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January Campaigns

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Galaxy Zega Realistic Virtual Tank War Game Review

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In 24 years of raising boys from my 24 year old step son to our 8 year old, we have never had a car or tank set like this. It is new and right on par with the technology and virtual play that is popular and a growing toy category today. It is called Galaxy Zega and is a virtual tank war game with an arena to customize and an app for control and game play.

realistic virtual tank wars

To grasp how game play works, think of Pokemon Go (in a very roundabout way). By that I mean that like the popular Pokemon app, you can earn skills the more you play. Like in gyms, you can choose skills and battle another players (so long as they create a username on a separate device and have a tank too). Like in capturing Pokemon you earn coins and achievements, in this war game you also earn coins and achievements in the terms of skills that you can choose to enable before a game and these skills can be used to give you more power or manipulate your opponent. With a 8 year old, this was the analogy that came to mind that I know many can relate to although different in all other aspects, the game play style is relative.


The controls-forward, backward, turning are largely displayed on your device so you can easily drive and steer your tank. You can even give your tank a unique name, although my son kept his tanks the names they came with, Leo and Gondar. Give yourself a username and when you log in to play, simply hold your device up to the car you wish to use for that game and it will recognize it and off you go.

realistic virtual starter

What do you need?

Most likely you want to be in 2-player mode for siblings or adults to battle so the best option is the Galaxy Zega Starter Kit that comes with enough tiles for a good size arena to build and 2 tanks. I also recommend 1 Galaxy X-base per tank you buy to open up even more games. If you need more than 2 tanks, you can buy more individually after the starter pack. Then you need access to 1 device per tank-each player needs their own device in their hand. My son uses my iPhone with the Galaxy Zega app downloaded and I use my husbands iPad also with the app downloaded. Both players create an account and log in then you will see an option to ‘Join other players’ to click on. Once you ask to join it will search and find your other player and you are now connected into the same game and battling each other. Available on Android and IOS.

realistic virtual gift

It is very clever and addicting. My son can’t put it down and already is asking for sleepovers so friends can come battle with him. It will surely be a hit in your home too-even for the adults who love interactive play.

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Summer 2016 Toy Reviews | Link Up

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Summer 2016 Toy Reviews
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