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5 Winter Health Secrets to Keep Your Family Happy Until Spring

Does the winter weather have you pining after warmer days? Worried Little Junior is about to come down with the seasonal flu? Do the grey skies have you feeling down?

Winter months brings a different set of physical and mental health challenges for parents and children. But hang in there! Here are some tips that will have everyone feeling better in no time.

5 Winter Health Secrets to Keep Your Family Happy Until Spring
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1. Moderate winter air dryness in your home.

Winter air in the northern hemisphere is marked by low levels of moisture. This means that days are typically dry. While you might not be able to tell the difference, your body can.

Family members with breathing problems might also feel the influence through a flare up of asthma or nosebleeds. Why? The mucus in your sinuses dries out when the air has low humidity levels. Which also means that you are more susceptible to catching colds and other air borne bacteria during this season.

To keep sinus problems away, experts recommend placing a humidifier in family rooms. Or using a salt water nasal spray.

2. Eat immune-charging meals and snacks.

Winter colds and flus are no fun for anyone—neither the child nor the parent taking care of the child. Yet, when it is cold out, many of us are guilty of automatically reaching for a cup of hot cocoa to soothe and warm ourselves and our little ones.

Here’s what’s terrible about that. One cup of cocoa can contain up to 24 grams of sugar. Which is the daily permissible limit for an adult woman. Sugar lowers a body’s immune system, leaving it weakened and less able to fight off contact with germs.

Keep your whole family’s immune system fully charged by replacing sugary treats with foods that help the immune system work as it should. Prevention lists the following foods as powerful immune system boosters:

  • yogurt
  • oats and barley
  • garlic
  • chicken soup
  • sweet potatoes
  • beef
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3. Treat SAD symptoms seriously.

Wondering why you or a member of your family is particularly mopey during winter? They might be experiencing SAD symptoms. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is depression that sets in most commonly during winter. Symptoms include typical signs of depression which fade when sunnier and warmer days return.

Causes of SAD have been linked to a disruption of the body’s natural circadian rhythm. A rhythm that is based on sunlight, and which our body uses to regulate our sleep patterns. Since winter has longer nights, the decrease in sun time can lead to sleep behavior that is different from the rest of the year.

Additionally, less sunlight can cause a drop in serotonin levels—the feel-good brain chemical.

Tempted to tell your kids to tough it out? Not so fast. Mayo Clinic suggests that if SAD is diagnosed early, treatments can help sufferers.

4. Keep the gratitude flowing.

Little ones driving you up the wall with their impatience for warmer weather? Perhaps you can’t wait for the day when they can, once again, play outside without risk of freezing?

Take a moment with your kids to count your blessings. Too old-fashioned for your taste? It still rings true today. Recent research has shown that those who expressed gratitude and felt thankful were better able to be patient. So, consider teaching thankfulness as a skill during the colder days, as it might help your crew be better at waiting for spring’s return.

Of course, there are other benefits to gratitude outside of increased waiting power. In an article published on, they list better sleep as one of the gains of grateful people.

Gratitude can also help guard against overeating. Something many of us need help with. Other results include happiness and less feelings of depression. You may also find yourself taking better care of you. A task many parents place on the backburner.

5. Find ways to keep the family active.

Yes, you might not want to leave the house, but there are still ways everyone in the family can stay active. For the parents, it might mean using the treadmill. For the kiddos, it might mean pulling out a trampoline, or allowing for some rough and tumble on the living room floor. Just don’t try to go without exercise.

One cause for the winter blues could be due to inactivity. When the body is up and moving, this releases feel-good chemicals to the brain that pump out feelings of well-being.

Besides, exercise is not only an immune system booster, but it also protects a person from a host of other health-related risks.

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Did You Know? Running Facts to Motivate You

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Mizuno. The opinions and text are all mine.

Did You Know? Running Facts to Motivate You

Today we are talking about running. The Holidays are here and many of you may be thinking about New Year Resolutions or after overeating you may be thinking about starting to run or even walk for a healthier start to 2018. I searched many resources along with facts I remember in my own head and I want to share the top ones that stick out to me. Motivation is key to success and hopefully these running facts will make you smile or make you more curious to take an extra step closer to starting a healthier routine.

  • Remember this name, Fauja Singh. He is the oldest marathon runner at 100 years old. He finished a marathon in Toronto in 8 hours, 25 minutes, 16 seconds.
  • I have seen in several readings that running 12-18 miles a week can leaves runners with a stronger immune system and are less prone to colds
  • Over 1 billion pairs of running shoes are sold worldwide every year
  • Like stair climbing? In the Great Wall of China Marathon, runners have to climb 5,164 steps (that’s not for me)
  • South African runner Zola Bud won two IAAF World Cross Country titles while running barefoot
  • The average exercise life of a running shoe is about 400 miles
  • The inside will wear faster then the outside in almost every running shoe (Don’t look at a car tire to judge the heath of a car. It’s the engine inside that can have the most problems) such as in the shoes lining or support system

What running shoe am I wearing now? My latest shoe is the Mizuno Wave Rider 21 running shoe. To me, a shoe that I have to ‘break in’ before I feel comfort is not the best running shoe. Like these Mizuno Wave Rider 21 shoes, they should support from the first time you put them on and that should feel comfortable to you.

