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Keep track of all the Black Friday Sales and Find&Save

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As Find&Save concludes the results of their Black Friday shopping survey, they want to remind you to keep them in mind for your Black Friday sales announcements and planning needs. Not only will you find sale announcements, but you see what stores are nearest you and the deals for your exact area all in one place.

The survey finds that the majority of shoppers will complete the majority of their Holiday shopping on Black Friday. It also states that 67% of shoppers will map out their Black friday shopping day and those maps will change each year depending on the sales. I will have to agree. I used to think much more that that would map their day, but as I began shopping Black Friday with family & friends, they began relying on me. I noticed, they just knew stores had items they wanted with no concept of paying attention t additional savings or when sales end. I have a piece of paper for EACH store. I list items by time frames as sales start and end at each store THEN go back and determine where I will start depending on items I want and feel may sell out fast.

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4 thoughts on “Keep track of all the Black Friday Sales and Find&Save”

  1. I am definitely taking more advantage of the Cyber Monday sales, and for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday…I am going to do more research than I have in past years.

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