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Raising a Giant: A Letter to my Boys about Bullying #GreenGiant

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Green Giant is fighting Bullies! Their Raise a Giant Campaign aims to encourage parents to talk to their children about bullying and the effects it has on those being bullied. Read. Write. Share. I know my son’s elementary school has talks in each class and campaigns to bring awareness about bullying and many schools do this at the beginning of the year. What a great time to share this video below with your child and write them a letter to pair with what is, hopefully, being discussed in the classroom.

To T & A

I write to you on behalf of Dad and I and for ‘T’-on behalf of your 4 parents. 
‘A’, you are only in Kindergarten and I hope you have not witnessed bullies too much as of yet. Unfortuneatly, you will see bullying in school. The greatest disappointment I can have as Mom is to ever find out you are the Bully. I tell you all the time that no one wants to be friends with a Bully. What have I told you to do if you ever see a kid at school being mean to another kid? That’s right- “Hey-you need to STOP that”! That is exactly what to do and if you don’t want to believe Mommy, then this video we watched tells you the same thing. No one has friends by being mean. Some kids you think are your friends may be mean to you at times but maybe that is because they are just angry at something else or are in a bad mood. Never let what someone says to you hurt you-always just smile and forget about it. Always forgive kids that are mean to you, but only forgive them once. If they continue to be mean you need to talk to them or me or teacher. Never let someone touch you meanly or hurt you! If that happens-fight back but only with your words! Never be afraid to defend yourself and always pay attention to others and their feelings. You are a sweet boy and everyone loves you and that is because you have a caring heart and want to be everyones friend. Always be everyone’s friend even if they don’t want to be yours. That is not Mommy’s rule-that is Jesus’ rule!

‘T’ I don’t think I have to tell you not to Bully. You are very opinionated and that will benefit you hugely in life once you grow to fine tune that attitude and not use it the wrong way. I have seen you spend hours on the phone helping a friend sort through dramas and are quick to ask questions and demand answer when things do not feel right. Intuition! Intuition and assertiveness creates success. Ignorance and disgrace creates failure. Keep you eyes and ears open to other’s and never think you will disappoint us by defending yourself in any combative situation. Whether it is work, school, home or a social atmosphere you are what you portray in every moment. True character shows in times of stress and times of sorrow. You have the ability to accept the things that may not satisfy you without blaming others and an amazing ability to control your emotions. At your age, bullying comes from those who are unhappy, ignorant an unsatisfied. Pray for those peers-they are the ones truly in need of help. Stand up vocally and if that creates friction, continue the fight. As long as your fight is for good, as long as there are no selfish motives behind any fight you may instigate to support a friend then the fight is worthy. Never defy common sense in any situation. Stay a friend to everyone and you will be just fine from here on forward. Those that disrespect you are at a huge disadvantage already for they have not learned the value of a true friend. Many will never learn that value. That is out of your control. My advise: live life in a way that “To the world you may just be one person, but to one person you may be the world” 

….as published at the Green Giant Raise a Giant Letters
Head over to Raise A Giant and write your own letter to your child or children
Disclaimer: I was provided a Gift Card to donate as well as received a donation in my name made to Anti-Bullying Campaign courtesy of Green Giant and My Blog Spark

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