NEW Sink Safe Knife Caddy – Review

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NEW Sink Safe Knife Caddy - Review

Let me share a not-so-funny, funny story! This past Christmas I was gifted a high quality knife set by my parents. When I got home Christmas evening and after unloading gifts from the car I began to open my knives so I can wash them. I have always bought cheap sets and never had razor sharp knives. When you remove a sharp knife from its packaging sleeve, it sort of narrows as you slide it off and then your fingers are suddenly under that sleeve and I sliced my pointer finger. Nothing major, but I had to stop the bleeding and grab a band-aid.

I then switched hands and not being a very great left-hander I did it again. I have 2 fingers that I soon realized I needed my butterfly band-aids for to get the minor cuts to close and stop bleeding. I decided perhaps it was a long day and I am tired and my husband is trying not to shoot puns and jokes and I grab the last chefs knife to move them back on the counter so I can wash them in the morning and….my ring finger caught the blade corner. Yes! 3 fingers were bandaged by the end of my clumsy knife moment! Enter Sink Safe….

Whether you are dealing with old or new knives or perhaps you are just clumsy like me, the Sink Safe knife caddy is your kitchen sink (and fingers) saver! Our home is brand new as of last August and this sink of our is already full of scratches from throwing knives and pans into the sink. The Sink Saver can help keep the knives tucked safely inside the injection-molded Santoprene sleeve.

The sleeve gives you an anti-slip surface with contoured top grip so you can store in or out of the sink tub and carry to the dishwasher or knife block safely. You can feel the quality and durability!

See how the knives are tucked safely inside? You don’t have to worry when sticking your hands blindly into the sudsy water, especially if the kids have dish duty. It has drain holes so you can even rince knives and utensils off through the sleeve before washing if you use the dishwasher.

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Finding The Best Car Insurance in Washington Is Full of Surprises…

Trying to find the best car insurance can be a trial. We all know the big car insurance brands: State Farm, Geico, Progressive, Allstate — but after browsing those sites, I’m never sure if I’m actually getting the best deals. So this time I used Clearsurance, and what I found totally caught me by surprise. All those household brands we all see advertised so often? They aren’t ranked very highly. Clearsurance, which is a website that collects reviews from people about their insurance company, uses the data it gathers to create unbiased rankings of car insurance companies, both by state and nationally for 2018. The detailed breakdown helps you compare companies and find coverage that’s actually the best deal for your location and driving history.

Once I got over my surprise, I decided to see what companies other consumers ranked as the best car insurance options in Washington and if my car insurer was rated highly by other consumers. I didn’t even recognize some of the companies that ranked ahead of the giants in car insurance, including my own insurer.

For instance, Amica Mutual, which offers a home ownership discount, was founded in 1907 and ranks as the third best company in all of Washington. Amica Mutual’s 4.46 rating out of 5 on Clearsurance is significantly higher than that of Progressive (4.16) and Allstate (4.1).

Take a look at what companies are ranked as the top 5 car insurers in Washington on Clearsurance:

  1. USAA — 4.68
  2. California Casualty Group — 4.47
  3. Amica Mutual Insurance Company— 4.46
  4. Metromile— 4.45
  5. American National Property & Casualty Company — 4.43

These aren’t the names we typically associate with car insurance. So why are these brands so much better than the big companies we all know? Clearsurance has tons of great information to help you navigate your car insurance coverage, and one of the things I discovered is that companies like Geico and Allstate spend billions of dollars a year on advertisements to become the names we think of when it’s time to buy car insurance or consider switching car insurance. But those advertising dollars have come to from somewhere, and it ends up driving up the cost of our insurance premiums.


Why should we be paying more to insure our cars so that our insurer can solicit new business?

For the most part, the companies rated highly in Washington are lesser known than the big names. But the bottom line is, they’re better. These are the companies that other policyholders have found offer fair prices with good customer service and claims handling.

