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School Lunch Goodness – Sneaking In the Good Stuff

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Partnering with Sneaky Chef for feature

I have never been one to use the phrase “Fake out the kids” or “Let’s sneak healthy foods..”. I want to educate my kids and make them feel proud for making healthy choices. However, when an ad comes on TV for gooey chocolate spreads and fun pastas it’s hard to compete. This is where I go ahead and serve them gooey goodness ONLY they get it in a way that includes more real ingredients and less artificial ingredients. Sneaky Chef offer such choices.

Dessert doesn’t have to be a bowl of ice cream or fruit topped with HFCS and artificial sweeteners. Sneaky Chef has choices like this caramel apple sauce that is all natural and actually contains carrots, beets and sweet potatoes and my son had no idea. When I served it to him and informed of of this he didn’t flinch. He said it was good and he would never have known.

On top of Sneaky Chef products like No Nut Butters, sauces and fruit spreads being all natural without HFCS or artificial ingredients they are also peanut and tree-nut free. They use ingredients like yellow peas for their butters and all products are also gluten free. This makes the brand a great choice for allergy families.

So stock up this summer so you are school lunch ready. Give them fruit and yummy chocolate or caramel spreads and feel good about doing so. See all of the products offered and where you can find them near you at Sneaky Chef.

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