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Parenting Thursday: Teaching your kids to be eco-friendly #WexyReview

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I have a 5 year old son and I am a mom who cares about the environment. We are a family on-the-go and I am constantly grabbing baggies and storage bags for random needs. My son is also adapted to grabbing baggies from the kitchen drawer to hold Legos in the car or save candy from a parade. When I received my sample of Wexy bags he thought these were so cool! He asked why they look like our ziplock bags we use, but have pictures on them. I said because these are eco-friendly bags that are good for the environment. “What?” he says. So I just simply read him the back of the box. It tells the story about the creator’s son who had allergies and all things are made for us to use and many times yucky chemicals are needed to make things like these bags. These chemicals get on foods and make certain people sick sometimes. I reminded him of his schoolmate that has severe peanut allergies as I had the allergy discussion at the start of the year when he wanted to bring a peanut butter granola bar for snack and I could not let him for his friend’s sake. So I related kids with allergies to the Earth and how the Earth has allergies. It cannot process certain items like plastics unless it is made with certain ingredients. He began to relate this.

I thought “Wow! How some storage bags helped my son learn a bit about being aware of what a product is made from so that our Earth doesn’t get sick.” Biodegradable means safe for the Earth, I told him. When something is safe for our Earth, it is able to be thrown away and dissolves. Things that don’t dissolve stay around forever and ever and it is just a big pile of garbage we can’t get rid of. At 5 he was understanding this. The Earth has allergies like his school friend does! These new bags have no chemicals that make the Earth sick and they will disappear fast and not stay around with garbage forever. The Earth likes that! And Wexy bags made that analogy possible for him.

About Wexy Bags
  • BPA Free
  • Biodegradable
  • Disposable, Recyclable, Reusable
  • Help a picky eater have fun with the snacks you provide in the bags
  • Packaged in 100% recyclable material
To learn more, visit or visit their Amazon link below.

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