Still, we’re not all eligible for these top insurers, and we don’t all have the same insurance needs. That’s something else Clearsurance understands and helps you navigate. For example, USAA is the best car insurance company for Washingtonians, but it only serves active and former military members and their families. And at a company like Metromile, it offers a multi-car discount. Plus, not all car insurance companies cover high-risk drivers, so if you have a lot of accidents on your record or a DUI, you may not be able to obtain coverage from one of these companies.

What’s a good option for high-risk drivers in Washington?

I did some digging into the car insurance companies that sell in Washington and offer policies to high-risk drivers, often referred to as non-standard drivers. If you’re looking for a cost effective option, The General offers affordable coverage. The General has a rating of 3.68. Consumers seem to believe The General offers cheap prices, but the low rates are reflected in the customer service and handling of claims.


Finding the best car insurance for you or your family shouldn’t have to be completely mind-boggling. Once you step outside the buzz of all those big name brands, figuring out which companies actually offer the best customer service at the best price becomes a lot easier, especially if you’ve got Clearsurance on your team.

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These LampyPets Kids Nightlights have Multiple Functions

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These LampyPets Kids Nightlights have Multiple Functions

Don’t you love these ling summer days? Sunset is late and we get plenty of daylight all summer long to keep our BBQ’s going and enjoy company outdoors longer. The saddest part of the year for me is shortly after school starts and it gets darker earlier and earlier. Suddenly it is 5pm and dark out. In the summer there tends to be enough light for the kids at bedtime, but after fall daylight savings it is plenty dark by then. Let me share our new “pet”, Spencer, with you. He is more than just a nightlight when the sunlight disappears.

Spencer is one of the animal LampyPets you can choose for your kids space. He is a nightlight as well as a lamp. He has 3 levels of color temperatures from 3000K which is nightlight bright to a lamp-bright 6000K. He also has 3 steps of dimming as well. So you can get a low nightlight to a decent amount of light – just enough to scare away those bedtime monsters!

My son is 10 and beyond being scared of the dark, but he does like to read most nights. That’s why having all of these lighting functions are great! He can have just the right amount of light to read yet have control enough so that if he drifts off with the book in his hands it is not too bright in the room for sleep. The fun part is you control temperature and brightness with each eyeball. It makes sense because on a nightstand, the LampyPets eyes sit at a perfect reach level.

The lighting is LED too and will last 20,000 hours! On high is has a 6W output so it is not energy-draining at all. It comes with a wall plug and instructional booklet. The handy pencil cup keeps their space neat and organized.

Let’s start getting their rooms back-to-school ready. Find all the fun characters like Spencer at LampyPets.com

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Art and Photos Canvas from Canvas On The Cheap – Giveaway

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Art and Photos Canvas from Canvas On The Cheap - Giveaway

Welcome to the Canvas on the Cheap Review & Giveaway

If you follow my blog you may have seen images or posts about my son’s favorite room of your home, the Star Wars bonus room. We bought our home almost a year ago and immediately my son wanted a theme for the bonus room and Star Wars was our choice. It can be tough finding just the right pieces but we put asks out and browsed stores to find prints and decor. Prints can get pricey until I learned a little trick. You can take any print or create any words and take advantage of canvas shop deals to put them on canvas and many times it is much cheaper than ordered prints. So, here is our latest….

The most recent prints we are slowly collecting are the opening scrolls of the Star Wars movies. I copied the opening words for Star Wars Episode VII: The Last Jedi and chose a yellow font and added a star background. I took the image I created and uploaded it into Canvas on the Cheaps’ canvas order and it arrived in perfect condition. It was brilliant and a lot less than the prints found to order online.

This is a 16″ x 20″ print so it is a great size for this feature. They have canvas prints starting at only $7.75! I have used canvas to recreate prints for my bathrooms and office. They hang so easily and look much better than a poster on the wall.

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1 lucky reader will win a code for their own 16″ x 20″ print shipped free! Enter below if you are 18 and older. Open to US and ends on 7/10/2018. Good luck!

