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Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs in Business with Zulily Savings

I have partnered with Zulily for feature and was provided store credit. Thoughts/opinions are my own

 Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs in Business with Zulily Savings

Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs in Business with Zulily Savings

October is National Women’s Small Business Month and we are Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs in Business with Zulily Savings. Each week (for 4 weeks), Zulily will feature female small business owners and their products with sales events, stories and more. To be a woman in this country is great and we all are able to take our ideas and make them a reality. Everyone has the access and some women take full advantage of that access and bring us amazing products we can use in our lives.

Zulily is a great sales platform for these women and other creators. In one site you have access to unique and quality products. Zulily has been around since 2010 and has supported entrepreneurs with pride ever since. I love browsing the website for unique gift ideas whenever I am stumped on a gift for someone – man, woman or child. I always find great ideas at Zulily thanks to women entrepreneurs who understand what we want and create quality brands.

So, this month, at Zulily, make sure you find their stories on the National Women’s Small Business Month page.


Above is a sneak peek at some of the great women entrepreneurs in business you can find at the Zulily page for this month: Pay them a visit! Then keep checking back to the Zulily page link above to meet more women like these!


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At-a-Glance Vienna Weekly/Monthly Appointment Book

Sample sent for feature

Shoplet appointment book

The year is almost over and as always it is time to ditch the 2016 calendars and start fresh. New lines to fill in with notes, new days to write event details into and new spaces for weekly or monthly appointments. At-a-Glance has always been an appointment book and calendar brand well-known in many homes and you can find them at Shoplet.

appointment book cover

This is the Vienna design of weekly/monthly appointment book. The front cover gives you a glance of last year, this year and next year for reference. Then each month is tabbed so you can easily flip through. There is a monthly views with blank space and weekly pages with lines for notes.

appointment book month

The back has common holidays by month and an event page for notes such as events for the holidays, gift ideas, birthday reminders, etc. It has all you need to stay on track in 2017.

appointment book events

Shoplet also offers products from office furniture to cleaning supplies. You can also find restaurant products and medical supplies as well. Even food and snacks for the break room can be purchased from Shoplet.

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Business Opportunity – ClaudiaG Collection Handbags and Accessories

I was sent samples for feature

As a busy Mom, it is such a great feeling to get something as new and useful such as a purse that has all of the functions we want! I am the type of Mom that goes shopping for myself but comes home with nothing for me and too much for the boys. I hardly splurge on myself and when I do I cannot recall those items I once saw and felt I needed while out shopping. Sometimes I wonder if there are some simple ways to earn that extra guilt-free money so I can feel better about spending on my self. ClaudiaG is a great business opportunity and they have great products that can help us choose something new for ourselves or even start a new small business as we share these great collections with family and friends.
The Products
ClaudiaG products include handbags, jewelry, accessories and even products for men. I chose to receive the Kangaroo Cross-Body Bag and matching accessories and I am in love with it. I get compliments everywhere I go. The purse is appropriately named the Kangaroo as it has an attached pouch to hold extras. I keep all my coupons and savings print outs in mine.  I also have 2 accessories that match it pretty well with the colors I chose-the card holder which fits a great amount of cards and the comfy case to hold lipstick and products I need quick access to. They all fit inside the purse and within the interior is plenty of room and pockets.
This is just one example of the unique bags you can find within the ClaudiaG shop. You can choose cross-body bags, shoulder bags and top handle bags as well as men bags and pouches. The jewelry comes in great designs for rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Within the ClaudiaG accessories you can find wallets, belts, scarves and more.
Prices are so great compared to what you would pay shopping retail stores for these quality and functional designs. The handbags can range from $29- $199 depending on the size and style. Jewelry is priced form $9-$49 and accessories fall in those ranges as well.
Also, your purchase helps provide children with a little extra hope through their ShareMyShare program that supports one of a few organizations that provide health care, education and nutrition to children.

