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La Tourangelle Artisan Oils Gift Packs

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La Tourangelle Artisan Oils Gift Packs

Authentic. Quality. Natural. These 3 words are how you describe the artisan oils  of La Tourangelle. They also make great gifts. You can either keep them together in the box or separate them to add around the inside of a gift basket. La Tourangelle is one of the last remaining mills still in operation today that roasts and presses nuts and kernels into oils based in Saumur, France.

They are priced very well ranging from $17-$31 for the 3-pack gifts. You are getting quality oils full of certifications you will love. These oils are certified gluten free, USDAOrganic, Non GMO, Kosher, Fair Trade and the nut oils are handcrafted in a California mill.

The choices are wide from Walnut or Almond oils to Pumpkin and Basil oils. Once you flip off the top, you get a handy spout built into the oil package. This makes using and storing so handy. I love to choose these oils for all dishes from serving with warm sourdough breads or baguettes to using in the wok with meats and vegetables.

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When finding holiday gifts this season, consider visiting La Tourangelle to find these fantastically packaged oils for gift giving. These always make great gifts when you have a someone that is hard to shop for.

Find the oils in singles or gift packs on Amazon and have them in 2 days if you are a Prime member!

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Healthy Snacking with Sunkist Fruit Chips and Trail Mix

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So many of us want the healthier snack options. Whether it is your New Years resolution to eat healthier or an ongoing goal it is fantastic to see brands recognize what we want as consumers. We want healthier options, that actually taste good at great prices that are easy to locate. Sunkist now has Fruit Chips and Trail Mix options for us.

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Sunkist Fruit Chips are full of delicious and natural fruit flavors. Whether you choose to snack on the 4 medley varieties or banana, strawberry or apple you get just fruit freeze dried into a yummy snack. Eat them by the handful or you can use as a topping for yogurts and desserts.

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Sunkist Trail Mixes are my favorite. I love mixes for a snack and these Sunkist varieties are full of delicious flavors for anytime of day. You get a healthier snack option with premium fruits and nuts without peanuts, raising or artificial colors and flavors. You only get dried real fruit and tree nuts. There are 8 flavors from Fruit Lovers Breakfast Espresso & Granola to Kiwi Cantaloupe and more.


Grab up a few snack bags on your next Walmart stock up and snack healthier with Sunkist snacks.