Bring the music outdoors with Sengled Pulse Lightbulb Speakers

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As we head into summer we also tend to head outdoors more often. From BBQ’s to camping and even the hot days indoors, the Sengled Smart Lightbulb brings your music to wherever you are. My son uses a bluetooth light at bedtime and I just activate it from his tablet playlist and control the volume from my phone. Now we have our own bluetooth music speaker on our back deck with our Sengled Pulse Solo smart bulb.


The Pulse Solo has a stereo bluetooth speaker inside. In fact, there are 2 JBL speakers. I am a huge JBL fan so this is so exciting to see that these high quality speakers produce the sound. Now when we are out grilling we just activate our playlist on our phones and the bluetooth easily finds the solo bulb and plays our music while giving us the light we need to cook and visit with friends.
When you download the free Sengled app you can control the volume as well as the brightness right in the palm of your hand. I will keep the light dim when it is still bright outside and raise the brightness as the sun sets. It also turns itself into a bit of a conversation piece with neighbors and friends.
This is not an outdoor bulb only as you can use it in the office, bedroom or in any room and be able to control the brightness you need. I just have a covered socket under an overhang so it is out of the direct elements which is recommended. I hate turning my stereo up in the house so I can hear the music outside-it disrupts everyone inside. Now I can shut the door and get my music nearby when outdoors so I chose to use my bulb in the backyard for that reason.
Installing is so easy. Just replace a standard bulb with the Sengled bulb, turn the light switch on and find the bluetooth connection. It should connect instantly and you are ready to choose your playlist. Find the bulb right for you at
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DIY Racetrack and Advil Film-Coated for summer relief

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It’s summer and with that means the kids are home…all day. With trip planning, bored kids, extra laundry, snack wrappers everywhere and hot days sometimes it is necessary to push the kids outside. In our home we have video game and TV time limits and typically I have no problem getting my son outside, but the neighbor kids aren’t always home so when he is by himself he is not inspired to go outside. For me, the heat causes headaches and fatigue and when I need fast pain relief help, Advil Film-Coated and quiet time is my go-to remedy.
When my son is inside and bored he gets very needy. “Can you play a game with me?”… “Mom, I’m bored”…”Mom, what can I do?” He doesn’t stop and when I am having those heat headaches I just need him outside and entertained for a bit. So we put together a DIY racetrack and ramp for his remote control cars and planes. It is such a great activity for an only child when there is no one available for a play date.

The best part of these summer, heat-induced headaches of mine is fast acting Advil Film-Coated leverages the rapid absorption properties of ibuprofen sodium, now available for the first time in the US.” *Among OTC pain relievers. This means that I can use fast acting Advil Film-Coated for headaches, muscle aches, toothaches, menstrual cramps, back pain, and aches and pains associated with the common cold.

I can find Advil Film-Coated at my local Walmart along with some fun craft supplies to make my son’s car ramp and track pop. I hand him a bag of sidewalk chalk, flags, fun duct tape, rocks and other items I find that are track-worthy and hand it to him along with his remote control cars and helicopter. He will stay on that sidewalk making simple or sometimes elaborate tracks and jumps for a long time.







The only real prep involved is building a ramp that can be used over and over again. When my son is done playing he puts the ramp and bag of supplies on the garage shelf for next use. 


Building the ramp
This is so easy you could probably just figure it out with my photos and it took me under 15 minutes. I took an empty cereal box and lined the top and sides with different duct tape. For his current ramp he liked the flag theme. I then just shoved 2 empty water bottles into the box so it doesn’t collapse when his car drives over it. This is the top of the ramp and is also used for his landing pad when he flies his helicopter so that is why we made a hole and inserted a small flag at the top corner.
For the actual ramp, find a sturdy cardboard piece and give it the width you want. Because he is learning to drive these cars I made his ramp pretty wide so it is not so challenging to get the car lined up and across the ramp. I also wrapped it in the duct tape and used a single tape piece on the top of the ramp edge to the box edge to connect the ramp to the base.
Gathering Track Supplies
Now all you need is a bag or bin to keep the supplies they can use to personalize the space around the ramp. I keep chalk, more tape, flags and even large rocks. My son grabbed a box and used it for his car to crash into after the ramp jump. If you put it in the bag, they will get creative and find a use for it. The best part about providing them the materials to do as they wish is that you can change it out at times so it keeps them interested and they look forward to seeing what’s new in the bin to build into their track. I even handed him a battery-run string of Christmas lights one night and he made a helicopter landing pad with them.
Headaches? Not to worry because Advil Film-Coated has your fast pain-relief covered and your box of race track supplies will take care of the kids. Bring on that summer heat and enjoy this season. Just make sure you have Advil Film-Coated on hand.*Among OTC pain relievers 


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Make teeth brushing fun and engaging with Firefly products

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dental care
If getting your kids to brush and floss their teeth is a struggle, then you have probably had to come up with some creative tricks and hacks to get them to comply. My son hates flossing and I have tried everything. If he has one loose tooth in his mouth he will not let floss anywhere near his teeth. We are not alone. A 2015 study found many parents who have tried some creative ways to get their kids to brush daily.
        34% of moms have done something creative to motivate their child
        31% have offered a reward
        30% have done something educational
        26% have done something embarrassing to trick their child


Our bathroom has plenty of Firefly products because they are engaging and my son loves using them. When the tools they need to brush, rinse and floss are in fun characters and are interactive, it makes brushing time a bit more enticing. My son has Angry Birds rinse and loves his Lightsaber Star Wars tooth brushes. The timed toothbrushes light up for 2 full minutes so the kids know when to stop brushing.

