing creams and lotions than in my kitchen. Whether I deal with minor oven burns or hands suffering form constant washing, I need products that soothe. Where many beauty products offer moisture they also offer harsh chemicals and ingredients that are not so healthy to our skin. This is why I am featuring 3 TriDerma products you will want near the kitchen.

TriDerma offers products for adults and baby that are made with the finest quality. The ingredients are effective, safe and made with botanical formulas. They are effective enough to carry the description on the label of ‘Medical Strength Skin Healing’.


TriDerma Intense Fast Healing Cream

This is TriDerma’s best selling cream for the past 20 years. There are over 200 healing properties in this cream that can help minor to severe skin damage. It is great for many uses: burns, cuts, scrapes, rashes, blisters, sunburns and other hard-to-heal irritations to the skin. You can use it daily as a moisturizer and even safe on pets skin.


TriDerma Kitchen 911

I have to admit-this is my kitchen life saver. I burn a part of my arm or hand almost every time I cook. I also work in the kitchen at the local High School about 2 hours a day and manage to burn myself on pans and steam there too. Having this lotion close by saves my skin. Whether you have a burn, knife cut or scalding, Kitchen 911 provides quick healing with a soothing relief. Even makes a great gift in food or kitchen baskets. It is Non-Greasy, Fragrance Free, Cortisone Free, Paraben Free.


TriDerma Last Sensitive Skin Healing Moisturizer

If your skin is very sensitive to most creams and lotions, perhaps you need this moisturizer. It is so gentle and effective it is made for sensitive and oily skin. You can use daily as a moisturizer and is great for acne, razor burn, hormonal breakouts or for use after skin resurfacing procedures.


If you are gifting kitchen items this season, consider throwing in some or all of these kitchen must-have creams and lotions to keep your skin from oil contact, dish pan hands and burns under control. Visit TriDerma to find a retailer near you and see all of their safe and effective products such as Amazon and Walmart.

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Visit the 2016 Holiday Gift Guide for the master gift list-it is updated daily.

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Winterpine ECOS Dishmate from Earth Friendly Products and Giveaway

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Winterpine Dishmate

And the winning scent is….


Last month, ECOS™ fans voted on their favorite scents to become a limited-edition scent of Dishmate dish soap and Winterpine scent won. The runner up scents were Spiced Chai and Gingerbread. So, I was sent the new Winterpine Dishmate soap to try and it was a great winning choice.

I am a sucker for cleaning products that add aroma to my home, but I also want to use safe and natural products. This has always been a favorite brand of mine offering both natural and effective products that smell great.

ECOS winterpine

Now available at Ecos.com is this limited-edition scent. It will be perfect as you prep and clean up from h0liday entertaining, especially from a brand that offers environmentally friendly cleaning products.

ECOS Dishmate

Dishmate™ Winterpine is concentrated with powerful, plant-derived cleaning agents. Use on dishes and your hands as it is effective, yet gentle, formula is free of formaldehyde and dyes, hypoallergenic, readily biodegradable, pH balanced and never tested on animals.

The Giveaway

1 lucky reader will win a gift basket that includes: Baby Ecos Laundry,  ECOS lavender hand soap, Eco Breeze fabric softener, ECOS Orange Blossom All Purpose Cleaner, Ecos paper towels, ECOS toilet paper.. Enter below. Open to US and ends on 11/23. Good luck.

ECOS giveaway