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Learn How To Invest in the Stock Market. It’s Fun!

In exchange for my honest and unbiased review, I received a $25 gift card to try out Stockpile.

Learn How To Invest in the Stock Market. It's Fun!

Let’s talk about the stock market (did you just yawn?)! Wait! Before you leave what if we talked about apple pie? How does apple pie relate to the stock market? No matter how much effort that goes into creating the recipe it is always worth the taste and fun to eat. Plus, a pie is sliced so you can enjoy only as much as you want. Making pie can be fun especially if you can find a recipe easy enough to get the entire family involved as so can making your very first stock market investment. Give me a try as I explain how easy it can be and in the end I have a little freebie for you to get you started.

Stockpile is a website and an app (if you prefer) that guides you from start to finish with your investments. So let’s make it simple. Think about that apple pie all baked and ready for you to take action and slice into it. Do you plan on eating the entire pie at once? Of course not. So you just want a slice? There are many slices available and you know what? No one is going to force you to eat your entire slice either. You may want the whole slice and all the goodness (and calories) it comes with, but what if you only want a bite or two? You want to start small and maybe you’ll finish the entire slice later on…or not. That is like investing with Stockpile.

When you sign up at Stockpile which consists of assigning an account someone (yourself or child) and giving some basic information you aren’t dealing with pies but businesses. I was given a $25 stock gift card to invest and I chose Amazon. Now I hold a stock that starts out as zero cash value on a number line and can check in anytime to see if it falls or rises.

Fact (lesson): ‘Prices go up when there are more buyers than sellers. Prices go down when there are more sellers than buyers.’ So let’s all buy a little piece of the business pie. You get to choose your flavor (Amazon, Apple, Nike and over a thousand more).

Remember my analogy of taking 1 slice of apple (or your ‘flavor’ of choice) and only wanting a part of that slice? Stockpile allows you to put the amount you want and that can be as low as $5 to start into 1 share. A share can go for as much as hundreds or even thousands of dollars in trade but you buy into it as much as you wish. Any return if it doesn’t fall is calculated based on your investment.

Now once you just start with a minor dollar amount you still cannot really dive in deep without an investment plan. Whoa! Heavy phrase! That’s OK, Stockpile will teach you about index funds (such as the S&P 500) and individual stocks. The difference in short? Index funds are a collection of companies that come together as one investment option and individual stocks is putting your money into only 1 company. There are risks and advantages to both and that’s the fun part. What would you choose to learn more about?

You won’t get rich quick. There are no guarantees. You can lose your investment. I chose Amazon so do you think that is a big risk or a little risk? Amazon has been around a while and is more established than a brand new start up. Amazon has had steady stock prices for the most part and are past the new start up price spikes. That makes a brand like Amazon a safer risk. Think about that as you invest your first $5.

Guess what? I am giving you your first $5 to start. Just for fun. Just to really feel motivated to dive more into Stockpile and learn about how you can sign up a child, family member or yourself. GET your FREE $5 (I promise there is no catch-I would never do that to you). I will say that if you sign up I get a $5 bonus to invest somewhere just like you did and that is a lot of fun. But I am not telling you to create this free and easy stockpile investment out of greed. Once you complete redeeming your $5 you can get a referral code to and pass it on to others yourself.

Start now with $5 from me (well, technically it is fro Stockpile). Ready? Go!

This post contains a referral link. I am not a market professional and not responsible for gains or losses that you may experience. I am not affiliated with or own an investment in any company or brand mentioned, and have no plans to do so. Securities products are not FDIC insured. Not bank guaranteed. May lose value.

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Coupons for Good: 4 Essential Items Every Family Bathroom Needs

The bathroom is not always the first room that we think of when we are thinking about decorating and appointing a home. However, a well-designed bathroom is a great way to make a positive impression on visitors. If you are looking for some useful and decorative items for your bathroom, take a look at this list of bathroom essentials.

