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I finally found a hair collection that works for me! NAAT Garlic Magic #Review

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NAAT Garlic Magic

I was asked to review the new hair collection from nuNAAT called Garlic Magic. I have very thin hair that falls out easily. I am a healthy 30-something and really have no reason for the amount of hair loss i have, but I have always battled it. I tend to reach for all the products that say volumizing because my hair is so thin and as I as reading about the NAAT Garlic Magic collection when deciding if this was a review I was interested in I realized that I am treating my hair for the symptoms and not the root cause (pardon the pun)! My hair is thin because it doesn’t like to stay in my head! It is not strong and I need to focus on treating that issue. Once I do, my hair can feel fuller, right? I was skeptical, but it arrived a few weeks ago and since using it I hardly lose hair! I am so serious about that! It was gradual, but I am at the point where I really notice a difference now.

If you have weak or slow-to-grow hair, then this collection was formulated for you! If you have thin hair that is weak, you understand my frustrations and this product is so inexpensive and worked for me! I’d love to know that my recommendation will also help you finally have a product that brings your hair back to a healthier and stronger state. My hair is stronger, holds a curl better and has a shine like it has never had that lasts. 
The Garlic Magic Formula
  • Garlic extract ingredient cleansed the scalp of impurities & strengthen hair follicles to promote growth
  • Prevents dandruff and excessive oiliness
  • Fights hair loss
  • Restores hair to a strong, healthier state
  • Fresh scent
  • For all types-ideally weak and hard-to-grow hair
  • Collection includes: Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Mask and Extra Force styling creme (a leave-in conditioner)
To learn more, visit

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2 thoughts on “I finally found a hair collection that works for me! NAAT Garlic Magic #Review”

  1. I have super fine hair, but a lot of it. One a month my hair decides that it don't want to stay in my scalp lol. This would be something that I would invest my money in! Thank Erinn!

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