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Learning Through Pretend Play with Little Adventures- Promo Code and Giveaway

Thank you to Little Adventures for the partnership on this feature. Opinions are my own

Admit it! If you could put on a cape and hold a sword with no one judging you your inner child would pop right out and have you swinging at imaginary enemies and creating ‘dangerous’ scenarios that leave you the hero. This is how kids play. This is how kids learn. Maybe it has you stop a moment before yelling at your child to stop ‘rough housing’ when he flies through the living room in a cape and sword. Perhaps he is on a mission and imagine if you stepped in to ‘help’.

At times I would be stern as my son was too wild inside and other times I remember asking him what the rush was? What was he attempting here? So when I would say “Who are we after? Can I help?” His face would light up and suddenly I knew all the details of his adventure as he would tell me and it was always fun play time together.

I loved the days of his capes and Thor hammers. He carried those 2 everywhere with him. My son was was THAT child who was in the grocery store, superhero costume and all with no shame. He would tell me he needs his cape and hammer…”just in case!” Even as a Ring Bearer at my sisters wedding he insisted on having his hammer down the aisle so she let him!

Learning Through Pretend Play

  • Critical Thinking: through role playing and problem solving, kids use pretend play to learn how to find conclusions. When rough play is involved to a safe extent, they are actually learning to self-regulate.
  • Problem Solving: Someone has to create a solution to rescue the princess or defeat the evil monsters. Your child will find a way!
  • Imagination: this is the natural way that children discover and learn about the world. In the scenarios they create in their games they find ways to use the skills they have to do more such as dress themselves and create scenarios.

Now it is hard to be a real superhero or princess without the right props. Little Adventures has all of the safe props and pretend play costume any child (or adult) needs to save the world. From Fairies to Dancing and Ninjas to Dragons you can find capes, dresses, swords, masks and more. The best part is that these pieces won’t cost you a fortune compared to other online pretend play options. Not only are they fun to wear and learn, I mean PLAY, with, you will be folding these up for their keepsake box somewhere down the road like I do.


Everybody gets a little something! Head over to and shop costumes like the Princess Gift Set or Pirate Gift Set for only $19.99 regular price and once you find the costumes you want, enter to code: PH15% to save an extra 15%.

Want to enter for your chance to win a $30 credit? Enter below. Open to US and ends on 6/25. Good luck!

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Rollerblade Spitfire XT 2016 Kids Inline Skates

Thank you to Rollerblade for partnering with us for this feature

Rollerblade Spitfire XT 2016 Kids Inline Skates

We just wrapped up our Memorial weekend and for the first time is many years we had above 80 degree weather for all 4 days! That is so rare here in Seattle. We spend the weekend visiting family, one last celebration from Anthony’s birthday last week and a road trip to Mt Rainier area for a flea market.  It was gorgeous and not much time was spent indoors with this weather. It has me so excited for summer.

Anthony is also excited as the past 2 weeks he has owned a brand new pair of Rollerblade inline skates. He has never even owned roller skates before so this is new to him and he did not know how to use the inline skates when they arrived. Now he has improved so much and thanks to this weather stretch he has been able to get a lot of practice. That means less time indoors near the TV and games.

He has the Rollerblade Spitfire XT. What is unique about these skates is that they expand in size. Because our kids are always growing these skates can stay theirs for a long time. We spend enough as they grow out of shoes and clothes so now they can keep the skates and in a minor adjustment they will expand a size. There are 3 kid size options to choose from: 11(junior)-1, 2-5 and 5-8. the Spitfire XT comes in red/black. You can find them at Dicks Sporting Goods and on Amazon

When the skates arrived I was so happy with the quality. Words can hardly express how enamored I was inspecting every stitch and feel of the skate. Sizing took a push of a button and a strong pull and the shoe keeps in place. With Anthony as a new rider he has had many spills these past few weeks and there have been no flaws of adjusting form the skates. They use the standard inline skate brake pads too so it is easy to change these out as your child wears our the pads.

Do your kids have inline skates? Have they ridden in a while?

Visit the kids rollerblade options. Let’s get them moving outdoors this summer!

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10 Seattle Activities To Do With Kids feat. Seattle Family Adventures Guide

10 Seattle Activities To Do With Kids feat. Seattle Family Adventures Guide

Living near Seattle we are very familiar with heading into the city for a day of fun. There are so many things to see and do especially if you have kids. If you are moving to the area or planning to visit, I first recommend getting a copy of Seattle Family Adventures: City Escapes, Day Trips, Weekend Getaways and Itineraries for Fun-Loving Families by Kate Calamusa.


