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Delicious Frozen Vodka Cranberry in 3 hours!

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I recently attended our State Fair and discovered a wine mix. As I stood there tasting this mix I asked if wine is necessary or can we use a liquor. I was told these mixes do real well with liquor. I love frozen drinks, not a wine drinker so I decided I was going to try this with liquor. I bargained to get 2 mixes from her for a good price and brought them home. It was so easy and quick! In 3 hours, we had frozen Cranberry Vodka drinks from You can find a huge selection of other flavors besides the Cranberry.

I bought a bottle of Voka, made sure I had a Galloon Zip Lock Bag and that was all I needed!

First add entire bottle of Vodka and equal amounts of water to the ziploc bag

Add the mix and zip the bag closed to shake

Put it in the freezer for 2-3 hours. Voila!
So fast, so easy and tastes great! Using liquor makes the taste a bit strong, but you can always add more water and let it freeze again! Can store in that ziploc in the freezer. These packets make a great gift basket idea-add some bottles of wine and wine glasses! You’ll have a gift for the hard to shop for person in your life!

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