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Odds Are Somebody You Know Needs Your Help #Domestic Violence

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It is always hard for me to share these-but I saw this and had to! How could I not share?

This song and slideshow speaks the truth. You can see it in their eyes. Those were my eyes once and situations may change, but the horrible memories never go away…

You talk to your kids about drugs, sex and school-Have you talked to them about Domestic Violence? Odds are someone you & your kids know needs your help…
If you ever suspect anyone may need your help, speak up! Don’t turn your back. I remember all those that turned their backs on me. I can’t ever forget that. And I hold very close those who did and still do remind me they care… 

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5 thoughts on “Odds Are Somebody You Know Needs Your Help #Domestic Violence”

  1. It is sad that people turn their heads. Thank you for sharing to bring awareness to such a terrible crime. Hopefully your sharing will help someone else.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. Hopefully this will help those who feel helpless and alone in a situation like this.

  3. The video certainly does the job getting the message out. Powerful. It is a discussion that parents need to have with their children. Thanks for sharing this.

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