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Gurunanda Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser For Car

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Gurunanda Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser For Car

How much do you love your essential oils? If you are like me you love using oils. Everyone has their preferred way to use oils. Many rely on them for healing, some may use them to make household cleaners and beauty products and my preferred usage is to fill my home with pleasant aromas (I’m a Mom of boys, so….)

Gurunanda has many essential oils and diffusers and now they have some portable diffusers so you’re oils can leave you pleasant aroma wherever you go. The Gurunanda Ultrasonic Essential OIl Diffuser for the Car is more than just a unit that can fit in your car’s cup holder. It comes with a USB cord as well as a plug for the cigarette lighter unit of your car.

I see this essential oil diffuser as useful in a hotel room, in the RV and even at your personal work space. I have USB ports on my laptop so when traveling or at my home office I can plug in right near me and burn some lavender or peppermint if I have a headache or stomach aches. It has the ultrasonic mist so it is great for healing.

More Features include:

  • Water Capacity: 55 ml
  • No wick required
  • Overheating protection.
  • Auto shut off when water is low
  • Compatible with most laptops or USB wall/car outlets, cable included
  • ETL certified

Modes of Operation

    • Continuous mode – Mist lasts up to 4 hours.
    • Intermittent mode – Mist lasts up to 8 hours.

While visiting Gurunanda to learn more, see their new Essential Oils Roll Ons! I actually own a few roll ons and the Gurunanda Jasmine Kiss is by far my favorite scent. Every time my eye catches the bottle even if I’m just at home with no plans, I stop to open it and swipe my wrists or neck to just have the scent near me.

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Buy It at Gurunanda.com or on Amazon: Gurunanda Ultrasonic Essential OIl Diffuser for the Car \ Gurunanda Essential Oils Roll Ons


Last Minute Guests? Use the Rejuvenate Click n Clean Multi-Surface Spray Mop – Giveaway

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Last Minute Guests? Use the Rejuvenate Click n Clean Multi-Surface Spray Mop - Giveaway


Last minute guests? Suddenly have a few spare moments to tend to the house? Rejuvenate has your floors covered! I have to admit that when we go to fairs or conventions I tease with my husband that we get to go see the latest house mop! There is always a latest and best mop on the market. But doesn’t it seem like we are trying to all find the all-in-one floor care product that actually works and is actually convenient? Rejuvenate has put it all into 1 product with the Rejuvenate Click n Clean Multi-Surface Spray Mop.

We bought a brand new home last summer and are loving the fact that we now have the space to entertain and host meals and holidays. I am a tidy person and for the most part I don’t have to panic when I have guests coming last minute which means by racing around is in the food prep and floor care. How do I mop my floors (all of my floors)? I use this Rejuvenate mop and am loving how fast my floors are done.

The last ‘latest-greatest’ mop I bought was from our state fair last year. I was wowed by the demo and when I bought it had my bag of 3 boxes that held all I needed to make this mop great. I got home and stared at the bags and only then did I wonder how can I store a mop with multiple heads and attachments? Depending on what I was cleaning meant a different attachment, but it cleaned ‘anything‘ so easily! It has been taking up space in a closet for over a year and honestly is such a hassle I have been wetting mop heads lately in my sink until now. And I paid a lot for it!

Finally! A simple mop and it is under $35!! One handle, one head and even one cloth (unless I am dusting) for ALL floor types. That’s it! It slides into the broom ring on my garage wall storage rack and when I need to mop I grab it off the garage wall, click in my cleaner bottle and mop. No buckets of water, no sprays that leave streaks and no nasty water for my hands. It’s the small things like a mop that makes me smile!

Your mop set comes with a cleaner, mop unit, dust cloth, grout scrubber, microfiber cleaning pad that all velcro to the head. Grab some extra cleaners that work with the floors of your home so you have all the options available to you and mopping will never feel like a chore again! Even my 10 year old loves pulling that little sprayer and mopping the floor. He sort of treats it like a play sword where he squirts (stabs) and wipes (duels) in his little game of mop war! Guess what? After the child mops I still have no streaks…seriously!

You know you want one for yourself, right?

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The Giveaway

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