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All-Natural Cures for 5 Common Kid Ailments

Parents have a lot to deal with when it comes to handling common kid ailments. And without a knowledge of all-natural cures that are proven to work, we turn to prescription medication as a crutch for small aches and pains. It is important to consult your doctor if a cold lingers, or for larger medical issues. However, nature has provided many remedies that have been used effectively for centuries. Brushing up on a couple all-natural cures will give you alternatives to the dangers of synthetic prescription drugs.

  1. Coughs and colds.

Go to any park with children climbing on play sets and you get a breeding ground for the common cold. Having a remedy on hand to ease recovery from a cold is a life-saver for any parent. What natural remedy to choose? Mayo Clinic suggests honey to help relieve congestion as well as soothe a sore throat. (Only use as a cough remedy for children over the age of 1.) To administer a honey remedy, mix 2 tsp of honey with 1 tsp of lemon or grated ginger into hot water. Allow to dissolve and cool before serving.

Gargling with salt water can also soothe a sore throat. Add a tsp of salt to a cup of water and let it dissolve before gargling. Some children are unable to gargle effectively and find the experience unpleasant, so you may prefer honey over this option.

  1. Earaches.

Many ear infections do not need prescription drugs for effective treatment. As the pain of an earache can often be diminished through a warm and cold compress. Place a cold compress on the ear for 10 minutes and then alternate to a warm one. Or, if you prefer, just one type of compress can also help reduce pain.

For a herbal remedy, consider using tea tree oil as an ear drop to ease the pain of an earache. Tea tree oil is a well-recognized, effective anti-inflammatory and antibacterial solution.

  1. Stomachaches.

The complaint is a common one in any household with children. Stomachache causes can range from acid reflux, to indigestion, to gas, or constipation. If you have already ruled out possible food allergies and have consulted with your doctor, try adding ginger to your family’s diet. Ginger has been a long-time cure for nausea and is well-known to aid digestion. Another option is CBD oil. Recent studies have been looking at CBD as a treatment for various gastrointestinal issues. You can find CBD oil in the Portland area through sites like this one, or do a search for dispensaries in your city.

  1. Toothaches.

If you child has a toothache, the common cause is childhood cavities and decay, which should be looked at by a dentist. However, if the dentist appointment is a day away, you still have some long hours to get through until your child can find relief. There are a couple of solutions you can try. Have your child rinse their mouth out with salt water (1 tsp of salt in 1 cup of water). They should swish the solution in their mouth for approx. 30 seconds. Salt is able to help bring down swelling, and thus alleviate some pain. Peppermint tea has some numbing properties. Steep 1 tsp of peppermint leaves in a cup of hot water and for half an hour. After which, have your child swish the tea around in their mouth for 30 seconds or so.

  1. Headaches.

Headaches in kids can be a symptom of stress, hunger, a need for a healthier lifestyle, or other triggers. So while it is good to think of cures, you need to also be thinking of what might be causing the headache. If it is a sinus headache, with pain around the cheeks and eyes, lavender aromatherapy can help to relieve the pain. Diffuse lavender oil in the room, or have your child sniff the oil at intervals.

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New Healthy Snack Chips from Garden of Eatin’

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Organic Chips

Anthony and I are excited to share the newest healthy snack chips flavors from Garden of Eatin’ These corn tortilla chips are now available in Nacho and Ranch. These are in addition to the other 15+ flavors of chips. Garden of Eatin’ snacks are made with natural and organic ingredients. They are USDA Organic and have 25% less fat than the leading conventional competitor*.

healthy snack chips

Garden of Eatin’ Nacho tortilla chips are contain farmhouse cheddar and paprika. The bold taste gives you an added seasoning with every bite. The Ranch flavor has hints of buttermilk, garlic, and onion. My son named the Ranch as his favorite.

Look for these Garden of Eatin’ flavors and many other healthy snack chips varieties in the chip aisle. Visit Garden of Eatin’ website for more information and promotions.

chip A

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High Protein Food Choices to Power Through Your Day #TheDayIsYours

I am a Premier Protein Ambassador. Opinions are my own and compensation for my stories was given

protein foods

The last time I shared some protein tips I talked about the right times to consume protein in your day. Now, as a proud ambassador for Premier Protein I want to discuss high protein food choices for you. These foods are packed with natural protein, not fillers so you can get through your day.

protein power

The obvious to start with are protein shakes and bars. Having these available in your fridge and cupboard make taking protein on the go so easy. I have been sticking to my goal of having a protein bar as my midday snack so if I know I will be out all day I put a bar in my purse. This helps me avoid a snack stop where I’m bound to by a muffin at a coffee shop or less healthy snack at a convenience store.

My absolute favorites are the Caramel Premier Protein shake and the Double Chocolate Crunch or Salted Caramel Premier Protein bar. Why do they make a great choice? These bars pack in 30g of protein with no artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors.