Here is a round up of some Firefly products and other additions to re-do your bathroom into a dental-friendly place and perhaps take the summer to start a new routine that will work and stick this time. It’s definitely worth the shot.

  • Firefly’s lightsaber toothbrushes – these fun brushes play sounds and lighting effects on a two minute timer to ensure a full brush while making it entertaining for kids. The brushes come in different characters so kids can be their favorite superhero!
  • Firefly’s Anti-Cavity Mouth Rinse – we may not want to admit it but mouthwash can get messy. And how do you know how much you really need? This sugar-free, alcohol-free wash with fluoride comes with a “no mess” cup hidden in the bottom of the bottle for an accurate measure. And the fun character (for example Angry Birds) pump adds another entertaining touch for kids.
  • Firefly’s Ready Go Light Up Timer Toothbrush – what kid wouldn’t love a flashing traffic light on their brush? The key is that it lights up for two minutes for a full brush. It even has a suction cup on the bottom to easily stand up, minimizing messes for parents.
  • VMATE Touch N Brush Toothpaste holder – I just found these on Amazon and they’re awesome! The fun character element encourages kids to use the toothpaste (a big help for those who pretend to use it!).
  • MAM Oral Care Rabbit: Still helping your kids your child get used to the toothbrush? Here’s a very simple tool that can help them become familiar with the feeling of a brush in their mouth. Next stop? Firefly’s fun toothbrushes that empower kids to form their own dental habits.


Look for your Firefly products at retailers near you.

Read more about my past experience with Firefly products.
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San Francisco Salt Company’s Smoked Sea Salts

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Summer, BBQ and seasoned meats! To some people summer means the kids are home all day long and getting outdoors is a must for the sanity of the house and everyone inside. When the day has involved many hours outdoors, grilling dinner makes sense and that will happen a lot this season. Many times I am not prepared enough to thaw meat the day prior and have it marinade for flavor for hours. This is when I grab salts and seasonings to flavor my meats and veggies before grilling.


The San Francisco Salt Company knows its salts from healing bath salts to chef salts that come in so many varieties depending on your recipes from baking to grilling. I have an assortment of their Smoked Sea Salts and my meats will step up in flavor this season. My brother is a Chef and drooled over my bottles so I allowed him to choose two to keep and he chose the Apple Smoked and Alderwood Smoked Sea Salts for his cooking.
When to grab flavored salts
  • Over fish-even the finest of fish from scallops to salmon can benefit from the fusion of natural flavors and sea salts
  • Sandwiches with a dash of flavored salts can transform the taste. I like to find a sea salt with lots of herbs infused and combine it with mayo to spread on cold or hot sandwiches
  • Your meat and potato sometimes crave a good salting. With beef, salts retain the moisture
  • Salads that include a lot of veggies or cold noodles are greatly enhanced when a dash of flavored sea salts are included
  • In sauces like homemade pico or guacamole, sprinkle a good blend of sea salts for a kick
When you flavor sea salt, the natural flavors added literally bind to each grain of salt and that is why the flavor is bold and a little can go a long way when salting with smoked or flavored sea salts. See all of the blends that the San Francisco Salt Company has to offer at


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Just Bones Boardwear Swim Shorts

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School is ending and summer is here. On the to-do list is some shopping whether it be to restock the camping gear or getting the kids fit for summer swimwear, we want quality and products that will last all summer. When it comes to swimwear, Just Bones Boardwear has comfort and quality covered for you.


When you think of swim shorts, what comes to mind when shopping? I have to look for adjustable waist for my skinny son or he runs the risk of them falling off and he doesn’t like bulky shorts so I can’t do material that is thick of full of pockets. With his Supertubes 4-way stretch board shorts, he will not have to worry about these falling off of him when he jumps into the water this summer. These shorts are made to stay on.

Just Bones Boardwear makes shorts for toddlers, men, boys and girls. There are T-shirts and tanks as well to make it a complete outfit. The shorts are very lightweight which my son loves. I had recently bought him some Star Wars shorts because he is a fan and was happy when they came home. Then these Supertubes board shorts showed up and he grabbed them and started feeling them. He is more excited for these shorts than his character themed shorts and it is because of the way they feel and how light they are. They have a unique adjustable waistband that is the perfect fit. They are also quick drying so these make great shorts for even the extreme water sports or a day of skiing or tubing. They will stay on, dry quick and bring comfort to swim wear that is hard to find.


Visit to see all of the styles. Makes a great gift for water sport lovers!
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