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Common First Trimester Problems and How to Cope

Many first-time mothers are shocked by how difficult the first trimester can be. You know it’s going to be tough in the last few months as you get bigger and more uncomfortable. But, the baby is tiny in the first few weeks and some women don’t even realize they are pregnant, so surely there is only morning sickness to contend with?

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Unfortunately, this isn’t often the case. Many women find the first trimester the most difficult and tiring. Here are some of the most common problems you could face and some tips on how to make it through.


Morning sickness is incredibly common in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy and, unfortunately, rarely just in the morning. Women suffer all day long and because we all have different triggers it’s hard to know what will help. Some women find they are sick when they are hungry, so eating small meals regularly and carrying a healthy snack helps. But, others find the idea of food has them running for the bathroom. Some find ginger helps, but others can’t stand the smell.

The best advice is to try a few solutions to find what works for you and then stick to it. Just makes sure you keep drinking plenty so you don’t dehydrate and if your sickness is unbearable see your doctor or midwife as you may be suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum.


During the first trimester, your body is preparing to carry a baby. So, it’s changing shape. Your hips are widening, your uterus is moving and growing and your joints and ligaments are loosening up ready for delivery. Women are often caught off guard as they don’t expect such intense aches and pains so early. The best ways to deal with these aches are by getting plenty of rest, taking warm baths, and sitting down whenever you need to.


Your body is going through a lot, you are bound to be tired, but you may be surprised by just how intense the fatigue is. For many women, this fatigue eases off in the second trimester so just try to get as much rest as you can and eat energy-boosting meals and snacks.


Bleeding during early pregnancy is incredibly common and could be for a huge variety of reasons, most of which are nothing to worry about. However, knowing this won’t stop you panicking if it happens so the best thing to do is to visit your doctor or a medical center for advice and reassurance.

Mood Swings

Early pregnancy is when your hormones are changing the most. Combined with tiredness, sickness, and discomfort, this can lead to quite dramatic mood swings. The best way to cope with these is by managing your stress levels. You can do this by eating well, getting plenty of rest, doing some light exercise, doing things you find relaxing, and talking to your partner.

These issues can be especially difficult if you’ve decided not to tell anyone your good news until after the first scan so you might want to confide in someone who will be able to offer you some support, perhaps a fellow mom. It’s important to remember that your body is going through a huge change. Just because it’s not obvious yet doesn’t mean there isn’t an awful lot going on inside. So, give yourself a break. Put your feet up, relax and let someone look after you.

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How To Make Feeding Your Baby As Simple As Can Be

How To Make Feeding Your Baby As Simple As Can Be

Whether you are breast feeding or bottle feeding your baby (and many parents use a mix of both feeding methods), it is always a good idea to know a few tips and tricks to make feeding time go much more smoothly. Follow the guide below to ensure that feeding time for you goes as well as it can do, even single time. 

1. Get The Right Equipment. 

If you are bottle feeding your baby, purchasing express pumps, bottles, a good bottle warmer and sterilizing equipment, and practising using them before you use them with your little one, will ensure that feeding time goes well.

2. Stay Attuned To Your Baby’s Moods.

If your baby is feeling cranky and irritable, this is probably not the best time to teach them something new. Save those rusks or new bottles for another day and go with what has worked best in the past.

If your baby gets cranky before, during or after feeding time, remember that almost all parents have to cope with this. Don’t blame yourself, just stay calm and try one of the tips on this list (be that a change of position or a little time out) to get things running smoothly again.

3. Get The Right Position When Breastfeeding. 

When breast feeding your baby, you need to find out what works best for baby and for you. Your baby might like to be cradled in your arms as they breast feed, or they may prefer to flop on your stomach.

Using a towel and a sling will help you to angle your baby’s head more easily as they feed. Sometimes a quick shift of position is all that you need to make feeding more comfortable both for yourself and your baby. 

4. Moving on from milk? It’s time for variety!

Get your little one interested in all kinds of food from an early age, and particularly in healthy foods such as fruit and veg. Bright colors, a wide variety of different foods from day to day and lots of easy to consume textures early on will all make transitioning from milk to solid food much more fun and enjoyable for both of you.

Make mealtimes a big event, with your baby’s own plastic spoon, bowl and covered plastic drinker so that it becomes something that they get excited about! Let them pick out a cute bib to wear too. Encourage them to experiment and to discover new foods for themselves, so that they can tell you what it is that they like best!

5. Be Aware Of Allergies. 

Some babies should not eat certain foods due to allergies. And, if you are breastfeeding, it it crucial to cut those foods out of your own diet, too.

How do you tell if your baby has an allergy? Seek out your doctor and ask them to run a few tests and to explain common allergy symptoms to you. Dairy allergies can manifest themselves in the form of a red rash, for example, though this is not the only symptom.

6. Don’t Give Up.

It can be easy to feel frustrated if your baby is not latching on to your breast when you are breast feeding them, or refusing point blank to eat carrots today when they were eating them with gusto yesterday. Frustration can be your enemy if you want to make eating fun and feeding your baby relaxing and enjoyable for you. After all, feeding your little one ought to be one of the most powerful bonding experiences that you two share together. 

So, have some tactics ready to hand that you can use to calm yourself down when you are feeling stressed and frustrated. This might involve taking time out to grab a quick sip of water, or getting a back massage from your partner. It might involve counting down slowly in your head or putting on a favorite song. Find what works for you to ease any tension and create a calm environment for you and your baby to enjoy.

