My Home Office Makeover and New Decor

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My Home Office Makeover and New Decor

We will be house hunting in the next several weeks and a separate office is on my must-have list. Right now it is in my family room so as clean and organized as I keep my family room, my chaotic office makes for an eye sore. I had no real organization system so I was constantly cleaning and in no time looked like it does below in my before photo. So I gathered my favorite items, shopped Amazon, Kohls and Magnolia Store for a mini office makeover. Here is the end result….

Home office makeover-before

It was that empty space on the floor that needed the most help so I searched high and low for a matching table and found one at Kohl’s. Now my printer would have a new space instead of taking up room on my desk.

home office b4

Because I an an HP Mom Blogger, I am very familiar with the advantages of having and HP Envy printer. Because I have a new printer table it was time for a new Envy. My old one will go to our son in college who will need one next year when he switches rooms and I get the HP Envy 7640. It prints, faxes, scans and copies all in photo quality print.

HP Printer-new office

I am not saying I love HP Envy just because I am an ambassador. I would say I am an ambassador because I love the Instant Ink program with my HP printers. The HP Envy’s allow for this service. I do not print too often so I am on the $2.99/month plan.

My HP Instant Ink account is connected to my printer and it knows when I am getting low on ink and automatically mails me more. I never run out, never have that sudden $40 ink run to the store. I pay $3 a month and that’s it. There are plans for those that print more but it all saves you tremendously on ink at the retail stores. That is why I will sign our College student up next fall for his printing needs.

HP Envy-office makeover

My newest decor piece is my AmbrosiaScents canister. I simply put in a scented sachet or add my own essential oils to one and turn it on. I get light, music and fragrance. Doesn’t it look pretty?

AmbrosiaScents - office makeover

With myself, the boys and my husband constantly needing devices charged this myCharge HUBXtra portable charger is my office away from home. I keep it charged and when I pack my laptop, planner and tablets this comes with so I have charge wherever I go with lightning or micro-usb charging cords.

charge - office makeover

I also love my new desk lighting. I found this at Amazon. It is the LEDMO Dimmable LED desk lamp with temperature, clock and date feature and a mode to change the intensity of the light with a tab of the base.

 LED Light - office Makeover

This was my splurge. I love Fixer Upper as I am an HDTV fanatic. The Magnolia Market Online Store is my favorite online store and I chose this wood calendar and the tin can for a pen holder and tray for loose papers.

I also have a NixPlay I have had for a while with photos that are in slideshow mode.

office decor - office makeover

I also chose this sign from the Magnolia Market. It is simple and has a great office message. When we move I will rehange without nails so it has no tacks showing.

sign - office makeover

And there you have my new space.

office makeover-after

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