We live north of Seattle and a lot of our family is south of Seattle so it makes the city a gathering place for us for birthdays and occasions. We just recently celebrated my Dad’s 70th birthday with the entire family beginning with the Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room then dinner at Cutters Point. We topped it of by riding the Wings Over Washington exhibit on the pier and a waterfront walk.

Seattle activities

10 Seattle Activities To Do With Kids feat. Seattle Family Adventures Guide

  1. Woodland Park Zoo – – watch for ‘rainy day’ discounts they often offer
  2. Seattle Great Wheel – – must like heights and gorgeous views
  3. Safeco Field and Centurylink Field – Seattle Mariners (MLB), Seahawks (NFL) & Sounders (MLS) games
  4. Firehouse Coffee – in Ballard neighborhood – When you need a coffee break and the kids need a play yard
  5. Wings Over Washington – – this is brand new so not in the guide (next to the Great Wheel)
  6. Blue Highway Games – – they have tables to stay and play board games as a family
  7. Underground Tour – – ages 6+ 90 minute tour of the city…underground.
  8. Pike Place Market – – currently getting a fantastic update, browse vendors and shops. The home of the famous Flying Fish market
  9. The Museum of Flight – – do the kids like war planes and a NASA training rocket? Must see.
  10. GameWorks – – surrounded by many fantastic restaurants, there are over 180 games with a bar and big screen so Dad can catch his game while the kids play

Seattle Sounders

If your family loves sports, I highly recommend attending a Seattle Sounders or Seahawks game while in town. They say around here that if you enter Centurylink Field as a visitor you will leave a fan. Seattle loves its teams and the pride is plentiful inside one of the loudest sports stadium.

**MLS Seattle Sounders game tip: If you score Sounders tickets, head to Occidental Park 90 minutes before kick off where Pre 90 starts with guest speakers and they will announce the starting 11. The last one we attended my son won a hat (above photo). At 60 minutes prior to kick off the crowd starts marching to the field with popular chants. If you are going to the game, this is a must do! Scarves Up! Want to see a video we made of the Pre 90 experience? Watch it here!

Find these activities and so many more in the book, Seattle Family Adventures.

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Smarter Spring Cleaning Strategies Start with Having the Kids Help

Guest story by BusyKid CEO Gregg Murset


Spring is just around the corner, which means it’s time to clean. From organizing closets to washing windows, dusting baseboards, cleaning inside, behind and under appliances, vacuuming air vents, and freshening up the yard, the list of chores that need to be done around the house is exhausting and endless. According to the Center For Parenting Education, children who regularly do chores are better able to deal with frustration; delay gratification; have higher self-esteem and are more responsible compared to children who don’t help out with chores. Instead of parents trying to tackle all of the Spring Cleaning tasks themselves, or hiring an expensive service for help, getting the kids involved with age-appropriate tasks might be the best idea.

Here is a how-to guide on tackling your Spring Cleaning tasks getting the kids motivated to lend a hand:

  • Plan It Out – Sit down as a family and discuss the projects, the deadlines and who is tackling what.
  • Team Up – Instead of having each person take on individual projects, team up to make the jobs go faster. Put on matching colored outfits and race to see who can finish their cleaning project the fastest, while delivering the best results.
  • Make It Fun – No one said chores had to be boring, make a game and trigger the competitive side of your kids. Since younger children cannot help as much with cleaning, put them in charge of quality control with a pair of white gloves and a magnifying glass!
  • Call in the Reserves – Ask friends from your neighborhood to do a cleaning swap. Take turns doing jobs at each other’s homes with your kids and set up an assembly line process. For example, if you are washing outside windows one person can scrub while another follows and rinses. Then go to the neighbor’s house and do the same. You’ll cut your job time half if not more!
  • Put Value On It – This is a great time to begin teaching your kids some valuable life lessons, including work ethic, responsibility, time management, and earning an allowance. If two kids want the same job, have them write down bids on scraps of paper and turn them in to you. The lowest bidder wins the job and the reward!
  • Share Your Time & Talents – Make sure to carve out a few hours to take on a community project as a family – clean your park, paint a neighbors fence, etc.
  • Throw a Party at the End – Thank everyone for their hard work, and get yourself out of having to make dinner, by ordering take-out. Then pick up some ice cream for dessert and recyclable paper dishes and silverware so you don’t have to wash one more thing.