Admit it! You have a large jug of protein powder and are not using it, aren’t you? Do you not like to blend your own powder or does it feel like a chore to make your protein shakes like this? Try using up your powder as substitutes in recipes. I make a yummy protein icing with protein powder. You can shorten the amount of flour and add protein powder in cakes, pancakes, waffles and more.

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There is protein beyond convenient bars and shakes. The best foods to put in your grocery cart on your next store run include eggs, oats, almonds, chicken (breast), greek yogurt, tuna, pumpkin seeds, peanuts to name a few. Some of these work great as snacks or to turn into meals. Try an egg salad sandwich on protein-rich bread like Ezekiel Bread. Try a chicken salad with homemade dressing and sliced almonds. However you like to enjoy these foods, remember that your body needs protein and more than ever if you are active and on-the-go. Visit Premier Protein to find more great products as well as discussions and education about protein.


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protein giveaway

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Protein Recipe: Vanilla Cinnamon Protein Icing #TheDayIsYours

I am a Premier Protein Ambassador. Opinions are my own and compensation for my stories was given

Vanilla Protein recipe

Premier Protein shakes and bars have been a part of my daily diet routine for several months and in January I was honored to become an ambassador for them on the blog. Because I grab and go for breakfast when I have my shakes, I have been getting creative with the tubs of protein powders I have. I cut down on flour when making muffins or waffles and replace with the protein powder and my new favorite is protein icing.

Last month I shared how I incorporate protein into my daily diet with the right times to consume protein in your days. Now I am sharing my Vanilla Cinnamon Protein Icing recipe. It is so simple and quick to make. The best part is you can make a single serving at a time or a larger batch for baking.

protein icing

Vanilla Cinnamon Protein Icing

In a small bowl add the scoop of protein mix. Gradually add water about 1 tbsp at a time until you get the icing consistency you want (about a tad under 1/4 cup of water total). It will end up very sticky and you know you are close-add a bit more and you will get the icing you desire. Sprinkle a pinch of cinnamon and stir in. Let sit 1 minute. Makes enough to frost about 3-4 muffins or 2 large waffles.

*Hint: If you want a bigger batch-just add more powder and water. If you ice a large cake or muffins. It is even better if you make and icing ahead and refrigerate about 1 hour before eating. This makes the icing an even better consistency for slicing and serving.

1protein icing

Why do I recommend Premier Protein Powder? You get 30 grams of protein per scoop and only 3 grams of sugar. There are no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners and it is gluten free. Make sure the protein products you consume offer the best ingredients like Premier Protein. Other brands out there may contain artificial ingredients and synthetic nutrients so you really want to do your homework and choose wisely.

protein pantry

Do you use protein powders when baking? Give it a try. I make waffles, biscuits, muffins, cookies and even cupcakes.

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Healthy Popcorn Maker Makes 26 Cups of Popcorn

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Healthy popcorn maker

I swore off microwave popcorn long ago after being reminded how unhealthy they are. Now we pop our own and my old popper would pop small amounts and did not have a warming cup. My new Ozeri Movietime Popcorn Maker pops 2 large bowls at once and has a butter warming cup. I can use my own healthy, low cholesterol butter from home to season.

Ozeri popcorn

Ozeri Movietime Popcorn Maker Features

  • Pops up to 26 cups  (2 large bowls for the whole family) in under 2 1/2 minutes 
  • Untilizes hot air for a low calorie treat of puffier popcorn and free of saturated fats, artificial flavors, unneeded salt and preservatives
  • Works with regular and gourmet popcorn types and offers a see-through chute for that traditional movie-theatre taste and experience
  • Includes a removable butter cup that automatically melts and distributes the butter while popping


This saves time, money and saves you from consuming unhealthy artificial butter ingredients. We love all the features of this maker.

healthier popcorn ozeri

The Movietime Popcorn Maker by Ozeri is available on Amazon and is a Prime qualifier so  you can start popping healthier popcorn in just a few days.

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9 Reasons Why Adults Benefit from Play


Play is vitally important during one’s formative years. Spending uninterrupted time playing can improve a child’s mood and health, and help them develop important social skills. Moreover, research claims that children learn best when they play. However, there is an abundance of research that indicates adults also benefit from periods of unaltered play.

Dr. Stuart Brown from the National Institute of Play claims that individuals should define “playing” according to how it applies to themselves. Play is a state of mind rather than any specific activity. Ultimately, it is a voluntary activity a person engages in solely for fun. Whether you’re participating in a board game, playing cornhole, or clearing levels in a virtual dungeon, when you take the time to enjoy yourself, your mind and body reap the benefits.

