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Garden Hose Nozzle by Gardenite Giveaway

I have partnered with Gardenite for this feature

Garden Hose Nozzle by Gardenite Giveaway

Watering your yard and garden is not only affordable with this hose nozzle from Gardenlite but it is very functional in so many ways. I ordered mine on Amazon and it was here in 2 days with Prime shipping. I have been working hard to get my front garden patch prepared and now when it comes to the summer waterings I can be as gentle or plentiful as I need to be in all areas of the yard with my new hose nozzle.

It has an adjustable flow knob to fine tune the water pressure to my needs. On the top of the handle is an on/off level. Then if I twist the head to the left I get high pressure and to the right I get a low-pressure flow.

With 10 spray patterns you can easily go from watering delicate flowers to power washing the car with a few twists of the nozzle.

It is made with a solid metal and baked enamel finish. This makes it very durable and built to last as well as comfortable to hold. It also has an ergonomic soft rubber grip so your hands do not tire.

I have no leaks and this is not a cheaply made nozzle at all! At under $10 I have never owned such a quality feeling hose nozzle.

The Garden Hose Nozzle by Gardenite Giveaway

1 lucky reader will win their own Garden Hose Nozzle by Gardenite. Open to US ages 16+. Enter below!
Win a Gardenite Nozzle Hand Sprayer #5

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Key Duplication While On the Go with KeyMe

I have partnered with Key.Me for feature

Key Duplication While On the Go with KeyMe

Sometimes it’s the littlest things that excite your child and you had no clue they would react in such a way. Our latest little moment was when our duplicate house keys arrived in the mail. We bought a house at the end of summer and with all the move-in and home decor tasks I am still getting to some things I have not checked off my list. One is getting our oldest a house key and a spare key made. This way our oldest can come over if ever we are away and need him to and if power were out and the garage code won’t work he needs to have a key. So I found a KeyMe kiosk and that’s when I found out how exciting it was to a 9 year old to be handed a house key ( at least this 9 year old was super excited)!

I went to my local Bed Bath and Beyond because they have a KeyMe kiosk and I needed a few things from there anyway. Their kiosk is right in the entrance so I touched the screen, chose my design which I chose a Seattle Mariners and Seattle Seahawks key from their sports designs and followed the instructions from there.

It was very easy and quick. After selecting my designs it prompted me to stick my key in the port and hold it there for maybe 3-5 seconds. The KeyMe kiosks require a fingerprint scan and/or a credit card swipe to access scanned keys. It scanned my fingerprint in a few seconds and now my key print is secure and cannot be copied by anyone but myself.

In 3 days my keys were in my mailbox in a discrete white envelope. It didn’t even give the KeyMe name or logo on the outside and the keys are inside a yellow envelope. There is no way for anyone near your mailbox to know there are keys inside that envelope.

This is where a 9 year olds excitement comes to play. I am taking the keys off of the paper so I can get our spare tucked away and the second key onto a ring to give to our oldest when he comes for dinner in a few days when our youngest son comes into the kitchen and sees the keys. He excitedly asked if those are our house keys and as if I had just brought home a bag of candy his eyes got so big when he asked if one was for him. He knows the garage code and is very seldom home alone except maybe a 2-5 minute layover after school on rare days so I never thought about him needing or wanting one. I told him if he really wants one to pick one and the grabbed the Seattle Seahawks key. Then he went running upstairs to find a lanyard and proudly wore his very first house key around his neck that afternoon.

Well now I just gave him our spare key so I need a third one made after all. It’s a good thing KeyMe is also an app. I just log in and it remembered my key I scanned that day at the store and I don’t need t go back there. I just pick another design and it is on its way! Reordering is so easy and I don’t leave my home.

Find a KeyMe kiosk near you by visiting their kiosk locations.

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Eclipse Noise Reduction and Blackout Curtains for Kids – Giveaway

Blackout Curtains Giveaway

Sleep is such an important topic whether you are 1 or 100. Proper sleep helps little bodies grow, learning minds to learn and adult bodies to get through the day and stay healthier. Many factors help us get a proper sleep such as diet, bedding and lighting. Having a dark room, getting rid of noise and technology distractions, a room and bedding at proper temperature and proper mindset and body health is our best combination to get that healthy sleep at night or even day if naps are how you function.


