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Ground Beef Still Available with Zaycon Foods & Recipe

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As a Blogger for Zaycon Foods, I can say that I do not do sponsorships with many food companies. There is so much to know and so many labels are deceptively allowed on packaging and I would only make sure I represent a food product that brings both real ingredients and value. This is why I choose to promote Zaycon Foods to my readers. In my earlier post: Fresh Cooking with Zaycon Chicken (recipe), I spoke about who Zaycon Foods is and about the process of ordering meats, dairy and vegetables from them. You may hear of people who purchase a whole cow or pig so that they get the best value and quality of meat. We used to do this-we would go halves with friends on an entire cow and have a freezer full of ground beef, roasts and steaks so much cheaper than in the stores and it was a grain fed cow so the meats were lean and natural. Zaycon, is the same concept in that you buy meat in bulk right off the farm and it is cheaper by the pound per quality because you cut out the retailer.
Ground Beef & Ham deliveries are on their way to your area and the ground beef is limited. I have the Ham as well and it is the best pre-cooked ham ever and so lean! I have attached photos so you can see exactly what you will get off the truck when you pick up your meats. Below is my latest supply I was given-the 10lb ground beef ( a lot comes with 4 of these rolls) and the ham. In the recipe below, I need to mention that my ground beef needed no draining! That is some lean meat!
Zaycon Ground Beef 10lb roll
Zaycon Ham-sliced into lunch meat
Zaycon Ground Beef recipe for you!
Hurry to see what is available for delivery in your area and SAVE on quality Zaycon Foods
The Hams make excellent Holiday gifts! think-‘Costco Christmas Hams’ but a premium version of the same meat! 
Head to to learn more and see pricing & schedules!
I am a Zaycon ambassador. I was provided the above product. All opinions are 100% my own.

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7 thoughts on “Ground Beef Still Available with Zaycon Foods & Recipe”

  1. Not 30 minutes ago I said to my son, "What's something easy I could make for dinner?" I rattled off all the stuff we'd had this week and my mind was blank. I think I've found my recipe. 🙂

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