Before I even stood up and took my first step in these shoes they were comfortable. I have the High Rise Greystone, but they come in 4 total colors – Patriot Blue-White, Baja Blue-Dazzling Blue and Athena-Siver. The redesigned Wave technology offers softer cushioning. Mizuno’s Dynamotion Fit features a breakthrough in “Triple Zone” engineered mesh for breathability, movement, and hold when it is needed while running.

These shoes are made to run and remain comfortable while offering the support your foot needs. Sounds simple, but it is hard to get style, comfort, support and breathability in one shoe. Some have support but rub and cause discomfort. Some shoes are comfortable until later that day when your feet begin hurting from lack of proper support. Some support and are comfortable but it lacks in style and color choices. Mizuno hit it all in one shoe. Know a runner? Share these with them. They may thank you later!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Mizuno. The opinions and text are all mine.

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Gift List Organizer – Free Printable

How organized are you right now with your gift giving regimen?

I thought so! Let me help you out and explain how I stay organized as I shop for those on my list. Christmas is a 2 day event for us. Both my husband and I have our families near with both of us within 60 miles of all parents, siblings and some uncles. 

Gift List Organizer - Free Printable

My husbands family hosts Christmas Eve and my family is Christmas Day so that leaves Christmas morning for our boys and us alone for Santa gifts and breakfast.

I need lists! I need ideas too so when I get them I need to keep them in one spot and with me while I shop. I know I can keep notes on my phone but I also use my phone for store apps and coupons so flipping between deals and notes is a pain sometimes.

Now there are a few tips to maximize your organizing when buying multiple gifts……

I kept the spaces wide. You can always print extra copies if you have more names and lines needed, but here is why the space is important. Take a look at my ‘actual’ lit for the kids i shop for (who won’t see this post so no worries about spoiling their gifts they will be getting)

List example

Keep scrolling to print your Gift List Organizer —>

Take Austin, my nephew for example. I sent him a text asking for ideas, he said he wants the game Destiny 2 and after confirming it wasn’t already bought by my SIL I told her he will get it from me. But, then one day I was at Ross and saw some Seahawks PJ pants on clearance and had to get them for him. He is a huge fan so I have 2 gifts to fit into the space. See I am not done with my nieces yet-I still need to pick up gift cards for them.

stay organized

Even your donations can be entered so it stays all together for your budget checks.

Keeping it neat is much batter for your organization so having this much space is just clean and better to look at. I use a binder like the one advertised below to take shopping with me to hold my lists, ads and savings coupons.

You will want these printed out and jot your ideas down as you head shopping. If you purchase, a quick cross out with a pen will keep you from having to remember when your knee deep in gifts days later and shopping that long night is a blur now.

I check the ‘Purchased’ box once I am done with that person. That feeling to see a check mark in every box of your entire list is such a fantastic feeling.

The cost section is for you. To look at and cringe or state your budget in advance. But, hopefully it’s there because you did better than expected and you beat your budget!

*Here it is! Click on the Gift List below and print your copies!*

Happy shopping!***

Shop smart and make sure you visit one of my go-to sites Cuckoo for Coupons. They are on it for on time sales at about every store out there! I always browse her site and take notes on who has the best price on what I need that week! New to couponing or using store apps-she has all your tutorials and info in the website too!

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3 Tips for Holiday Entertaining at Home

I have partnered with Sansi for the feature

Photo Source: Pixabay

Entertaining is stressful enough before throwing kids into the mix. The stress can be a good stress if you are organized and love to have friends and family over. We bought a new home this year and I finally have space to host my entire family, but have not volunteered quite yet for this year’s Holidays. For starter, I have never cooked a turkey! I would like to practice a few times first. Second, I am still making some changes to the new home.

One of the firs changes we made was lighting. The builders had real low-light LED bulbs all over the house and we took every one of them and changed for 5K LED so now our entire home is white and bright. Lighting truly plays with your mood and we love the brightness. Here are your 3 tips for holiday entertaining at home.

3 Tips for Holiday Entertaining at Home

Being able to entertaining successfully for the Holidays means starting now to make some changes. Waiting until the week of events to start planning is too late and will only bring unnecessary stress to you and your family.


As I mentioned above, we changed all the low (yellow-hue) LED lightbulbs for bright 5K in the ceiling lights bathrooms and lamps. What a difference? We found many great bulbs just on Amazon and had our lights changed over 3 days later. In my bathroom I used SANSI 150 Watt Equivalent LED Light Bulbs, A21 LED Bulbs, 2000 Lumens, 5000K Daylight bulbs. Look how great it looks. Not only does the lighting set the mood, but bright LED lighting makes photos much more appealing. I actually took a photo of my bathroom before and after changing the lighting. What a difference!


Now is the time to purge that holiday decor. Before moving into our new home I had a huge yard sale. I got rid of so much ‘old’ to make room for new. I remember sifting through my Holiday decor as I packed it up. I had garland so mangled it was not worth keeping. Ornaments with chipped paint and porch decor with folds and tears. Have you gone through your holiday decor like that? Now is the time to pitch or donate the older decor and replace with newer, fresh items to greet your guests at the door and porch.

