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Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs in Business with Zulily Savings

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I have partnered with Zulily for feature and was provided store credit. Thoughts/opinions are my own

 Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs in Business with Zulily Savings

Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs in Business with Zulily Savings

October is National Women’s Small Business Month and we are Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs in Business with Zulily Savings. Each week (for 4 weeks), Zulily will feature female small business owners and their products with sales events, stories and more. To be a woman in this country is great and we all are able to take our ideas and make them a reality. Everyone has the access and some women take full advantage of that access and bring us amazing products we can use in our lives.

Zulily is a great sales platform for these women and other creators. In one site you have access to unique and quality products. Zulily has been around since 2010 and has supported entrepreneurs with pride ever since. I love browsing the website for unique gift ideas whenever I am stumped on a gift for someone – man, woman or child. I always find great ideas at Zulily thanks to women entrepreneurs who understand what we want and create quality brands.

So, this month, at Zulily, make sure you find their stories on the National Women’s Small Business Month page.


Above is a sneak peek at some of the great women entrepreneurs in business you can find at the Zulily page for this month: Pay them a visit! Then keep checking back to the Zulily page link above to meet more women like these!


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