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Squiggles are products to entertain your kids while traveling

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‘Tis the season for car rides, plane rides, campground evenings..with bored kids! We try and occupy them with tablets, games on phones and even portable video players and yet they still find a way to get bored from those. Besides, we don’t want them staring at a screen for hours at a time! We want activities, but what activities can we give our children that are mess-free and not full of pieces that will drop between car seats or fall in the grass at a campsite and lost forever? RandomLine has us covered! With several options of travel activities and some as low as $5, we can give our children a new kind of activity with a variety of choices that will entertain them without having their eyes on a screen!
What is Squiggle On-The-Go?
We were sent the SQUIGGLES On-The-Go activity pad for review. This is fun and yes-the pencil fits in its own spot so it does not constantly float around a car or airplane when you may have this out. The wheel up top has barnyard animals in this version. The pads each have a unique squiggle to give your child a starting point for their creativity.
  • Spin the wheel
  • Grab your pencil
  • Draw the animal you land on using the squiggle as a starting point
  • Watch the creativity flow
My son was 5 and I was concerned he would get overwhelmed having the squiggle there, but he was actually intrigued by it. In a matter of moments, he had ‘squiggled’ several barnyard animals and was anxious to have me join in. Easy to use-easy to understand as a young child.
Anthony demonstrates below the Squiggle On-The-Go in use…

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Other products from RandomLine
From SQUIGGLES On-The-Go, Spin & Seek, 20 questions, On-The-Move, Mix Up, Sports, Princess and so many more choices, your child will never have to suffer the headaches and lazy eyes staring at a screen for constant entertainment again. They will have a blast and use those creative minds for hours of fun at prices that cannot be beat! There are doodle pads, wipe-off pads, games & more.
Do you have travel plans this year?
Do you have relatives coming to you that could use some SQUIGGLES sent to them for their trip?
What a fun way to show your grandkids you are excited to see them on their trip to you this season by sending some SQUIGGLES in advance!
Find all these products and more at
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11 thoughts on “Squiggles are products to entertain your kids while traveling”

  1. My nephew loves the line of books from The Wimpy Kid and those keep him entertained for some time, this looks like something similar. How awesome!

    Thansk for sharing.

  2. This sounds like a great way to get your child's imagination flowing while helping with drawing and possibly even dexterity!

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