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Food Gift Ideas For Entertaining And Celebrations

I have partnered with Gourmet Gift Baskets for this feature

Food Gift Ideas For Entertaining And Celebrations

There is always a bit of a quiet break right after the New Year. We raced over the holidays and we feel so close to spring approaching. It is typically the longest school stretch between breaks of the kids gone all day. Then the weather starts warming as we are planning Easter egg hunts, parades, summer vacation planning and the end of another school year. I have several events coming up just in the next 2 weeks alone. The best help we can get is finding food gift ideas for entertaining and celebrations.

I always love to volunteer to bring desserts. This is because if it gets real busy I am not too committed. With sites like Gourmet Gift Baskets I can get fun food gifts sent and carry them to dinners and celebrations either plated or in the fun boxes and baskets they come in. All the foods are so delicious and bring the best compliments.

For Easter dinner at my parents house I am bringing the Happy Easter Cookie and Brownie Gift Box.

I wait until before I leave my home and unwrap these moist, delicious cookies, add cute tissue and place them back in the box to transport. Once I arrive I can leave the lid laying under or beside the box and then watch everyone ask me if they can keep the box at the end of the night!

Gourmet Gift Baskets has a lot of fun gift ideas like this so you can entertain and attend celebrations with little hassle. Visit GourmetGiftBaskets.com to see all of the food boxes and baskets.

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New and Addicting Games and Toys from Wham-O Stay ‘N Play

I have partnered with Wham-O for this feature

New and Addicting Games and Toys from Wham-O Stay 'N Play

New from Wham-O are these highly addictive Stay ‘N Play games and toys for kids and adults. By addictive, I mean that in a positive way. If game nights have become redundant these games are a must! They get you up and moving as well as competitive and a lot of fun!

Hut Hut Hoop is definitely one to bring out on game day! It is so much fun and you race to make as many balls through the hoop in this competitive game. Ether start your party off right or end it to burn off ll those game day snacks at the end of the game. Because it all fits back in the box it is very portable and sets up in under a minute.

Sharp Shooter is one of my favorites and is just as fun for adults as it is kids. It is a simple rubber band gun that comes with plenty of bands and a stack of cups and spin board. Spin to see what aim you have ton play with and try to knock the cups down better and faster than your opponents.

Below is the slingshot gun for 3D Zombie Hunt! Wear the 3D glasses it comes with for a better image on the zombie canvas while you sling velcro grip balls to the board. If they stick you collect those points.

Wham-O has many play options in the Stay ‘N Play line of toys. Anthony shows you how each of his toys and games are played in the video below.

Take a look…..

See all of the new products from Wham-O at the Stay ‘N Play webpage.

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Gift Basket Ideas for Wine Lovers

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Gift Basket Ideas for Wine Lovers

With Valentine’s Day coming up we are once again left with the dilemma of finding a gift for our loved one. Whether you shop for your spouse, older kids or even parents it is hard especially right after the Holidays when not but 2 months ago we were left with having to find Christmas gifts for the same people. My husband and I have a January Anniversary date so my husband goes nuts trying to find a Christmas gift for me in December, an Anniversary gift in January, a Valentine’s Day gift in February and a birthday gift for me in March. Poor guy because I never have ideas! Gift baskets are always a lot of fun and show thought whether you make them yourself or buy to have sent from retailers like GourmetGiftBaskets.com. Here are some gift basket ideas for wine lovers that might help you out year round.

gift set

I love the baskets at GourmetGiftBaskets.com. I have seen several of their baskets over the years and they are always so fun to go through. This Red Wine Country Gift Basket pictured above is the newest basket I have received from them. The wines they send are always fantastic and shipping is always quick and as promised. I have to say that the Chichester Snack Mix by Merrimack Valley Snack Company is so addicting. I get so excited when it is included in one of their baskets. This is a perfect simple basket that would make a great corporate gift especially for the red wine lover.



wine pasta

If your special someone is a cook or foodie this Chianti Wine-Italian Gift Basket from GourmetGiftBaskets.com is fantastic. It contains a beautiful Chianti as well as pasta fixings and the popular Italian cookies, Amaretti di Saronno.

wine spa

If your loved one is a busy Mom, she will absolutely LOVE the Premium Spa Wine Gift Basket at GourmetGiftBaskets.com. This popular basket is full of bath and body products with a lavender scent as well as slippers, brushes, massagers and more! Gift a special Mom this basket and she can sip on the Chardonnay included as she enjoys the rest of the basket.

wine man

For the men and chocolate lovers! I think this one is a lot of fun. It almost resembles a tool box but it is wine and chocolates all bundled in a leather case. You get 2 wines in this set, also from GourmetGiftBaskets.com, a Mencia Roble and angiovese Cabernet Sauvignon. It just looks classy, doesn’t it?