1. Play Relieves Stress

Perhaps the most obvious of the benefits of play is stress relief. Balancing work, responsibility, and social engagements as an adult is difficult and can garner a lot of stress. Exposure to stressful stimuli increases your cortisol levels, which can have lasting harmful effects on the body. Long-term exposure to stress factors can result in various issues including anxiety, headaches, fatigue, and sleep problems.

Engaging in fun activities lowers cortisol levels and releases endorphins. Endorphins are the body’s natural feel-good chemicals that help relieve pain and can induce feelings of euphoria. Playing also encourages laughter and levels of happiness, both of which are antidotes to the negative effects of stress.

2. Playing Helps Develop Social Skills

While play can be a solitary activity, you benefit more when you engage with others. Ample amounts of play help develop communication and cooperation skills in children and young animals. Young crows play tug-of-war or swinging on tree branches, and dogs and cats teach their young how to fend for themselves through mock battles or wrestling.

In fact, studies show that forgoing playtime causes dysfunction in animals. The social impact of playing in a group isn’t lost on adults. Playing a game of cards with your co-workers or even something as simple as hangman during breaks can improve workplace relationships and communication.

3. Play Stimulates Your Brain

Research into children’s learning habits indicates kids learn better while at play. The results of one such study show that learning names for colors is linked to increased gray matter in the brain. During the experiment, participants received colored cards with nonsensical names and memorized the new monikers over the course of three days. Afterward, MRI scans of participants’ brains indicated the growth of new gray matter.

Solving number puzzle games such as 2048, Sudoku, or chess stimulates brain activity. They help you develop decision-making and critical thinking skills. If you don’t enjoy logic puzzles, there are a variety of games available that have a similar effect on the brain. Simple matching or other memory games are just as stimulating and are available in many phone or tablet app stores. Word games such as Scrabble, word searches, or crossword puzzles also stimulate the mind and encourage brain growth.

4. Play Improves Relationships


Just as play at work can help improve workplace communication and cooperation, it can be beneficial for the vitality of other relationships. Research suggests that individuals who play together, stay together. Whether you’re playing video games, poker, or a round of Uno, playing games with friends fosters a sense of trust and increases camaraderie.

Play is also important for romantic relationships. One study showed that couples who reminisced regularly over enjoyable or funny experiences were happier than those who did not. Taking the time enjoy an activity with someone helps develop a sense of intimacy between the individuals. Sharing fun experiences leads to greater relationship satisfaction.

5. Playing Improves Your Health and Prevents Disease

Taking time out of your busy schedule is good for your emotional, mental, and physical well-being. When you play outside with friends, children, or pets, you engage with nature, which can improve your mood. You also reduce your risk of vitamin D deficiency. If your playtime includes at least 30 minutes of physical or aerobic activities like yoga, it can lower your blood pressure, reduce arthritis pain, encourage weight loss, and lower your risk for diabetes.

If you aren’t a fan of rigorous exercise like biking or running, or don’t have access to a gym, physical play is an excellent way to become more active. Walking your dog burns roughly 230 calories per hour. Dancing burns around 320 calories, and a game of Frisbee can burn anywhere from 105 to 765 calories every half hour, depending on how much you move.

Moreover, activities like ballroom dancing, checkers, or playing a musical instrument are associated with preventing or stalling the development of Alzheimer’s disease. By releasing neurotrophic factors (biomolecules that support the growth and survival of mature neurons), these activities encourage neurons to grow and make new connections.

6. Play Increases Productivity


The phrase “work hard, play harder” is a great way to approach completing your assignments. If you’re working on a long project, try taking regular breaks to stretch, play a short game, and disengage from your task for a few minutes. Taking a break to play might seem counterintuitive, but it’s beneficial to your overall work progress.

Playing and setting aside time to have fun increases your motivation to work. Taking short breaks from focusing for long periods can result in greater problem-solving skills because you allow your mind to rest and commit to memory information you’ve internalized.

Furthermore, research from the University of Nebraska and VU University Amsterdam states that fun activities such as telling engaging jokes at work can help break down barriers of communication, which is vital to successful group projects.

7.  Playing Increases Your Energy

According to playwright George Bernard Shaw, we don’t stop playing because we grow older. Rather, we grow older because we stop playing. Physical play is good for your overall health, as it can combat many factors that affect your physical and mental well-being. However, play in general boosts your vitality and energy levels. The more you play, the more relaxed and healthy you’ll feel.

8. Playing Can Heal Emotional Wounds

When you participate in fun social activities, you engage in the same behavior that positively shapes the minds of children. Fun activities promote emotional health in children and help them grow into well-adjusted adults. For emotionally insecure individuals, playing regularly with a group or a partner can help replace negative notions and behaviors for positive ones.

9. Playing Boosts Creativity

In addition to helping you feel healthier and stress-free, playing refreshes the mind and boosts creativity. Whether your designated play time involves reading, watching funny videos, playing outdoors, or solving a puzzle, playful activities will stimulate your imagination and expand your innovative psyche.