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Personalized Gifts of Canvas and Wall Murals from Photowall

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Personalized Gifts of Canvas and Wall Murals from Photowall

It is no secret that personalized gifts are the most popular to give to those close to us. But, did you know that as long as you know someone’s interest you can create a stunning wall hanging or mural? Take a child you know already has plenty of toys and you want to get them something else, if they have a favorite movie or game just upload an image to Photowall and create them a canvas or wall mural. It is so easy and a hit even with 9 year olds like my son.

We have a Star Wars game room (see it here) so I uploaded the opening credit scroll to his favorite Star Wars movie, Return of the Jedi and had it put on canvas. He loved it and now wants the scrolls to all of the Star Wars movies for the room.

It arrived in a box with assembly required. There was wood pieces and a bag of brackets. Those always seem so intimidating but the way that this frame assembles it is so easy and fool-proof! I had it together in under 15 minutes and was upstairs finding a spot of the wall.

Canvas wrap

assembling canvas board

There is a hanging bracket you easily install and use to get the right hang. The canvas is very good quality and we love it in the game room.

canvas from photowall (1)

Jedi canvas

There it hangs with the other Star Wars decor. It was such a great idea for Anthony to canvas the scrolls. I think it is a fun touch.

Photowall Star Wars

Promo Code

Want to create a canvas or wall mural? I have a savings code! Go ahead and browse Photowall’s unique designs or upload your own image and create a personalized product. At checkout you can enter the promo code: parentinghealthycampaign2018 and save 20% on your order. The code expires on February 19, 2018 so hurry! Shipping is free too!

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Fidget Fun and Tricks with New Fijix Spinners

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Fidget Fun and Tricks with New Fijix Spinners

Fidget Spinners! Have you heard of these? lol Of course you have. What makes a spinner quality is the amount of time it spins. We have plenty that hit or come very close to hitting about 2 minutes. However, these new Fijix Spinners give you 3 minutes or more of spin!


Love Minions? Each fidget spinner side has character illustrations and they are 3-pronged so your child or you can get fancy with those fidget tricks. They are very quiet too.


Not a minion fan? (really?!). Ok we have a few other characters to show you that will also be available. Five Nights at Freddy’s are popular with the older kids. My 9 year old loves them and like the Minions they have characters on each side. If you are a Power Rangers fan we have those for you too!


With the Star Wars, don’t expect anything less than Super! These are Super Fidget Spinners with characters like Darth Vader, BB8, R2D2 and Stormtrooper Super Spinners with a different outcome after every spin. Make sure you start collecting these ones as you come across them.


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Star Wars 3D LED Nightlight – Darth Vader Light Saber from 3DLIGHTFX

Product sent from USFamily Guide for 3DLIGHTFX


Give the gift this season of room decor that is sure to be a hit available at Target! This is the Star Wars 3D LED Nightlight – Darth Vader Light Saber from 3DLIGHTFX. This and many other 3D lights like sports them, more Star Wars, Avengers, Paw Patrol, Princesses and more.


I saw some of the line of 3D room lights at my local Target and snapped this photo. It was near the hardware and light bulb aisle on an end cap. There were plenty of Star wars including the popular BB-8 (my favorite).


Set up was easy-peel off wall decal and a drill for 2 holes was all I needed. I had his light installed in under 10 minutes. I put batteries in the hand and turned it on. You can also turn the switch to timer and it will turn off


When mounted to the wall with the cracked sticker it will appear as though Darth Vader’s Light Saber is breaking through your wall. Darth Vader’s Light Saber is battery operated and uses 3 AA batteries sold separately.


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The Northwest Star Wars Blankets and Gifts

I was sent samples for feature

In today’s Star wars feature from the Force Takes Over series we have some fun throws and gifts from The Northwest. My son had a blast browsing the Star Wars selections and you can find plush and blanket sets and wearable blankets that are so cozy! My son loves Luke Skywalker and BB-8 since watching the new Star Wars Force Awakens. so he was narrowing down his choices by finding these characters. He loves the Star Wars ‘Small Rebel Force’ Woven Tapestry Throw. He wanted this because it features Luke and the hues are green like Luke’s lightsaber and because he has a lot of softer blankets but no throws and wanted one. He also could not get over the wearable Youth Comfy Throws. He chose the Astromech because it was the only droid and he loves BB-8 and the other droids. 
The throw is very well woven and conforms well as it is not too stiff for a child’d throw style blanket. The Northwest has 9 different Star Wars themed tapestry throws, 4 micro raschel throws, 1 fleece, 2 silk touch, 7 plush and pillow blanket sets and even more from child to adult comfy (wearable) throws. These all have fun Star Wars characters and designs you and the kids will love!

These Woven Tapestry Throw is made with quality in the USA. Head to The Northwest-Star Wars to see all of the designs for yourself.

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Star Wars products from the Discovery Channel Store

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Discovery Channel Store
When searching for your favorite Star Wars toys what better place to browse then the store of the popular Discovery Channel. With a network that brings us the most intriguing and educational shows, you’ll love the selection of Star Wars products from the Discovery Channel Store.
If you have a child who loves TV and gaming you may be familiar with the popular POP! toys. The collector bobble-head figures are fun collectibles. My son loves finding these in his favorite characters. With the release of the new Star Wars VII Force Awakens and the announcement of the next Star Wars VIII to debut in theaters December 2017 these are sure to be a hit and for a long time to come. My son loves BB-8 and enjoys the new focus of Kylo Ren in the newest saga. I have to admit that BB-8 is the most adorable Droid I have seen!
All kids (and some adults) love plush! My son can’t put down his BB-8 Super Deformed Plush. It has gone to school with him in his back pack, it goes on every car ride and is tucked in with him at night now. The plush is for ages 3+ and he will become an instant new friend when he arrives home to your child!
There are more Star Wars products at the Discovery Channel Store so head over and see them all!

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Star Wars product from Johnson & Johnson

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J&J Star Wars #StarWarsProduct

Star Wars Themed BAND-AIDs
from Johnson & Johnson

As we continue the Star Wars campaign we are excited to bring you Star Wars product from Johnson & Johnson. If you have kids you surely have your cabinet stocked with character BAND-AID’s! The more popular the character the easier it is to calm a child after a minor injury. These characters are more than just fun on a bandage or a form of child body art, but they bring comfort. If your child likes Star Wars as much s I do they go looking for their Star Wars friends inside the first aid cabinet and as soon as the bandage is applied, the tears lessen. 
Johnson & Johnson has Star Wars themed bandages. These are assorted sizes and within the box their a few different designs. The outer box has Darth Vader on one side and another Star Wars character on the other side. Find all of your favorites and stock up the home, car, camping totes or RV! I have these in all of those places. We have spotted these in almost any retail store that sells BAND-AID products.

Band-Aid Designs
Read more and get some first aid tips at Johnson & Johnson.

Safe baby Wipes Child's First Cell Phone Open Giveaways