How To Save Money On Your Child’s Birthday Party

All parents want their children to great birthday party but this can turn out to be quite expensive these days, with many parents spending over $1,000 on a bash. There is this pressure to throw a celebration party that is elaborate. The trend is growing as more parents embrace the numerous opportunities available. However, when the budget is low, your priority may be to save as much money as possible. Here are some ways in which this can be done.

How To Save Money On Your Child’s Birthday Party
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Save Money With Invites

It is always an alternative to send an email invitation or think about something that is out of the box, like writing party details on balloons. Also, you can always share the party with another child that has a close birthday date or make the party shorter. Obviously, keeping guest numbers low will reduce expenses. You can do that by adding to the invite that sisters and brothers of the guest are not invited.

Save Money With Catering

Although youngsters do not eat that much, parents do end up cooking a lot more than they should. The truth is that ice cream, crisps and sandwiches are usually all that is needed. You can easily hire a catering company that has experience with such a party. As an example, visit Flavours Catering Sydney. Alternatively, you can always ask friends and family members to bring some food. Decorations and tablecloths can be borrowed from friends or you can turn decorating into a fun party activity by allowing children to draw with crayons.

Save Money With Venue Selection

Obviously, the cheapest option is to have the party at home but this is not a good thing for some parents. In this case you can always opt for a summer picnic party at the local park. You can also consider local halls or play centers. Make sure that you avoid the peak hours and see if there is no problem when you bring food.

Save Money With Entertainment

Professional entertainers for children’s parties will always be expensive. You can keep costs and stress down when you do everything yourself. There are many different online classes that teach you how to be a great entertainer at a child’s party. Also, in many cases just traditional play games like musical chairs or blind man’s bluff can offer all the entertainment that is necessary for children.

Save Money With Party Bags

It can be quite stressful, expensive and time consuming when you create these bags. The simple process of buying cheap plastic toys from local $1 shops can add up the costs really fast. Think about what you can offer as gifts without breaking the bank. For instance, buy a cheap book series and allow the guests to take one that they like on the way out. Browse online sites in order to get interesting ideas of what you can put in the party bags when on a budget. Simply look around and see what recommendations are made by other parents.

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Make Any Beer Taste Better with the New Fizzics Waytap

I have partnered with Fizzics for this feature

Make Any Beer Taste Better with the New Fizzics Waytap

As we settle into our new home, the final step to settling in is welcoming friends and family over. With everyone’s schedules we have a few small evenings planned to try and entertain as many friends as possible and allow them into our home. The last get together with family we pulled out our Fizzics Waytap at the bar. It really intrigued the beer drinkers and I can tell by the look on their faces they felt this was just a fancy bar decor that can’t possibly make their beer taste that much better and then I put their beer bottle into the Fizzics Waytap and all doubts were erased because it really makes any beer taste better!



You may have seen the original Fizzics that was pretty bulky and promised that great draft beer from a tap taste. It delivered but was a bit of a monster on the counter tops. The Fizzics Waytap is a new slimmer portable size and comes in white, slate and black. I am not one to clutter space and cupboards so this new design is more my style and more often than not I get compliments from friends that the look is modern and very nice out on the counter.

You don’t need any special brew-take your favorite beer in a bottle and put it in the Fizzics. It is battery operated so no cords or charging needed. You then grab a beer mug and tilt as you do your pour by pulling the tap forward. Once it stops or at about 3/4 full you then push the tap back for that micro-foam that gives that beer tap look and taste.

When it comes to drinks and food with friends I love to focus on quality. I will spend days preparing for guests. I like to try new recipes and new beers. Living near Seattle we have so many local beers in our stores and get togethers are a great time to introduce new seasonal and local brews and spirits. I have certain brand liquor I will or won’t buy and I even want the food I serve to be fun and want people to gather around the table. The Fizzics is more than just a better tasting beer but the beer looks and smells better too. Do you see the difference in the photo above?

Do you know that annoying feeling when someone hand pours you beer and your first few sip are a mouthful of foam or you have to wait until that foam subsides to start sipping? Once you pour using the Fizzics Waytap you have that foam but as you sip, the smaller bubbles allows your beer through and you get that fresh beer sip without a mouthful of foam. That was a big difference I had noticed when comparing to hand poured beer. All of our family that tried it loved the taste. It was a bit less bubbly than right out of the bootle. It was so smooth and the aromas really come through even on an average brand beer.


Even if you think you may not care about the difference in taste and appearance I really encourage you to try the new Fizzics Waytap. It won’t interfere with the decor of your kitchen and it is hard to send you the taste and aroma without any taste-o-vision from here so you can experience the difference for yourself. So you will just have to trust me. I have about 3 family members so excited after trying this that I now have a great holiday gift idea for them all! You can find these at retailers like Amazon and even QVC had a great price that may still be available and of course you can find it at the Fizzics website.