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Fresh cooking with Zaycon Chicken: Chicken Wrap Recipe

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I was privileged enough to try an awesome bulk of Zaycon chicken for review. I since then have acquired some Zaycon Ham, milk and ground beef as well-those reviews are coming soon! Ordering was easy-go online and select location. Choose dates you are available for pick up and the package you wish to order depending on what is available as their products sell out fast! Mark your calendar and they will email you reminders as well which helps me out a ton! Drive to your pick up spot and stay in your car while you hand over your receipt you printed out. You stay in your car-they will load it for you! It is that easy! You now have a huge amount of all-natural product you can feel safe about serving for your family. I had already stocked up on freezer bags so I can divide up my bulk and headed home. Their chicken breasts come as 2 butterfly (connected) breasts that are huge! I zip locked 20 gallon-sized baggies of 2 large breasts each and this was only a $76 bulk package of breasts! In my opinion, it is the best value for quality, local product that you could never find in a grocery store! And before I forget to mention-their meats and poultry are very lean and just taste amazingly fresh!

 Zaycon Chicken Wraps

2 cooked Zaycon chicken breasts (or use leftovers)

6 flour tortillas
Tomato or Cucumber (optional)
shredded cheese (any variety-I used mozzarella)
Ranch Dressing

It’s as easy as a wrap can be made. Warm tortillas in the microwave covered in a towel for 30-40 seconds. You want them just softened enough to fold, but not hot. Add desired amounts of chicken, vegies, cheese and lettuce and drizzle with ranch dressing. I served mine with a salad and the boys loved them! Quick and easy leftover dinner or lunch idea that is as healthy as you want to make it!

About Zaycon Foods
  • Bulk prices due to sales by communication, not retail styles
  • Pre-select what you want to order from an event
  • Meats and dairy go from Farm-to refrigerated truck-to your car-meats are typically about 1 day old when you get them!
  • Meats, Dairy, Fish and fruits available for purchase in bulk
  • Meat is all-natural from local farmers
  • Based in Spokane, Wa
To learn more and find an event near you, visit
Disclaimer: I was provided 40# of Zaycon chicken for review. All opinions are 100% my own!

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1 thought on “Fresh cooking with Zaycon Chicken: Chicken Wrap Recipe”

  1. This looks so delicious and I'm always looking at what I can do with chicken for my family to eat or to use leftover in and this looks perfect. The ranch dressing osunded really great to use with it too kids love it.

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