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Visiting the Oregon Coast – Seaside, Oregon

Visiting the Oregon Coast - Seaside, Oregon

This New Years we took a drive to the Oregon coast and stayed in Seaside. It has been many years since I have been to Seaside and we know it is plenty entertaining for our son. The weather was gorgeous for heading into January and Seaside is located less than 20 miles from Astoria, Or which is a fun town to stay and shop in and Seaside is also about 7 miles from Cannon Beach which is a gorgeous beach town.

Staying in Seaside, Oregon

We chose one of the several hotels located along the river and only blocks from the ocean. Broadway is the main stretch of Seaside where you find the arcade, shops, restaurants and even a summer fun center with activities so staying on the ocean side of the river and close to Broadway is best. The Comfort Inn was where we chose and the staff were all so fun and pleasant. Not just one staff member, but all of them!

pool hotel

The Comfort Inn on Broadway has a pool, hot tub, sauna room and free hot breakfast. The breakfast had a ton of options like waffles, eggs, bacon, biscuits and gravy, cereals, breads, yogurt and much more. They kept a couple beverage items out all day to stop and and grab if needed. They also put fresh baked cookies in the lobby every afternoon!

Eating in Seaside, Oregon

If you drive to Seaside for a few days you won’t only eat in Seaside. With Cannon Beach and Astoria nearby there are several good eating options. However, with all of our stops over 3 days our favorite was Dundees in Seaside on the main Broadway and walking distance to many hotels. The staff is great and they have TV’s for the games and are family friendly. I had nachos and my husband ordered a pizza. We also had beers and mixed drink. Anthony ordered spaghetti and meatballs off the menu. Warning! The Nachos can easily feed 2 if you add meat!

We did go over New Years so hours of eateries were shortened. But when my son had a late night ice cream craving, the Dairy Queen 1 block over from Broadway was open late to serve. They were closing and loaded up his brownie sundae for him and offered him a bag of fries they were going to dump so he was a satisfied 9 year old.

We spent Sunday watching the Seahawks game at the Public Coast Brewery in Cannon Beach, Oregon. If you love unique brewed beers, they have many and are delicious. If you are not a beer drinker, their root beer is amazing! It was family friendly, order as you walk in and fast service.

What to do in Seaside, Oregon

Besides staring at the ocean? For the adults, there is shopping and good eateries. Located between about 6 pubs within a 30 mile radius you’ll eat well and enjoy some good Northwest beers.

For the kids, Funland about 2 blocks up from the beach is the hot spot! It is a huge arcade attached to a pizza place that has good food. It is called Fultanno’s Pizza and is a hit spot for lunch and dinner while the kids play. It is a ticket arcade so kids can earn fun prizes.

With the beach at my back, I took this shot of Broadway in Seaside. A long street of shops, food, hotels and fun!

In the summer, there is an indoor activity center across form the arcade with mini golf, bumper cars and more. There is no shortage in ice cream and candy shops and there are even swings and bathrooms on the beach.

It is also a pet-friendly beach and town! I think everyone in Seaside brought their dog on vacation with them. There is a dog around every corner and everyone stops to talk dog and owner with each other. With our new puppy, Maya she was in heaven and we got to meet and chat with so many other dog owners on our walks.

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Keeping Kids Healthy with GIANTmicrobes – Review

I have partnered with GIANTmicrobes for feature. All opinions are my own

Keeping Kids Healthy with GIANTmicrobes - Review

Vitamins come in many forms from tablets and capsules to yummy gummies. Most kids get their vitamins in gummies or flavored, candy-like tablets. Now they can play with their vitamins! With actual, enlarged molecules of Vitamins A, B6, C and D they will learn all about these compounds that are essential for growth and nutrition. See these fun Vitamin GIANTmicrobes.

Vitamin A plays an important role in bone growth and vision. It also is great for the skin and teeth as well as cell and tissue growth. What foods are a good source of Vitamin A?

Vitamin A is found in yellow and orange foods like carrots and squash. Ask your child to name a few they can think of?

Microbes Plush

Vitamin B6 is one of those B-Vitamins that converts food into energy. In particular, B6 is important for the cardiovascular and nervous system as well as immunity and digestion.

Vitamin B6 is found in meat, fish, nuts, bananas and potatoes! Ask your child what Disney Minion they think gets the most Vitamin B6?

Vitamin C Facts

Vitamin C fights the cold and flu bugs and helps heals wounds. You can’t stay away from germs, they are all around us but Vitamin C helps our body not get sick from those germs.

Vitamin C can be found in citrus fruits, strawberries, tomatoes, cabbage and kiwi to name a few. Ask your child what Vitamin C food they want as a side for lunch or dinner today?

Vit C nutrition

Vitamin D is for the bones! Vitamin D also gives us a mineral that helps our body take in Calcium. Calcium (milk) and Vitamin D are best friends.

Vitamin D can be found in grains, green leafy vegetables, egg yolks and some cereals. Ask your child what they like to put on their green salad?

