Holiday Gift Guide 2013, Ultimate Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide 2013

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Tis the Season!
3SonsHaveI will be featuring the 2013 Holiday Gift Guide!
Do you have a product or topic you would like promoted during the Holiday Season? Below are all the details for you including links to the Ultimate Gift Guide detail page that I am also a part of for the Holidays.
The 2013 Holiday Gift Guide has the following Opportunities for you:
  1. Review/Giveaway: This is in exchange for a product sent to me to review and write a post. If you would like to also offer my readers a Giveaway let me know. I run all of my giveaways on the Rafflecopter platform
  2. Sponsored Posts: This is a post I will write up in exchange for a fee. I put great detail into these posts which include link backs as well as Photos and videos can be included as well which are done as You Tube links.
  3. Banner Advertising: Can include your banner in my side bar or header throughout the event and within relevant posts
Please contact Erinn at for details regarding the above opportunities
3SonsHaveI is also a part of the Make Our Own Network Blogger Team. This year we will be hosting The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide as well. If you want more information about the Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide in our Network group, please contact (BE SURE TO SAY ‘Erinn Sluka’ SENT YOU SO I AM LINKED BACK TO YOUR INFORMATION FOR FUTURE POSTS!)

See some sponsors that I have teamed up with already:

Thank you and enjoy the upcoming Holiday Season of 2013!

Bloggers: Join our Ultimate Gift Guide Event

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  1. What do you consider educational? I created a beach inspired tic toe game (it's the same tic tac toe, just looks nice on a coffee table). Is that educational enough?

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