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prAna Clothes for Comfort Helped Me Start Over In A New Town

This is a compensated sponsored post for prAna and all opinions are my own.


prAna Clothes for Comfort Helped Me Start Over In A New Town


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Last month we moved to a new town about 60 miles away here in Washington state. We lived in our previous town over 4 years. In those 4 years my son attended kindergarten-third grade. I took a small part time job at the High School kitchen and I also did my duties as VP and President on the elementary school’s PTA Board.

Working in the schools I got to know kids by name from the little faces that recognized me at fast food stops to the teenager serving me in local eateries who I serve lunch to every weekday. Now I have moved away. It is sad and yet an adventure I know we will enjoy and comfort matters all the way around.

prAna Clothes for Comfort Helped Me Start Over In A New Town

No more familiar faces and now I start a job at a new elementary school where my son will be for fourth grade. He wass a tad nervous about starting a new school but I was right there with him starting new myself. Yes! I have already turned in the PTA membership form and like I would do in the previous town, I will be a helping body at events and in the schools.

So, here is to a comfortable start in the new town and finding the back to school kick off outfit where I will meet new staff it’s an easy choice with prAna clothes for comfort  in my closet.

How prAna Clothes for Comfort Really Feel

Was that pitch cliche? I apologize but I am not kidding you when I say that having prAna pieces in my closet means assured comfort all day. I wish I had feel-o-vision through his blog so you can run your hands through the pants and tops and caress them the way I do when something feels so soft and durable.

prAna is made for women like you and me that just need a little comfort to get through new or familiar days. We have enough worries and people to care for we can’t waist time on brands that don’t keep us comfortable and confident in style. We need to put those pants on each day be able to focus on what really matters, not on clothing that is failing us.

Comfort! It’s all about comfort.

Starting over is scary and also a bit adventurous. That is the word we used with my son leading up to the move. We’d ask how he is feeling about this ‘adventure’? What he hopes comes from this ‘adventure’? Now we are settled into the house. He has been playing happily with new neighbor friends. His back to school shopping is done and so is mine. So we have started a new school year-one that is of many to come.

Shop for comfort and clothing that matters. And when your heart is big you shop brands that give back too like prAna.

In fact, during the holiday season, they donate a portion of the proceeds from select collections of to Outdoor Outreach. This gives underprivileged youth connections with the outdoors. They also do much more in local communities plus use materials that are environmentally responsible so you can feel good about what you are wearing all day. Visit prAna and see the styles that match who you are and your own adventures in life

Want to save?
Of course you do! So, fill your cart and enter the promo code: MS15ES at checkout to save 15% until October 12, 2017.

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Fashion For The Busy Mom – Liverpool Jeans

Just because we are wiping handprints off white walls and using shower heads to wash a filthy dog doesn’t mean we don’t want that women fashion all day. There are those days we feel like ‘yoga pants’, but on most days I want to feel like ‘designer jeans’. I am a Mom of boys and it is easy to lose my identity of being a woman in my everyday life.

As a teenager and young woman I loved girl nights, a night at a club to chat with a cocktail about life and work. Our biggest concern was the hours we can get in at work and what our plans will be for the next weekend. My concerns and plans have changed but my heart is bigger…and my hips and legs a bit. But, I am still a woman and an even stronger woman and I can do the day in style. Liverpool Jeans has that designer look BUT not the designer prices and all the comfort I need to do that jog upstairs when I hear a crash and then silence with a house of boys.

Whether you need a pant like the Riley Cropped pants or shorts on a warm day like the Corine Walking Shorts you will wonder how you might possibly be comfortable in such jeans until you put them on and that Liverpool comfort hits you. I do not feel like I am wearing jeans but I sure have that designer jean look. I say designer because you won’t find these at your big box discount store. These are quality and my local mall outlet carries these but if you take the tag to comparable jeans on the floor by other brands you will love the price points of Liverpool clothing.

We have enough worries in our day. We need comfort at all levels from the random hug by your teenager to clothing that we love to stay in. I am a huge fan of the Liverpool brand and have been sharing about these with all of my Mom friends and you will too. You have to walk, sit and get through a day in these jeans and you will agree that they hit the mark on comfort, look and price. I have been ordering my regular size and they are a true fit but will stretch a tad so if you are in doubt I would try a size down.

Liverpool Jeans are at local boutiques and clothing stores near you. Head to the Liverpool Jeans website and see their store locator for more on where to find the styles in your area. We aren’t JUST Moms, we are FINALLY Moms and we deserve to feel good about ourselves and all levels of comfort around us everyday.

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Fragrance gifts from your Favorite Stars of Empire – Fox

Thank you Empire of Fox for partnering in this feature

It’s Father’s Day soon. Do you know what you are getting dad or your husband? No? Neither do I. It is so hard. My Dad is pretty simple to please, but my husband is hard. If he wants something it is typically something big he will pick out himself. Then his birthday is June 9 so I try hard to not become lazy and combine the celebrations so I have to think of 2 great gifts in a 1-2 week period. This gets hard to find the perfect gifts.

This year may be a bit easier. With the new premier of the Fox show, Empire comes a cologne and perfume (because when we shop for the men we hardly forget to bring something home for ourselves). Legacy is the name of the men’s cologne that contains a blend of bergamot and lemon water with lavender buds, crisp geranium and clary sage. I am sensitive to some colognes and some scents give me instant headaches. I love this smell. I can’t wait for him to wear it. Just remember the Legacy of Lucious as you head gift shopping this Father’s Day.

