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Q Drink Healthy: All Natural Energy Packets

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I have partnered with Q Energy for this feature


Q Drink Healthy: All Natural Energy Packets

Q Drink Healthy: All NaturalEnergy

Energy. Health. Performance. Those 3 words sum up everything you get in a Q Drink Healthy Energy that is all natural and costs just under $1.50 a drink for monthly orders. Think about those $2-$3 cans of sugar “energy” you see in the store. You can call those sugar or chemical energy boosts that will end in a crash. By no means is it a natural energy boost. Q Energy is a packet you empty into about 24 oz. of water.


The energy in these drinks is naturally derived and it works on a cellular level. There are 4 sources of energy in 1 packet. Quercetin comes from fruits and veggies and is responsible for increasing mitochondria in the body’s cells. The more mitochondria, the better your body converts calories into energy. What?! It adds very little calories and then takes the calories we already have and helps convert them into energy for us? Genius!

You also get B Vitamins for immunity and burning those carbs. You get Rhodiola and Ginseng that we all know helps us fight fatigue.


What exactly does it mean to call a drink healthy? To me, I look at healthy in that it adds support to my body function and immune system. Maybe you define healthy foods and drinks differently but Q Energy does support your body in a few ways. On top of increased energy, you get anti-inflammatory benefits and support for allergies and sore muscles because of the Quercetin. It also has the benefit of immune support along with the B Vitamins working to keep you healthy. Now you add in healthy herbal extracts, daily vitamins and you have more than just an energy drink.


If you are athletic or a runner and you are looking for a drink that helps with stamina and performance then again, the Quercetin with Q Energy is also known to increase VO2 Max Levels. This mean you have increased Oxygen you can use. You also get a good amount of electrolytes that is so important when we are using energy. Q Energy is truly a health drink and to replace it with the sugar cans is an all around healthier choice for your busy body. You can find at some retailers as well as online at the Q Energy shop. If you opt for monthly deliveries there is a great savings for you.

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