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Spare One Emergency Phone Hurricane Relief: How You Can Help!

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I previously wrote up a review on a great Emergency Preparedness product by Spare One. These Emergency Phones work when traditional cell phones fail in a disaster. It can automatically connect you to emergency services with the press of one button. It runs off 1 AA battery and comes in a waterproof pouch. Right now Spare One is offering a generous discount for you to be prepared by purchasing the Spare One Emergency Phone and they will match any purchases by sending a phone to our Heartland for relief.

Go to  to read more and participate in the LIVEPREPARED Buy One, Give One event!

Read my Spare One Emergency Phone Review.

Use code BUYGIVE03 at checkout and you get:

  1. $20 savings off your phone
  2. A second phone will be sent to relief efforts for the citizens affected by the recent hurricanes
  3. You get prepared!

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