How To Save Money On Your Child’s Birthday Party

All parents want their children to great birthday party but this can turn out to be quite expensive these days, with many parents spending over $1,000 on a bash. There is this pressure to throw a celebration party that is elaborate. The trend is growing as more parents embrace the numerous opportunities available. However, when the budget is low, your priority may be to save as much money as possible. Here are some ways in which this can be done.

How To Save Money On Your Child’s Birthday Party
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Save Money With Invites

It is always an alternative to send an email invitation or think about something that is out of the box, like writing party details on balloons. Also, you can always share the party with another child that has a close birthday date or make the party shorter. Obviously, keeping guest numbers low will reduce expenses. You can do that by adding to the invite that sisters and brothers of the guest are not invited.

Save Money With Catering

Although youngsters do not eat that much, parents do end up cooking a lot more than they should. The truth is that ice cream, crisps and sandwiches are usually all that is needed. You can easily hire a catering company that has experience with such a party. As an example, visit Flavours Catering Sydney. Alternatively, you can always ask friends and family members to bring some food. Decorations and tablecloths can be borrowed from friends or you can turn decorating into a fun party activity by allowing children to draw with crayons.

Save Money With Venue Selection

Obviously, the cheapest option is to have the party at home but this is not a good thing for some parents. In this case you can always opt for a summer picnic party at the local park. You can also consider local halls or play centers. Make sure that you avoid the peak hours and see if there is no problem when you bring food.

Save Money With Entertainment

Professional entertainers for children’s parties will always be expensive. You can keep costs and stress down when you do everything yourself. There are many different online classes that teach you how to be a great entertainer at a child’s party. Also, in many cases just traditional play games like musical chairs or blind man’s bluff can offer all the entertainment that is necessary for children.

Save Money With Party Bags

It can be quite stressful, expensive and time consuming when you create these bags. The simple process of buying cheap plastic toys from local $1 shops can add up the costs really fast. Think about what you can offer as gifts without breaking the bank. For instance, buy a cheap book series and allow the guests to take one that they like on the way out. Browse online sites in order to get interesting ideas of what you can put in the party bags when on a budget. Simply look around and see what recommendations are made by other parents.

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Children’s Book about Learning From Failure – Mindset Matters

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Mindset Matters
By: Bryan Smith


Children do not like to lose. They need to learn and then learn to have fun but they take winning very seriously at times. Eventually that desire to win can begin to define them and that is not the direction we want our kids mindsets to head at that young age. Mindset Matters about Amelia who loves to skateboard. But, when she has a fall and hand injury and fears it will interfere with her sport she feels like a failure. Amelia’s Dad teaches here to have a different mindset. It is a mindset that about learning and growing.


Mindset Matters is great for the grades 1-5 age group. Teach your kids how to find their Gonna-Get-It-Done attitude. Not only is this book for the child athlete, but it can be related to sibling competition and hobbies as well as academics. Use Amelia’s story to start a conversation that will empower your child. I read this to my son the night before basketball camp.

Find Mindset Matters on Amazon and bookstores near you.

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Our YouTube Channel is back – Reviews by Anthony

YouTube Art

My son loves helping with reviews and a few years ago we created a separate YouTube channel for his reviews. We took a little hiatus because I felt the videos could be better quality. I did some changes on the blog and finally found time to refocus on his channel. I took some video and YouTube lesson online courses, ordered some upgraded equipment and now will put it all to use for you in the rebranded YouTube channel, Review by Anthony.

I hope that as we get used to what we learned and using new equipment each video gets better and better. To start, Anthony made a intro video for the front page of the channel that all new visitors will see and current subscribers can find as well.

We would love for you to visit, subscribe and perhaps even interact with any of his videos. Here is his new introduction video:

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Adventures in Asian Art – Children’s Book Review

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Asian Art

Adventures in Asian Art: An Afternoon at the Museum

by: Sue DiCicco with Deborah Clearwaters

With Asia being a mecca of places to go and things to see in the world of Art, this new book Adventures in Asian Art takes you through the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco’s exhibits.

As you read through the book, your child will explore popular Asian Art and learn some fun facts. Take a ride on a Rhino, become a Samurai, climb Mt. Fuji and more all in the span of 48 pages of these brilliant and engaging illustrations.


About the Authors

Sue DiCicco draws on her background as a writer, illustrator, sculptor, and former Disney animator to take kids on an imaginative tour of China, Japan, Korea, India, and beyond through artifacts on display at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco.

Deborah Clearwaters has her dream job as Director of Education and Interpretation at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, where she has worked in education for 19 years. She has a master’s degree in Japanese Art History from the University of Maryland

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Children Books that Teach Lessons: The Judgmental Flower Book Review

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The Judgmental Flower

by: Julia Cook

Award-winning Author and former school counselor and teacher, Julia Cook’s strategy is ‘Read a Book, Teach a Child a Life Lesson’. In her book The Judgmental Flower, she talks about a purple flower who appeared in a blue flower patch. The blue flowers didn’t know what to think about this flower different in color from them. The blue flowers get to know more about the purple flower realizing they are a lot alike. Their roots are similar, they all take from the same water and sun and bee visits as each other.


Many of Julia Cook’s books are especially helpful to children on the autism spectrum and have been endorsed by the Alaska Department of Education. She has written over 70 books and you can find books by the topics of: Health, Mental Health, Parents and more.

I found a few books that teach children on the topic of friendship written by Julia such as Bully B.E.A.N.S., Cliques Just Don’t Make Sense, I Want to be the Only Dog and more. Just like The Judgmental Flower, these books teach huge life lessons. They make fantastic teacher gifts to be shared in the classroom and many titles are written for families of special needs children as well. Visit her website:

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Choosing Books that are Right for Your Child and Hen House Book Review

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Hen House

Hen House: Adventures at Greyson Farm

by: Kimberly K. Schmidt

Author and retired nurse, Kimberly K. Schmidt wrote Hen House to be the first book of farm animal characters in the Adventures at Grayson Farms series for kids ages 8-11. Freckles is a plain white chicken who takes your child on an adventure about why being different can be a good thing. You will meet his friends and find his courage along the story line. There are illustrations within this chapter book as well.

The book starts off:

Hen House book

Choosing the Right Book for Your Child

Kimbelry graciously offers her tips on choosing the right book for your child and I put them below. “The kids are my best critics.  I pay very close attention to them during a reading. Do they listen attentively? Do they lose interest? Kids are the best critics as they are very honest.”- Kimbelry K. Scmidt

  1. Choose your book: **Little kids love colorful books with beautiful illustrations and a fun story to follow. Not too long. Animals are always a good bet. **As they get a little older, they love fast paced action, a little drama and danger. And gross is definitely the new cool! If it is a beginner chapter book, short chapters are a must… with page breaks or simple illustrations.  Full pages of text are killers for early readers. You’ll lose them. Dialogue is very important as it makes the characters come alive. The vocabulary should be age appropriate, but I like to add an occasional challenging word in my books. Not too many to be overwhelming. Just a few here and there. I find kids love to learn new words.
  2. Choose a comfy place: Snuggle up and read with your child. Make it your special reading place.
  3. How to read to your child: Make sure you have their attention from the start. If you want the child involved in the story, then you need to be involved as a reader. Turn off your phone!  Once you have them focused, read clearly and move right along. Don’t drag it out.  Use inflection in your voice. Pause at dramatic places.  Point out illustrations. Point out new words. If they want to stop and ask a question or make an observation, let them. They are involved! I love to discuss a book after it has been read, especially if there is a hidden message in the story. Kids will pick up more than you think!

You can learn more about the Author and see all of her books at