Toothbrush Holder


Image via Flickr by Nick Harris1


We all use toothbrushes to clean our teeth, but sometimes we don’t think about where we store those important items. If you leave your brush on the counter, it can soak up all kinds of foul bacterial and other pathogens, which you then put inside your mouth. Instead, buy a holder to keep the various brushing implements in your bathroom separate from one another and the counter. You can get a value toothbrush holder from Bath and Body Works using online coupons. Get your family together one night and decorate your holder to make it more festive.

Magazine Rack

Reading materials in the bathroom can help make the necessary functions performed in it pass more pleasantly. A rack for your magazines can help you keep them off the wet floor and preserve them longer. When picking out magazines for your rack, though, spare a thought to the kinds of people who will be using your bathroom. If you have kids or regularly invite other families over, make sure everything is appropriate for that content demographic and reading level.

Non-Slip Mat

Showers are an important part of a cleaning regimen, but the shower itself poses dangers to the unwary. Since showering by definition involves creating a slippery surface, it is far too easy to end up losing your footing and falling down in the tub. And even a short fall like that can be hazardous — especially if you end up hitting your head on a faucet. Putting down a solid non-slip mat attached to the floor of the tub, with a surface that gives you traction even when wet, is a great way to keep your family safe. Some coupons for Bed, Bath, and Beyond will help you find one for a great price.

Storage Bins

With all of these items, bathrooms can easily become too filled up with stuff for easy use. One of the best ways to reduce the clutter in your bathroom is to use bins. Properly separated storage bins allow you to wrangle items that are not used every day, like bath toys, into a compact location where they can easily be found. If your bathroom footage is limited, you can put those bins in a nearby closet and clear up some space. Stores like Pier One Imports often have good coupon deals on interesting and different storage solutions, so spend some time poking around and find the best one for you.

A well-appointed bathroom is both convenient and attractive. Spending some time finding the ideal items for your decorating scheme will make a bigger difference than you think on the impression your home leaves on visitors.



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Children Can Save, Spend and Share with Moonjar

Samples sent for feature

Moonjar gift

There is nothing too typical about money and children. This is because children gain much of their financial knowledge from their parents and no 2 households have the same financial situation. Should the schools teach children how to budget? Of course, the basics. Should their peers teach them? Depends on their own examples they have seen. The best teacher is you!

Perhaps you teach them your successes. Perhaps you were not so successful so you teach them a new way. Whether you put effort into financial topics with your children or not, they will remember what they saw, or interpreted by watching you talk, spend, argue, scrimp, work 3 jobs or buy lavishes and have them taken back if that may be. So, where do you start?

Moonjar children can save

The best way to teach financial spend, save and sharing tips is with scenarios or conversations. Moonjar can help with all of that so your children can save. It is your tool to teach. The Moonjar is their savings bank by task and the Conversations to Go is your guide.

children can save conversations

Conversations To Go: Money allows you to share opinions and dreams. A great dinner table topic or for get togethers. See how fun it can be to hear how your children put financial topics into their own words. Let it help you find the right lessons to preach.

children can save cards

The Classic Moonjar Moneybox helps your child divide their expenses into save, spend, share. Later on, think of it as spending, savings and bills and now with a sense of giving back-in any way you can. Let it become a habit because if you can’t give back financially, you can always give time. It comes with a budget book to so they can track their progress.

moneyjar children can save

Visit Moonjar for more great products like these that make excellent gift ideas.

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How to use Dealspotr to earn and save money

This is a sponsored post for Dealspotr. Some links may be affiliated.
dealspotr coupons

I wanted to introduce you to a one-of-a-kind deal finder and reward community for Influencers and the general public. You do not need to be a Blogger to simply find, share and browse great deals. The influencers can add deals and move up in levels through the Influencer Network, but you can browse and share these deals with your friends and family to save.

Adding a deal is simple. If you see a great deal, look for it in Dealspotr and if it is not listed, add it! You will earn points that add up and become redeemable for gift cards and more.

dealspotr coupons

Why do WE add the deals? Well, brands can add their deals too but as a community of shoppers and influencers we can verify the best deals out there because they worked for us and share with others. Dealspotr does its part by verifying every deal. This means that anyone on the site that finds a deal will get a real, working code or savings.