About BusyKid

BusyKid is the first online chore chart where children can earn, save, share, spend and invest real money wisely. Formerly known as My Job Chart, BusyKid is easy to use, revolutionary and allows kids to receive a real allowance from their parents each Friday. No more points or trying to convert imaginary money. BusyKid is committed to helping children learn the important basic financial principles they don’t get anywhere else. Designed as a platform that is easy for parents to implement, BusyKid features pre-loaded chores based on children’s ages and making chore payment approvals is as simple as answering a text message. BusyKid is the only online chore/allowance platform that allows children to earn real allowance and use it immediately to buy gift cards, make a donation or invest in real stock. For more information, visit

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Our YouTube Channel is back – Reviews by Anthony

YouTube Art

My son loves helping with reviews and a few years ago we created a separate YouTube channel for his reviews. We took a little hiatus because I felt the videos could be better quality. I did some changes on the blog and finally found time to refocus on his channel. I took some video and YouTube lesson online courses, ordered some upgraded equipment and now will put it all to use for you in the rebranded YouTube channel, Review by Anthony.

I hope that as we get used to what we learned and using new equipment each video gets better and better. To start, Anthony made a intro video for the front page of the channel that all new visitors will see and current subscribers can find as well.

We would love for you to visit, subscribe and perhaps even interact with any of his videos. Here is his new introduction video:

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7 Tips to Make Oral Hygiene Fun for Your Children


You can help your child enjoy a healthy smile by making oral hygiene fun and exciting. By making flossing, brushing and trips to the dentist a positive experience, your child will learn early on that proper dental care is important.

Brush as a Team

Setting aside time together as a family goes beyond recreational activities such as , biking and baking. As a parent, you should also instill important habits early on such as good dental hygiene. An important way to hold your child’s interest is to floss and brush together as a team. Children often mimic things their parents do, so you want to set a good example. Begin by teaching them the basics such as the right brushing technique. After you’ve finished brushing, follow up with flossing. Help them through the process until they’re old enough to handle the job on their own. To boost their excitement during this exercise, make up a funny song or rhyme about keeping their teeth sparkly clean.

Make Your Initial Dental Visit

Your child will need to learn the importance of early on to prevent cavities and enjoy a healthy smile. As their oral health needs change, their dental facility will be able to provide other services such as cleanings, braces, sports guards or extractions. As soon as your child’s teeth begin to break through the gums, you want to make the initial dental visit. Keep it short and simple at the start, so your child has time to acclimate to the new surroundings. As they get used to the process, you can incorporate exams, cleanings and other needed work into the visits. Allowing the child to bring their favorite stuffed toy or book to the appointment can help elevate the mood.

Find a Fun Toothbrush

To hold your child’s interest and make teeth brushing fun, let them choose their own fun brush. Today’s choices can run from colorful and soft to one’s with their favorite cartoon character such as Mickey Mouse, Dora, SpongeBob or Dory. Depending on your child’s age, they may also be able to handle the motorized toothbrush varieties.

Watch the Time

The amount of time spent brushing your teeth and amount per day can vary. While some experts may say it’s important to brush after every meal, the American Dental Association recommends twice each day and for approximately two minutes. To ensure that your child is spending the required time, you can set a timer on your smartphone or tablet. You can also select a fun timer with a bell that dings or sings a song when they’re finished.

Flavored Toothpaste and Floss

Even your child’s dental floss and toothpaste can be a fun dental experience for them when you vary the flavors. Adult toothpaste with a strong minty flavor may be too pungent for such a sensitive mouth. From watermelon and strawberry to bubblegum and grape, let them have a voice in picking out their toothpaste and dental floss.

Videos and Entertainment

Your local library or online book store may have a wide selection of material that encourages your child to . Begin with a fun cartoon video that teaches children about the proper techniques to brush and floss their teeth. They may also have material that can show them what a visit to the dentist office will be like.

Reward System

A reward system where you gift your child with a gold star for flossing, brushing their teeth, visits to the dentist and eating healthy treats can be a fun way to learn about dental care. As your child completes each task, let them place the sticker on the board.

Teaching your child the importance of good dental care early on helps set good habits that they can take into their adult years. Although brushing and flossing may seem mundane to a child, the above tips will add fun and excitement to the daily routine.