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Good Snacks Choice – Loacker Better-For-You Snack Brand

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Good Snacks Choice – Loacker Better-For-You Snack Brand

2 weeks ago I decided to join my husband in his attempt to change his diet. He is doing a low carb, no red meat diet. That means no breads, pastas, beef and snacks. Only approved healthy snacks for small cravings. This is hard so it was easier for me to just join him so I’m not cooking separate meals. With my son I just add biscuits or extra servings for his younger body that needs the calories. My husband does not eat sweets but I do crave them at times. This is why I approved Loacker as a better snack choice.

chocolate treat

Loacker offers everything I want and none of the snack no-no’s I am avoiding. When choosing to snack healthier, Loacker reminds us to avoid preservatives, hydrogenated fats and GMO’s. Loacker sources all ingredients directly from the Italian Alps since 1925.

gourmet wafer

From special varieties like the Gran Pasticceria varieties to Espresso bite-size wafers you can feel good about killing that sweets craving you have with a a handful of these.


The wafer and wafer mini varieties are the flavor you love-vanilla, chocolate and hazelnut-some even coated in white chocolate. The pure goodness of Loacker products are available at Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Target and other premium grocers nationwide.

Good Snacks Choice – Loacker Better-For-You Snack Brand Hazelnut

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