Learning biology

Now that you and your child have learned about their vitamins, how about some plush molecules to play with. They will use these to learn and memorize. If vitamins don’t excite them, there are so many cells, diseases and critters to learn and have fun with at GIANTmicrobes.

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A&E Network New Docuseries Premiere Undercover High Debuts January 9

A&E Network New Docuseries Premiere Undercover High Debuts January 9

7 Adults ages 21-26 go back to High School! Why? Because times have changed, social media is a massive new presence and it takes stepping in undercover to get into their world as High Schoolers today. The location used is Highland Park High School in Topeka, Kansas. Only very few select staff and community members are aware of these undercover adults spending a semester in the High School. In fact, the undercover adults are not even aware they are 1 in 7!

A&E took a huge step with Undercover High into attempting to understand the world our teens live in about 180 days a year. With cell phones in hand almost at all times, with disrespect flowing like lava from an active volcano these 7 adults will try to blend in and make friends, join clubs and really get try to engage with the students as a peer. Even in the very first episode it is shocking what one social media chat discovers for one of the female undercover adults. Right away, one conversation among many young men involve some serious discussions with school adults.

You won’t want to miss it! Can you even imagine life today as a High Schooler? I can’t and even after watching the series myself ahead of you, it is still hard to believe what our youth endure everyday at school. Maybe this will bring some change and discussions. All the things students DON’T tell adults will become exposed. That could bring some amazing changes.

Parents! Watch This! January 9, 2018 with your tween and teen.

I am excited to see how this docuseries can perhaps bring awareness, care and change to our schools struggling to keep up with today’s world and the social media that highly influences it, for the good and bad.


7 Ways to Feel Yourself Again After Having Your Baby

After nine months of carrying your bundle of joy, it’s not going to be a “walk in the park” returning to life without a little human in your belly. A lot of women find it hard to get back to the life they had before they were pregnant. Like all things, it takes time, but there are steps you can take to make that process occur more quickly and smoothly, so that you can get back to being you after having your baby.

7 Ways to Feel Yourself Again After Having Your Baby


An easy one is getting into a new makeup routine. You can give yourself a bit of a makeover so that you’re feeling more attractive. You can practically walk into any Sephora and get someone that would want to help you with this if you’re not the most makeup savvy. Taking beauty into your own hands is a great way to get back to being you, and even if need a little help to get there, it becomes a worthwhile skill that you can take pride in. If you’ve been waiting through these nine months for a baby girl, there’s no doubt that those makeup skills won’t come in handy later in her life.

Gym Membership

So, your body probably isn’t the same as it was while you were pregnant, and it’s probably not looking like it did before you were pregnant, so it’s not uncommon to feel a little weird in your own skin after a pregnancy.

One way to combat that is through exercising. Getting on the treadmill or doing some general weightlifting is great for toning those muscles and getting your body to a place that you feel comfortable with it. It’s also great for mental clarity and can help you get back on focus with your goals that you were working on before the pregnancy that you never got around to.


While you have that gym membership, it might be helpful to get into yoga. Many gyms offer classes for it, and it can be a calming experience that will help you move to post-pregnancy life.

What’s even better is that you don’t necessarily need that gym membership. You can find plenty of public yoga classes that make this easy. Many of these classes are run out of studios, or even in public parks, and a lot of them have fun themes, some of them that involve bringing the kids along too. It can help tone your body too which is great for post-baby life.

“Mommy Makeover”

If you just want to get the body stuff out of the way fast, then you could consult Dr. Chasan for what he calls a mommy makeover. If you look on his site, you’ll see the before and after photos from tons of women who have gone through this process. It can get your body looking closer to how it did before you started carrying, without as much of the time-consuming workout or yoga process. Don’t be afraid to give it a try, because for many women, getting your body looking how you want is the first step to getting yourself feeling normal in every other aspect of life.

Wardrobe Change

One thing you may have noticed after all of this, is that your pregnancy clothes won’t do it anymore. If you’re lucky, maybe the clothes from before you were pregnant will, but even then, those are clothes that were in style nine months ago. You might want to update the wardrobe at that point.

This is a great activity because you can get some of that retail therapy and help with getting to the look you want. Looking good is feeling good and getting a new wardrobe can be very helpful for that goal.

Eating Healthy

This just goes without saying. If you’re eating healthy, you’re feeling healthy, and feeling healthy is feeling good. Eating lots of vegetables can keep you energetic, focused, and mentally well. Get yourself on a well-balanced diet with all the food groups and it will improve those post-baby feels. This is also a great way to get yourself back to that pre-baby body. In conjunction with exercise, you’ll get yourself in great shape, which is very helpful for feeling back to normal.

Write the Story Down

Having creative outlets is always great for feeling like yourself. No birth comes without a good story, so writing down the story will give you something to focus on, that you can share with people who will appreciate it in the future. It also makes for a great memento so that you don’t forget a single moment from that special day.

