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Digi Moms Educates Parents & Teens About Illegal Drug Purchase Dangers

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In was recently asked to promote a new topic from Digi Moms about the dangers facing our teens about how easy it is to purchase illegal drugs online. Inspired by a Mom who’s friend lost a child from drug overdose after illegally purchasing the drugs online. Come to find out, he was successful at ordering the drugs and it was way too easy! The copy of Digital Citizens Alliance working to protect our children from the Internet’s ability to provide them with these dangerous drugs as well as their fight to combat other Internet hazards is available to read.

The Huffington Post also became engaged with their article titled ‘Online Pharmacies & Teenagers: How Does Google Fit In‘. This article also helps touch on this subject along with the dilema of easy access to overseas pharmacies that do not offer strict security.

Digi Mom’s Bloggers have been trying to help spread the word and I am happy to help out myself. I have a 15 year old son and would hate to think how easy he could get away with this and he would have no clue on the real dangers..these teens do not understand the biology and science behind these drugs and all the effects that can last a lifetime that they have on your body. The webinar clip below will help open your eyes…

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4 thoughts on “Digi Moms Educates Parents & Teens About Illegal Drug Purchase Dangers”

  1. As a mom of two teenagers drug abuse is just one of the many things I worry about. Nice to see there is a tool to help parents out.

  2. We have a friend that is a Chief of Police of the rural town we live in and he says that drug use is so out of control and it is so easy for teens to get drugs that the average person would not believe it unless they seen it all first hand. It's nice that they are getting more information out there for parents with teens.

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