While you are picking up his cologne and feel the need for a new perfume…because you are there so you might as well, Truth is the women’s perfume inspired by the lovely Cookie from this line you will want to test. Not a day has gone by that I have not chosen this scent to wear. It is a soft floral blend mixed with blackberry and velvet plum with hints of Bulgarian rose, vanilla orchid and violet blossom.

As you watch Empire on Fox you may think of the gold and sophistication of these fragrance bottles as a connection to the desire to go gold in music. The stars that have inspired us with music we can connect to are rewarded with going gold and most share that same swagger in their own way that makes us want to watch and listen to them for times to come. The essence of all of this is felt in the design of these bottles. These stars aim for making it inside the music industry and so you can strive to hit gold this year on a gift your man (and you) will love.

Available at, Macy’s and Bon-Ton. Happy shopping!

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Safe Sunwear for the Entire Family

Tuga sent samples for feature

Safe Sunwear for the Entire Family

Imagine never having to run around and chase after your child’s back and shoulders to reapply sunscreen all day. That’s less sandy grit all over their greasy backs and faster application of sunscreen as you can just get the bottoms of their legs, arms and their face. It is all possible with Safe sunwear for the entire family from Tuga brand SPF 50+ garments.

sun clothing

Now when it comes to clothing, an SPF of 50 translates to 98% UVA and UVB sun protection, the highest rating for garments that are considered UV protective. Tuga has styles for men, women and children with designs and colors you’ll want to wear. My son’s outfit is the Breaker & Jammer set in the Carmino pattern.

Tuga design

With the high necks of the rashguards and the longer fit shorts it gives my son great protection and less applications of sunscreens throughout the day.

Tuga logo

He is good about the understanding of covering up and lathering on sunscreen to protect his skin. I have taught him more than once about the need to protect his skin. When I put this on him and explained he can skip the covered areas when putting on sunscreen he was so happy. Too bad they don’t make soccer and football jerseys from this material because they sweat and run 2 seasons of the year needing a lot of sunscreen.

tuga safe

Tuge fabric

Bonus * Want a fun science experiment for your children to encourage them to use sunscreen or wear that UV clothing? See Anthony’s video below:

I am all ready to go for the summer. I love getting my sunscreens and swimwear bought early and waiting for its first use. Double up by getting swimwear that protects and see the great prices on the Tugs brand website.

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The Tee Shirts that Inspire with the Better Together Collection

Samples sent for feature

Life Good Tee

Life Is Good brand has been spreading optimism in tee shirts for men, women, children and pets and now they bring a message of togetherness.


The Better Together Collection features tees for men and women that celebrate inclusivity. The 3 designs come is bright and neutral colors.

  1. Life Is Good In All Shades: available in men and women sizes
  2. We’re All Mutts also comes in men and women sizes
  3. Keep It Colorful comes in women sizes

The tees are 70% cotton and 30% polyester. They are soft and include a message tag sewed on. Everything about their tees promote positivity as well as comfort.

tee mutts

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Your Tee Shirts Help Others

Life is Good gives back too. The Life is Good Kids Foundation partners with leading childcare organizations to provide a continuum of personal and professional development resources that help childcare professionals tap into the power of optimism and build healing, life-changing relationships with children in their care.

Tee shirts that inspire

You will love the Better Together as well as their other collection of tee shirts that spread optimism and good simply sewn into a little tag and displayed on the front of what you wear all day around others. See all of the collections at Life is Good.

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Organic and Sustainable Clothing You Can Wear Anywhere – prAna


Did you know that you can buy clothing that is responsible? What does that mean? It means that from the very start of the process the cottons, hemps and other materials used to make your clothing is not making a negative impact on the environment as it is processed. From cotton that has not been sprayed with pesticides to Farmers treated fairly and paid a fair wage for their farming skills you get clothing that is organic and sustainable. This is why I love my prAna Organic Clothing.

prana top

I needed new clothing because I was not happy with the performance of some of mine that wasn’t working for me as being versatile. After my research I found that the best clothing for me was organically made. It feels like a responsibility I wanted to take and by watching the video below you may see why…

Benefits of prAna Organic Clothing

  • Made of organic cotton or of hemp
  • Being planet-friendly matters to prAna
  • prAna offers sustainable, recycled, fair trade certified items.
  • The clothing is created to be fashionable, comfortable and versatile so you can wear it anywhere
  • prAna prioritizes giving back to communities all over the world
  • prAna actually has only one core belief, and that is to give back more than we take from the world

prAna sustainable

What am I Wearing?

Cleo T-Shirt – Color: Mood Indigo. This is such a lightweight material and is a fitted tee. It is a burnout wash jersey knit style top that allows me to look fun and casual wherever I go. I wear this to work and running errands as well as my son’s sports practices. Not to mention, I wore this on a date night with my husband recently under a thin sweater.

 Lizbeth Capris – Color: Coal. I love that these are both pleated and tapered. It really gives it a great look that allows these pants to be worn casually or out on the town under a stunning top. It is a blend of soft hemp and recycled materials that has a bit of stretch in the pant. These are so comfortable and these are my new go-to pants.

prAna Organic

Sustainability matters and is truly responsible. To own just a few pieces will not be a regrettable decision. The comfortable and lightweight material is unlike any other clothing I own. You have to feel the difference to believe it. You deserve to feel comfortable anywhere you go an prAna works responsibly to bring you that. See all of the great items at prAna.

prAna work

Save 15% until April 14, 2017 by using promo code: PMOMEPH at checkout.