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How We Helped Our Son’s Dentist Anxiety

Touchpoints has partnered with me on this story

How We Helped Our Son's Dentist Anxiety

Anthony’s Story: How We Helped Our Son’s Dentist Anxiety

Anthony is 9. He hasn’t always had doctor and dentist anxiety until about 3 years ago. He has a very crowded mouth and overbite. One day he came to me saying his tooth hurt and I saw his gums looked angry so I drove him into the Dentist. He hopped up on the table and come to find out the tooth is literally breaking apart and needs to come out due to overcrowding pushing on and destroying the tooth. They sent us home with an Antibiotic and told us to come back in the morning for tooth extraction.

That next morning his cheek was so swollen and that tooth was angry. They gave him novocaine and felt he needed a bit more. Well, let’s just say that tooth had gotten so angry we realized after a blood curling scream that the Novocaine couldn’t make its way past the infection. The tooth was out but he felt that. That was the day he lost trust in Doctors and Dentists and the anxiety over “what if pain” started.

The next month was his flu shot. They announced it was coming like all others in the past he would cringe about only this time he lost it. 3 nurses later, a kick to the Dr’s chest in the struggle and screams that could clear a building we stabbed him and he was vaccinated. Wow! At one point they asked if we should just reschedule but I really felt giving in would not make the ‘next time’ any better. He does not have low pain tolerance, he just has anxiety about the anticipation of pain. Two totally different anxieties. How do We Help Our Son’s Dentist Anxiety?

Over the past year I took a break on Dentist and Doctors and hoped this year would bring an older, changed Anthony. Wrong! This year we started Ortho. He made it through a cleaning, we moved and the Dentist we go to is his Aunt’s office so due to possible embarrassment by his cousins he sucked it up. The referral to the Ortho and the appointment to put on his expander was a whole different story. The 20 minute appointment took 1 hour and 15 minutes. Why?

He refused to lay down. He needed to know the exact plan, touch the device, see the tools they will use, give him a blueprint for this visit, etc. 3 techs later one gal finally did great with him and began asking him questions-like taking the control of asking questions away from him. He began to trust her and it took careful talk but he was finally laying on the chair, hands away from his mouth allowing her to put it in ONLY because he needed her to be precise about her every move. I regretted one thing that day…not charging our Touchpoints!

How Touchpoints reversed his behavior

In NYC this summer I met with the Touchpoints crew and was sent a pair of Touchpoints to try. This was my piece of heaven coming to the rescue. I knew right away this could help Anthony with his dentist anxiety as well as at the Doctors office. Only what I soon realized is it did so much more.

Touchpoints are best explained in the video below:

For Anthony’s follow up visit we had to turn his expander and then after watching them turn we were instructed to do so at home nightly for 21 nights. He was a champ. With Touchpoints charged I sat in the car a moment to get him into the right mindset. He had Touchpoints in his pocket and we practiced some self-talk. I also had a toy prize for him he got to see IF he could make it through. There was no pain involved with this follow up but his anxieties started anyways the night before. The office was almost in tiptoe mode with him yet played it well. I could sense they had that same bit of anxiety I was also having about ‘what if he..”.

He asked if he could ask 1 question-“what will this feel like?” The Orthodontit who came to him first tickled his nose and said “like that”. Then the cutest thing happened…he said “OK!” and lay down. Only his ‘OK’ was a high-pitched squeal, hence his nerves totally showing in his attempt to be cool. He allowed her to show me the turn and expressed he felt it a little but “it feels fine”. We turn it every night without struggle at home. Thank you, Touchpoints!

The funny thing! Anthony recently came to me an said, “Mom, Can I have my Touchpoints to help me fall asleep faster?” Why not! The next morning he told me…”all I could focus on was the Touchpoints, Mom and I fell asleep so much faster”. Honestly my thought was , “really?!” Could it be mind over matter? Every night since if he is still awake after so much time he asks for them. It isn’t every night but when he needs them he knows it and he really is asleep in no time! Now for the stressful video game play he expresses! Touchpoints, can you calm him down with his game play frustrations? There is no doubt these will battle that aggression too!

If this story resonates with you, I cannot stress the benefit of Touchpoints enough! From anxieties to sleep and anger it is definitely on for our parenting tool belt that can d wonders for anyone at any age.

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3 Disney•Pixar’s COCO Activity Sheets to Print

Have you seen the Disney•Pixar’s COCO? My sister just saw it and texted me I need to get to the theaters with my son this weekend and see it. I was told that I will be left the sweetest message about family and love in the end. What a great time of year to remind the kids that there is no better love than from your family.

3 Disney•Pixar’s COCO Activity Sheets to Print

On another note, if it is rainy and miserable where you are while I am here reminding you there is no better love than family, even the kids who are inside all day probably on your last nerve-lol. I have some free printable activity sheets for you to print for them.

Keep scrolling to find your Disney•Pixar’s COCO activity sheets….

Then if they are still bored, head on out to see Disney•Pixar’s COCO. Here is the trailer for you:

Here they are! Hope this helps occupy the kids (or you)

Disney•Pixar’s COCO Memory Game

COCO Coloring Page

CoCo color page (1)

Disney•Pixar’s COCO Maze

Coco Maze