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Marriage After Children Can Still Be Passionate

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I was recently asked to review a site called Passion & Pleasure and as sceptical as I was of the title, I decided to research it due to it’s focus on rekindling marriage passion. I was happy to follow through on the site review because what I discovered was this was a self-help site, not a distasteful “Adult” site. I am a family-friendly Blog and with that comes the fact that the heart of family is Mom & Dad! We are the foundation for the entire family. Sure your kids mean the world to you and the day you welcome your first child is a day you realize you can love more than you ever thought you could! But if Mommy & Daddy are broken then the foundation rattles and before you know it, they are now a part of your drama and problems. This is no disrespect whatsoever on divorcees, my husband is divorced himself and although we have or differences with my stepsons Mom and her household, we all remember to stop and come back to civil for the boys.

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Let’s face it, no matter how private you are we all know that to lose the passion is to lose that connection. The good thing is that rekindling your marital passion is very possible. It starts with discussions together as a couple, respect and a will to change. Personally, I am very proud that my husband takes me as seriously as I take him. Not that we don’t ever disagree or bicker, but the extent of your disagreements are stating our concerns, finding a solution then making up. We always make up!!

So if life seems to have gotten away from you, you find yourself bickering constantly and you are spinning in circles unable to connect anymore, then you are like most of us. Finding a site like Passion & Pleasure to remind us the importance and bring education to finding that passion again and a night alone with a glass of wine to make a plan is a great start. Personally, I would advise conversation #1 to be to plan date nights! Have kids and no sitter? Budget to find one, kid swap with friends or locate a gym or facility offering drop off care and make a date and do it often. On a budget? One of my husband and I’s favorite date night is kids gone, bring a cooler to the bed to keep some drinks chilled, rent movies and stay in bed all day and night if you can have kids away overnight. Rules: No electronics (except 1 phone only to accept any emergency calls), no getting up except to get a meal to bring back to bed or go to the bathroom and the only light is candles and movies! It is not just a start, but gives you both something between the 2 of you-no kids- to look forward to. Respect each other, always leave the house and return home with a kiss and date then everything else can start to fall into place!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was compensated by the above sponsor, however all opinions remain 100% my own

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10 thoughts on “Marriage After Children Can Still Be Passionate”

  1. This is a tough topic. Many people feel like they are in someway letting their spouse down when really the love is still there! Thanks for talking about such an important topic. if More people dealt with this instead of giving up, divorce would be in half!

  2. As bloggers, I think we all get easily drawn into our writing and other things fall to the wayside. I have a sticker on my computer that reminds me to STOP, SMILE and HUG my loved ones. It's a simple trick but it works.

    We are working like crazy for a reason, for our families. Don't lose them along the way. Great topic and insights, thanks.

  3. Thanks for sharing with us. Last time hubby and i went to the cinema together were my youngest son was born. We could go because my mom was here to visit and that was 2 years ago.

  4. We haven't had a date night in such a long time. It is definitely difficult. Oh! An overnight thing would be sooooo fantastic! Lovely lovely lovely post!

  5. I saw the same site, and thought the same thing you did! Once I investigated more thoroughly and saw what it was about, I was quite intrigued! It really does sound like a great program for those that need a bit if marriage help. Thanks for sharing!

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