Eclipse Noise Reduction and Blackout Curtains for Kids are well known for their blackout and noise reduction properties, but did you know they offer fun kids designs from sports and animals to nursery colors?

 nursery curtains

More about Eclipse Kids Curtains

Eclipse MyScene Thermaback Panels like the one’s above in this post are made with applied foam technology that combines energy-saving thermal coating with fashionable fabrics. They are machine washable and are energy efficient with a blackout design. They block out 98%-99.9%of light. When you block that much light in a panel, you also get noise reduction and optimal thermal protection from windows that radiate heat. Available at Target and Kohls!

The Giveaway

Win Eclipse Kids Curtains (2 panels) in our choice of design of the 6 I show above! Open to US and ends on 3/16. Good luck!

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Spring Season Guide 2018 – All Things Spring

 Spring Season Guide 2018 - All Things Spring

Welcome to the Spring Season Guide 2018 – All Things Spring! As I complete posts throughout the next several weeks related to spring I will add them below so you can find them all in one spot!

Brands! Want to be featured below as a link to your own post feature? Contact me at erinnsluka(at)gmail(com)!

Want to learn more about creating a gift guide? START HERE!

 Spring Season Guide

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Personalized Gifts of Canvas and Wall Murals from Photowall

I have partnered with Photowall to bring you this review feature

Personalized Gifts of Canvas and Wall Murals from Photowall

It is no secret that personalized gifts are the most popular to give to those close to us. But, did you know that as long as you know someone’s interest you can create a stunning wall hanging or mural? Take a child you know already has plenty of toys and you want to get them something else, if they have a favorite movie or game just upload an image to Photowall and create them a canvas or wall mural. It is so easy and a hit even with 9 year olds like my son.

We have a Star Wars game room (see it here) so I uploaded the opening credit scroll to his favorite Star Wars movie, Return of the Jedi and had it put on canvas. He loved it and now wants the scrolls to all of the Star Wars movies for the room.

It arrived in a box with assembly required. There was wood pieces and a bag of brackets. Those always seem so intimidating but the way that this frame assembles it is so easy and fool-proof! I had it together in under 15 minutes and was upstairs finding a spot of the wall.

Canvas wrap

assembling canvas board

There is a hanging bracket you easily install and use to get the right hang. The canvas is very good quality and we love it in the game room.

canvas from photowall (1)

Jedi canvas

There it hangs with the other Star Wars decor. It was such a great idea for Anthony to canvas the scrolls. I think it is a fun touch.

Photowall Star Wars

Promo Code

Want to create a canvas or wall mural? I have a savings code! Go ahead and browse Photowall’s unique designs or upload your own image and create a personalized product. At checkout you can enter the promo code: parentinghealthycampaign2018 and save 20% on your order. The code expires on February 19, 2018 so hurry! Shipping is free too!

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Christmas Photo Cards for that Extra Special Holiday Cheer

If you want to give something special, rather than the same generic card that everybody has purchased from the grocery store down the road, then why not consider making Christmas photo cards? This is a great way to do something special and that really stands out. It shows others that you have put a lot of thought into your greeting this year, and that will be appreciated.

Christmas Photo Cards for that Extra Special Holiday Cheer

Why You Should Consider Making Christmas Photo Cards

The gift of love is the most wonderful gift of all. It isn’t about the presents under the tree, it is about knowing that people are in your heart and thoughts. By sending them a personalized Christmas photo card, you show to them that you care and that you wish them nothing but joy and happiness. In the past, only very crafty people would be able to do something like that, and it would take them a long time as well as cost them a lot of money. But thanks to modern technology, anybody can now do it. There really aren’t any reasons not to create these cards.

How to Make Personalized Photo Cards at Christmas

Thanks to modern technology, it is now possible to use your digital camera, or your camera on your smartphone for that matter, to create beautiful cards. There are numerous online services available that make this possible, and all you have to do is upload an image of your choice to their system, and they will turn it into a fantastic card for you. You can also edit and change all the different details, or, if you’re not very creative, simply use one of their templates.

It really couldn’t be easier to turn a precious photograph into a thoughtful, memorable gift over the holiday season. The only real difficulty you may have, is choosing the image that you believe best represents your family and the wishes you have for your loved ones. Consider, for instance, the family around the Christmas tree or recreating a famous Christmas scene, for instance. The sky really is the limit, and it is all about what you like and love and feel is appropriate to send as a message to others.

Once you have chosen the photograph you want to use, you simply upload it to the software provided by the various printing companies. Generally speaking, this uses simple drag and drop functionality on the printer’s own website, so it really couldn’t be easier. You can then choose a border, card style, and other layouts that you like and add your season’s greetings to those you want to send it to. The cards will then be printed and sent to you, usually within a matter of days. All that is left for you to do, therefore, is to print the address details and send the cards off