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Educational Insights’ First Collectible Product: Playfoam Pals Series 1

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I have partnered with Educational Insights for this feature. Any thoughts are my own

Educational Insights’ First Collectible Product_ Playfoam Pals Series 1

Playfoam! We know it as a hot product for kids. It is mess-free, non-toxic and never dries out. You can buy it in small quantities or larger bucket styles. Collect the colors and create play spaces that open the imagination wide open and there is no mess to clean up. They can leave it out because it will be just as pliable when they come back to it. Educational Insights just stepped your Playfoam up a level by adding a surprise toy inside.

foam blind pals

Right now Series 1 Playfoam Pals is available and in this series the toy surprise are wild animals from around the world. Not only can they use the foam inside but with a blind box style, they can collect all 12 wild animals (their Playfoam Pal).

foam toy

They do not know which animal is inside until they open it up and tear open the pouch. As they collect the pals they can switch heads to make fun hybrid animals. Plus they get more Playfoam with each piece to add to their creation they are building. These are the types of learning toys you will find at Educational Insights.

Foam Pals

We were so excited to see the sloth! OK…I was excited because sloths are my favorite animal. The 12 wild animals are so adorable and on the insert are animal facts! One of our animal facts were: A lion’s roar is so loud it can be heard up to 5 miles away. 

educational insights

Anthony is having fun playing, creating and learning about his animals. And I still want to take his sloth and display it at my work desk! He is too cute and his name is Speedy according to the insert-lol. Get your kids started on this adorable series at Educational Insights!


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4 thoughts on “Educational Insights’ First Collectible Product: Playfoam Pals Series 1”

  1. Oh this looks so fun! So neat you can hear a lion that far away! Wow! I think our little one would really enjoy these too!

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