Create a Holiday Entertaining board

I love searching Pinterest for unique decorating ideas as well as recipes and game ideas. As you browse ideas and recipes, keep a separate board so you can easily pull those articles back up when it is time to decorate and bake. After the party delete the pins that you maybe realize you won’t ever duplicate or were able to use so that next year you will still have access to the ones you needed again.

Freshening a space and having your ingredients and planning done early saves a lot of time and makes for a more pleasant day or evening with loved ones. Visit Sansi.

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Personalized Pet Gifts from ISeeMe

I have partnered with ISeeMe for this #HolidayGiftGuide Feature and received product

Personalized Pet Gifts from ISeeMe

Personalized Pet Gifts from ISeeMe

Have a pet to shop for or perhaps you will be gifting a dog to a loved one? Consider these personalized pet gifts from ISeeMe. Seriously! They are too adorable. The book is so much fun and it is completely customizable. The steps are very simple to get the book the way you’d like it.

Maya pet gift scarf

If My Dog Could Talk

The book, If My Dog Could Talk, is in a gift set that is perfect for handing off as a present. It comes with the personalized bandana. Maya is wearing hers in a size small.

pet gift book

In the story “Maya” (or your dog’s name) is exploring the world alongside humans. It is humorous and has plenty of mischief.

The last piece to the set is a personalized placemat. Maya is using hers under her food bowl.

How to Personalize your Book

You start by choosing from 12 dog styles and 4-5 color options. The dog’s name and family member’s names are written into the story and displayed in the illustrations. Celebrate your pet by adding a special message and photo on the dedication page. You can even make this book for a pet that has passed (with the story written in the past tense).

Know Before You Buy – Promo Code

In November, ISeeMe is partnering with the Humane Society of Missouri with the code HSMO. Use this code to receive 10% off your purchase (of anything, not limited to the Dog book), and they donate a percent of proceeds back to them at the end of the month.

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Shopping Jet For My Summer Patio Decor – Savings Code Inside #ShopPurple

Shopping Jet For My Summer Patio Decor - Savings Code Inside

This is such a busy summer for our family. We are currently in a hotel waiting for our home build to complete. I was dreading the hotel living for 4 weeks but now that we are here it has been fun having the down time. I have visions of how I want to style the new home and because it is summer I want to get my yard and porch set up fast. With a 9 year old into sports and water guns, my yard can become a mess real fast so having a decorative option for storing the summer toys that also can be used as a furniture piece is a must have in all social yard spaces.

I had a deck box in the previous house and we used it until it became too dirty to get clean. While shopping I wanted one that had a more functional look and not just a piece of storage so I browsed and hit the favorite (heart) button and a few of them. This way I can price shop. I came right back to after all as they had the one I wanted at a 48% savings. I also was able to set it up without any tools!

My Suncast Extra Large Patio Deck Box will hold 103 gallons. That means water guns, sports balls, bats, mitts, sprinkler sets and more will all fit into this box neatly tucked away and when I need a table top it is large and tall enough to use as an outdoor piece while entertaining.

What I love about shopping here is that depending on my buying needs such as the chance of a refund needed or if I pay by debit, etc.. I can get my price adjusted further. If I need more than 1 I can get a bulk discount on some items. Also it has a price tracker so I know when I hit my free shipping mark.

To top off the shopping features there are categories you can browse in and with the heat here I have been shopping the Summer Headquarters collection. Once I take care of my patio needs, I can shop for party planning when we do our house warming. I can find everything from fun water bottle labels to the soda and chips I need. It will be a busy process unpacking and decorating my new home so the idea of having drop will ship all of my party needs after my yard is ready is such a relief. The day that box comes and all I have to do is unpackage and set out the party supplies will be exactly the effort and energy I will have left in me. For now, I get the deck box to organize my patio and didn’t even have to lug it in and out of my car because I did not have to travel to the store to get it!

I have a sweet deal for you…

NEW TO JET.COM? You get to save 15% on your first 3 orders when you use the promo code SAVE15 “see site for details”.

New customers only. Min. $35 in eligible merchandise per order required. Max. discount $20 per order. Offer expires 9/1/2017 at 12:00 AM PST; if any of your first 3 orders are not placed by this date, they are not eligible for the discount. Excludes products marked as ineligible for promotion on the product display page. Offer cannot be applied to previous orders and cannot be combined with other offers or discounts. Offer is subject to change or cancellation. Void where prohibited. Brand, category and other restrictions may apply.

NOT NEW TO JET.COM? You still get all of the benefits and great prices they have to offer. I just got a birthday card from them and it had a promo code for me. Let me remind you of the advantages of shopping J:

• Free shipping over $35
• 2-day delivery with no membership fee on thousands of items
• 24/7 U.S.-based customer service
• Jet shows you items that can ship together so you can save money
• Buy multiples on Jet to save
• Waive returns on Jet to save”
Do you have an event coming up or yard space need? I challenge you to head on over and browse Jet! Let me know if you find what you were looking for in a quick comment below!