I am a Blogger so how do I put Dealspotr to use for me?

  1. I share and post deals using my referral link. This earns me back even more points for referrals that come in through my site.
  2. I also a am given about 4 codes a day I can pass on to invite other Influencers to the Dealspotr Influencer Network. When they earn from moving up in level, I earn too.
  3. The more I move up in levels, the more commission I can earn plus bonus amounts when I convert a deal
  4. I get Influencer badges to choose from for my site
  5. At Gold level, I max out and enjoy the best benefits. After publishing this post I will be there because I learned Dealspotr and am sharing it with you via a post right now.
  6. Each deal has a deal sharing widget within the share icon that is customizable to add your own brand affiliate links

I have already moved from Bronze to Silver and should be at gold real soon. Remember that Dealspotr’s content is crowdsourced, meaning their 30,000 members add, edit, and police all the deals on Dealspotr to ensure the deals are accurate and complete.

It is easy to earn gift cards using Dealspotr, it’s even reasonably easy to earn your first $10 gift card on your first day using Dealspotr. Plus, you’re helping shoppers save money (and saving money yourself) while you’re earning. So get started now at Dealspotr.

Here is an example of a deal I posted in less than 5 minutes on my blog. It includes my Dealspotr link as well as my personal Best Buy link:

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New Skylanders Imaginators Jungle Bell Chompy Mage & Specials

Sample sent for feature

Skylanders sale pack

Skylanders Imaginators Black Friday starts on 11/24 at major retailers

Skylanders Imaginators starter packs at $39.99, available at all major retailers

  • Senseis at $9.99, available at all major retailers
  • Skylanders Imaginators Portal Owners Pack at $25, available at Wal-Mart – the perfect gift idea for the Portal Master who already has portals from previous Skylanders games — Skylanders® SuperChargers, Skylanders® Trap Team, Skylanders® SWAP Force™ or Skylanders® Giants.

The Portal Owners Pack will be available exclusively to Wal-Mart shoppers for a limited time during the retailer’s Black Friday event which starts at 6 p.m. local time on Thanksgiving, November 24 (price valid through Friday).

Items included in the Portal Owners Starter Pack:

  • Skylanders® Imaginators Video Game
  • 1 Imaginite Creation Crystal – Fire Creation Crystal
  • 1 Sticker Sheet
  • Collection Poster featuring the complete set of Skylanders Imaginators Figures

skylanders sale imaginators

Be sure to tune in to NBC on November 24th at  9AM (all time zones). Watch Eruptor take to the sky during the 90th Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade! This marks Eruptor’s third flight above New York City, where he will be flashing his 25-foot smile to thousands of onlookers and fans at home.

Skylanders sale eruptor

Meet Jingle Bell Chompy Mage (on sale at major retailers on 11/25): Jingle Bell Chompy Mage is a specially designed toy that appears in the game outfitted in a holiday-inspired wardrobe.  He joins the lineup of Senseis new to Skylanders Imaginators and is ready to teach the Skylanders some new fighting techniques and a classic Chompy holiday tradition – the White Chompy gift exchange!

skylanders sale chompy


skylanders sale new

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Today’s Deals of the Day-Must buy today for these great deals

May contain affiliate linnks

Best Buy Deal of the day

Lenovo – Flex 3 1130 2-in-1 11.6″ Touch-screen Laptop – Intel Celeron – 2gb Memory – 64gb Solid State Drive – Black

This laptop is the Deal of the Day at Best Buy at $80 off. Sale price: $199.99

Black+Decker Tool Belt Set

This is the 50% off toy of the day-in store only and with your Cartwheel app. Sale price: $4.98

Todays 10 Days of Deals sale for 11/20/2016: 10 percent off electronics and entertainment. Guests will find popular products like iPads and iPods, and, new for this year’s promotion, iPhones and Beats. Use promo code TECH online

Example: Apple® Watch Series 2 38mm Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport Band Sale price: 10% off of $269.99