Business Opportunity - ClaudiaG Collection Handbags and Accessories
ClaudiaG Career Opportunity
If you love to share fashion and useful products and would love some extra income and the perks that come with joining ClaudiaG you can sign up to start today. This is a unique opportunity as ClaudiaG is the only business in the direct sales industry that offers a full line of genuine leather handbags in exclusive limited editions.
Claudia Guiterrez changed her business model in 2012 from designing and selling her handbags to opening the business up to women looking to allow female enterprisers join the sales team so you can gain personal growth and financial independence.
By joining ClaudiaG you get a great support network from a tight-knit group that all are available to help each other grow. The investment up front is comparable to any direct sales brand to start your commitment and have access to great resources that will help you grow. The good news is that there are 3 kits to choose from to get you started that range from $199-$599 so you can choose the best fit for you. All you need to learn more is here: ClaudiaG Career Opportunity page.
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Simple Ways to Implement Employee Appreciation

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Sverve

Employee Appreciation
Prior to moving for my husbands work and becoming a busy SAHM with only a part time job I love, I worked full time for over 10 years in Veterinary then human medicine. When you work for a large group, especially a medical group, employe appreciation can be hard to find. In fact, the motivation and morale is lower in most medical groups then you may ever imagine. Your nurse and Doctor may walk into your room with a smile and compassionate nature and this is because they may truly be a compassionate and nurturing human being, but behind the scenes and in the politics of their workplace they get nothing in return. They have been asked to do and sometimes without a ‘Thank you”. That’s a typical life of working for a large group these days.
Simple Ways to Implement Employee Appreciation
If you are a team manager or in an upper management position of any company that employs from a hospital group to a restaurant, implementing a regular employee appreciation pattern just may change the dynamics of your workplace as soon as tomorrow or when you decide to start recognizing others.
How do you start? If you want to start tomorrow, pick up donuts on the way in to work. Grab a sharpie and write a note on the box and don’t just dump it in the break room but walk around-use your words and thank everyone-tomorrow! Start today by picking up an employee calendar. This calendar has every birthday and hiring anniversary date for every employee from veteran employees to the one that started last week. Every week, glance at it and do something on their special day for them. It can be a card and a $1 scratch ticket or a note and a piece of candy.
Tomorrow you can assign a team building leader if you have a very large group. Give her or him the calendar and the job to make sure they recognize everyone and inform you each day or week who you need to personally recognize if your job is too demanding to stay on it yourself. It can be that simple, but do something!
Improve Office Morale
If the morale is so low in your workplace, keep in mind that many may take your gesture as a selfish motive and may not feel the appreciation so you need to gather everyone and use your words-in person. For them to get a bag of candy from Suzie who says it is from you will make no effort to implement change. It is simple-be present, use your own words and let your recognition towards others match the individual’s qualities and efforts. Just as each of your own children have their own special ways- no matter what stages they are going through and how angry they make you, your children each have that one special quality. As a parent, you find those and recognize those and make them shine through those individual qualities and the same happens for your work family. You need to have that mind set and if your employees feel like family and less like your personal work horse you have them and it will begin to bring a morale much greater if they enjoy coming in and feel they can approach their management. Be THAT management and you can start tomorrow with a mini meeting!
I worked the majority of my career for a large Cardiology group within the hospitals near us. I was a surgery and procedure scheduler for 9 Cardiologists and various NP. The morale was very low that even as a person who likes to just show up, be fair to everyone and do my job it was hard to not feel the lack of happiness from so many employees. It was day to day of “make Doctors happy or else…”. The key was in the management choices. If you have the wrong manager, morale gets lost and you if choose the right manager or leader the morale is high. It can be that simple. In my old workplace, it was obvious that our leaders hated their job and that rubbed off on all of us. Take care of everyone but don’t forget your leaders!
One day we had a meeting between 3 of the offices, a small room packed with us-tired and early in the morning. We saw one of our Doctors standing there which was not typical because they rarely attended employee meetings. He was there to recognize some changes we have all had to endure with merging, etc and wanted to make sure we knew he appreciated all of us. That’s it! In the middle of his morning when they are busy with schedules full of morning heart cath or pacer implementation procedures befofre their clinic day starts up and all nighters of being on-call he made sure his schedule was open to come say thank you. It was the only and last time we got that, but to this day I remember that small gesture.
If this inspires you to make a change, then I encourage you to visit It is important that you begin to build a relationship with your employees as you would want at home or in society. Start building a relationship of trust, open communication and appreciation. Nothing but good can come from that….if it’s from the heart.
Let me know your thoughts? I’d love to hear one way you were appreciated that really stands out. Have you worked in an environment with very low or very high morale? Share with us!