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Nomad Cell Phone Accessories for Father’s Day

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I have partnered with Nomad and samples were sent for feature

Nomad Cell Phone Accessories for Father's Day

Dad’s are always at the back burner it seems. They are no less important than Mom, but tell that to a young child! I have had a lot of gifts float through here and none have hardly turned my husband’s head like the Nomad products that arrived.

My husband loves quality and never settles for less than what has the best reviews or what will be the most durable when it comes to anything he buys from tools, accessories and even cars. That’s why Nomad is one I am excited to share in my Father’s Day Gift Guide.

Right away you feel the quality! Not just in the packaging but the leather in the cases and even the wireless charger stand is wrapped in premium leather! Below is the inside of the phone cases..a note that says the leather is genuine. The outer color was slightly darker than the image on the box and it will age but I love the color once I opened it up.

I really thought my husband would not care much for the Leather Folio but once he felt it, he immediately put his phone in and added some of his most used cards and even can put cash in a slit and he has been using it everyday since! He loves how it feels and also that he doesn’t need to carry his bulky wallet everywhere. It is minimally treated, vegetable-tanned leather from one of America’s oldest tanneries.

Nomad’s new Wireless Travel Stand works fantastic! We have gone through several stands that just don’t charge fast or even fully. This one charges fast! I’d love to show you an original photo, but I went to grab it and my husband told me he had to take it to Alaska with him for the week for work. He was eager to take this with him and use in his hotel for the week with his iPhone 8. It is a classy-looking stand just like the cases!

I can’t recommend Nomad enough for a genuine, classy and quality accessories for Dad’s cell phone! You (and he) will not be disappointed! Visit HelloNomad.com to see all of the available products.

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25 thoughts on “Nomad Cell Phone Accessories for Father’s Day”

  1. This seems like it would make a really good father’s day gift. It seems like it’s good quality and looks very sleek. I’ll have to look into this brand a little more.

  2. This is such a nice gift for father’s day and I like how durable it does look, my hubbys phone is curved so I wish they had some for curved phones.

  3. I love how manly these are. My husband would love some of these phone accessories for Father’s Day!

  4. Now those are some nice cell phone cases – they really would make a lovely idea for Father’s Day! I keep forgetting that is coming up so quickly on us.

  5. these accessories for your phone are so cool. these would be great for fathers day or for someone’s birthday.

  6. What an amazing find! Especially that Father’s Day is fast approaching. This is surely something I would share to friends!

  7. This is a great idea for a Father’s Day present! I have been racking my brain trying to figure out what to buy this year!

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