Now for the big wine lover! This set contains 3 wines and little bit of everything else from crackers, cheese, chocolate and more. You get a Prosecco, Chardonnay and Mencia Roble. There is so much more to choose from if you head over to the GourmetGiftBaskets.com website. Choose one and have it set up to be delivered to your special someone.

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Personalized Gifts of Canvas and Wall Murals from Photowall

I have partnered with Photowall to bring you this review feature

Personalized Gifts of Canvas and Wall Murals from Photowall

It is no secret that personalized gifts are the most popular to give to those close to us. But, did you know that as long as you know someone’s interest you can create a stunning wall hanging or mural? Take a child you know already has plenty of toys and you want to get them something else, if they have a favorite movie or game just upload an image to Photowall and create them a canvas or wall mural. It is so easy and a hit even with 9 year olds like my son.

We have a Star Wars game room (see it here) so I uploaded the opening credit scroll to his favorite Star Wars movie, Return of the Jedi and had it put on canvas. He loved it and now wants the scrolls to all of the Star Wars movies for the room.

It arrived in a box with assembly required. There was wood pieces and a bag of brackets. Those always seem so intimidating but the way that this frame assembles it is so easy and fool-proof! I had it together in under 15 minutes and was upstairs finding a spot of the wall.

Canvas wrap

assembling canvas board

There is a hanging bracket you easily install and use to get the right hang. The canvas is very good quality and we love it in the game room.

canvas from photowall (1)

Jedi canvas

There it hangs with the other Star Wars decor. It was such a great idea for Anthony to canvas the scrolls. I think it is a fun touch.

Photowall Star Wars

Promo Code

Want to create a canvas or wall mural? I have a savings code! Go ahead and browse Photowall’s unique designs or upload your own image and create a personalized product. At checkout you can enter the promo code: parentinghealthycampaign2018 and save 20% on your order. The code expires on February 19, 2018 so hurry! Shipping is free too!

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Valentine’s Guide 2017 – All Things LOVE

Valentine’s Guide 2017 – All Things LOVE

Valentine's Guide 2017 - All Things LOVE


What is a Valentine’s Holiday Guide?

A Holiday Guide is a one-stop page like this where all posts, reviews and giveaways can be found. You can spend a lot of time googling Valentin’s topics or you can come here and find many in one spot. Find a post below that interest you? Just click on it and then come back to this post for more.

Guides are updated almost daily so bookmark this over the holiday and check back in!

Do you want to learn how to Create a Gift Guide? See my e-tutorial HERE!

What I will offer in the Valentin’s Guide

  • Gifts to remind the KIDS they are loved
  • Gifts for all those you love from parents to spouses
  • Topics about parenting, gift ideas and more
  • Recipes for the month
  • Giveaways

Finally! The posts are below…..remember to check back often!

If you are a brand and wish to partner with Parenting Healthy for coverage, contact Erin at erinnsluka@gmail.com


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You Can Still Order Personalized Gifts for Christmas

I have partnered with Bags of Love for feature

You Can Still Order Personalized Gifts for Christmas

It is only December 18th so you have a few days left to get personalized gifts made by Christmas. Bags of Love has a December 22 deadline for delivery by Christmas options and you can have a lot of fun creating gifts from bags, wall art, pillows and even aprons like the one I made.

I work part time in the kitchen at our local middle school. I was able to upload the official logo of our school and put it on an apron. The kids will love seeing their Falcon pride as I serve them their lunch. They wear their own wrestling, football, basketball tops on game and match days and now I can join in the team spirit with them.

I was very impressed with the thick material and wipeable inside. The strings are long enough to get a secure tie and plenty of room to wrap and protect your clothes and keep your surface sanitized.

The logo uploaded and came out very well. No flaws and it is a very clear image. The kids will love it. Of course, Bags of Love offers much more than just an apron. Take any logo, favorite movie print or image and personal photos and have them printed on a number of items. I have browsed many personal photo shops and this one has a huge selection of gift options compared to most others (over 400 products).


Mine arrived fast and I panicked I wouldn’t have it in time to get photos and share with you before you could order and send to loved ones but we are still safe. You can pick something today or the next 2-3 days and it can be created and sent in time. Take a look at Bags of Love now! They have expert craftsmen and artisans, including sewers, fashion designers, dressmakers, bookbinders and printers and they all work with their crew of marketers, customer service and developers, to produce stunning, personalized gifts everyone will love.