Follow these great tips and you will find that feeding your baby is so much easier. The result? One happy baby!

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Crystal is the founder of MakeYourBabyLaugh. She wrote the blog to help parents who are struggling to raise their children. She hopes that her experiences in child-rearing can inspire and help parents overcome their parenting struggles

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Save on Diapers with these 2 LUVS coupons

This review was made possible by iConnect and Luvs.  I was provided compensation to facilitate this post, but all opinions stated are 100% mine.

Save on Diapers with these 2 LUVS coupons

What is your diaper brand of choice? When my son was in the diaper stage it was LUVS. I am not just saying that because I am partnered with LUVS for this feature. Instead, I chose to partner with LUVS because I really mean it when I say they were the only diaper I used. The value was fantastic, rarely did I have rash issues and leaks.

What LUVS didn’t have back then was the NightLock Plus feature. This larger absorbency area locks away wetness and absorb even more than regular Luvs. That means they are even better then I remember!

Ready to save!

You need to get to the store fast, but FIRST!You will need these coupons of $2 off of a box of diapers and there are 2 ways to get your coupon! First, check this Sunday’s paper! On May 28th there will be a $2 LUVS coupon you can cut.

Don’t get the Sunday paper or don’t want to wait until May 28 to save? From May 24-27, you can print a $2 coupon to use. On May 28th, this printable coupon will go back to a $1 savings. allows you to print 2 coupons at a time so you can stock up!

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Safe Cleaning For Home and Family with Dapple

Thank you Dapple for partnering with us on this feature. Opinions are my own

Safe Cleaning For Home and Family

 When you become first time parents you quickly realize how much cleaning is involved with having a baby. Then they become toddlers and the cleaning of nursery, high chairs and bottles give way to sippy cups, fingers and plastic plates. When using soaps with synthetic ingredients you get residue and lingering odors after some time, especially in the cracks of those bottles and sippy cup parts. Dapple has your plant-based and baby-friendly solution for a better cleaner.

dish dapple

When it comes to standing at the kitchen sink which you will do a lot…like all of the time, you need a bottle and dish soap that is safe and effective. Having it smell good is a bonus too. Dapple has some new Bottle & Dish soaps. They now have a foam soap option and new scents for their dish soap such as grapefruit, tangerine and pomegranate. I use it to even scrub my pots and pans and it is effective on any mess. I love how sudsy it gets while cleaning.

Dapple wipes

Even at 8, you are still dealing with sticky fingers like my son after his popsicles. At the older age you tend to not have to be on top of them at all times. However, there are times like I have where they are playing away on the computer keyboard and you look down at the sticky mess of fingers they have! Time to break out the Dapple Pure N’ Clean Everything Wipes.

laundry dapple

Have you ever had baby in one hand and tried stuffing a washer and dryer and pour laundry soap to add? How does that work out for you? With Dapple, you grab a strip. That’s it. They have baby-safe laundry detergent strips you toss in the wash and it is hypoallergenic and free of the SLS, Parabens and formaldehyde you can find in some commercial products. You’ll only pay under .50 cents a load too!

safe cleaning

Dapple was created by Mom’s who wanted the best for their own babies while scrubbing bottles and cups and maintaining the rest of the household chores. Like us, they are not fans of odor and residues left behind on our everyday baby products. I found Dapple on Amazon and you can see their locator on the website for other retailers to buy from. Visit Dapple to see the entire line of products.


HelpMommy Subscription and Baby Medical Kit Giveaway

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Choosing the Best Natural Baby Wipes

I was sent product used in this feature

Choosing the Best Natural Baby Wipes

Oh, baby! What are you wiping me with? Methylisothiazolinone (how do you pronounce that)? Maybe the wipes contain parabens and or Tricolsan. None of these are really meant for a baby’s sensitive skin. These are all preservatives, hormone disruptors and even CAUSE dermatitis. You had no idea what was actually in wipes? Neither did I until I saw more and more brands offering natural, safer wipes and wondered why I need these. What do they mean by ‘safer’? What is unsafe about my commercial wipes in those adorable ads? Lots! So, I wrote this post for choosing the best natural baby wipes.

about bloom baby

Natural wipes contain pure water and have natural lotions derived from actual plants. It is a combination of nature and responsible science. It is about making sure baby’s sensitive skin gets clean with no harsh residues.

BLOOM baby natural Wipes

I am a fan of bloom BABY. One of the baby wipe brands that want you to have access to safe yet affordable wipes. These wipes are naturally scented with no added fragrances. They can be used on the most sensitive of skin. They are enriched with (plant-derived) Vitamins such as A, B-Complex, D, Omega -3 and -6. It naturally gives the skin back what it needs after wetness has compromised that area.

jumbo wipes

Natural baby wipes features:

  • Natural Ingredients in pure water
  • Safe for Rash- & Eczema-Prone Skin
  • Sensitive Moisturizing Lotion from natural source
  • Enriched with Plant-Derived Vitamins
  • Hypoallergenic and produced in an FDA facility free of nuts, gluten and wheat processing

Natural Wipes

Where can you find the bloom BABY wipes? Amazon is a good source. You can also visit bloom BABY’s store locator. I see that my local Target also carries these.