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See what I was sent form #DisneySide

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I am a #DisneySide Blogger. The content shown in the video was sent to me for an event I have committed to for Disney. 

My #DisneySide campaign starts now. The box came and my son & I tore into it! Enjoy post #1 of my DisneySideCelebrations.com!
Oh and in case you missed it in the video…my son loves the color red! LOL!

Are you a #DisneySide Blogger? If so, introduce yourself below and I will follow you back!
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In case you missed it last night: The official @DisneyMaleficent Trailer

12 thoughts on “See what I was sent form #DisneySide”

  1. Wow – would I have loved to have gotten in on this program!!! We are huge Disney fans. We used to live 45 minuets from the entrance to Disney World, and I've lost cont of the number of times that we visited the parks with school groups that performed there and for field trips. Enjoyed watching your son's great reactions!

  2. Looks like you got lost of goodies. Wish I were a #DisneySide Blogger. Will just have to keep up with you to see what I've missed out on :). Congrats and have fun!

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