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You Can Still Order Personalized Gifts for Christmas

I have partnered with Bags of Love for feature

You Can Still Order Personalized Gifts for Christmas

It is only December 18th so you have a few days left to get personalized gifts made by Christmas. Bags of Love has a December 22 deadline for delivery by Christmas options and you can have a lot of fun creating gifts from bags, wall art, pillows and even aprons like the one I made.

I work part time in the kitchen at our local middle school. I was able to upload the official logo of our school and put it on an apron. The kids will love seeing their Falcon pride as I serve them their lunch. They wear their own wrestling, football, basketball tops on game and match days and now I can join in the team spirit with them.

I was very impressed with the thick material and wipeable inside. The strings are long enough to get a secure tie and plenty of room to wrap and protect your clothes and keep your surface sanitized.

The logo uploaded and came out very well. No flaws and it is a very clear image. The kids will love it. Of course, Bags of Love offers much more than just an apron. Take any logo, favorite movie print or image and personal photos and have them printed on a number of items. I have browsed many personal photo shops and this one has a huge selection of gift options compared to most others (over 400 products).


Mine arrived fast and I panicked I wouldn’t have it in time to get photos and share with you before you could order and send to loved ones but we are still safe. You can pick something today or the next 2-3 days and it can be created and sent in time. Take a look at Bags of Love now! They have expert craftsmen and artisans, including sewers, fashion designers, dressmakers, bookbinders and printers and they all work with their crew of marketers, customer service and developers, to produce stunning, personalized gifts everyone will love.

Gift Ideas, Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Holiday Gift Guide that Makes Memories

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Holiday Gift Guide that Makes Memories

Some of the best gifts are ones that help us keep memories all season long. It was just a week ago my HP Sprocket 2-in-1 camera arrived and I was so excited to use it. What I never thought about was how much my 9 year old son would love it. That photo paper that comes with the camera was gone in no time with 90% of the photos he took being of his puppy.

The best part is that Best Buy has the HP Sprocket 2-in-1 Camera and the paper and accessories you need to gift a complete package to a budding photographer. It is so easy to use that gifting to a 9 or 99 year old will allow them to capture and print some fun memories wherever they go.

Make memories with the HP Sprocket 2-in-1 Camera

If you order now at Best Buy you will have it by Christmas so hurry! What are the features? Take a look:

  • Pocket-size printer
  • Seamless Bluetooth connectivity
  • Up to 313 x 400 dpi (dots per inch) color resolution
  • Simple paper load
  • Easy social media printingBuilt-in 5 MP camera
  • HP Sprocket App

HP Sprocket Photo Paper is a 2″ x 3″ size and comes in packs of 20 or 50. Best Buy has the paper too you can order. The camera comes with the charging cord and some photo paper to start you of with.



HP Sprocket LED String Light Clips are a lot of fun. You can hang those instant prints up for a fun LED display. How sweet are the memories when strung across a room like this? Best Buy has these available as well.

Does that help you out? Do you know someone who would have a blast with this camera and the extra paper and LED light clips? Strat shopping, but hurry!


Gift Ideas, Holiday Gift Guide 2017

4 Popular Gift Ideas for Your Child’s Christmas Morning

I have partnered with Zing and Yulu for the popular gift ideas feature with samples sent

4 Popular Gift Ideas for Your Child's Christmas Morning

Popular Gift Ideas For the Stocking

Zing Dama: This is an evolved version of the KenDama  with the added concept of a yo-yo and Zing. It is built with a ball, ring, string and adjustable strap. The strap goes on your finger and how you catch the ball depends on your skill level. There are added LED lights to make it even more fun any time of the day. You can buy in stores and on Amazon.

Metal Chuckz: Like thumb chucks, these are coated in a softer “Metaltek” coating. No bloody knuckles for you with this coating. But, they are weighted and heavier than thumb chucks. So you can put your best skills into it.

Spin Circuits: Like a fidget spinner only way cooler. It is 3-pronged and the LED light system offers 20, YES TWENTY, different pre-programed patterns. Anthony likes to stack him with his other spinners and really put on a spinning show. We found some on Amazon.

A Gift for Under the Tree

Have you seen the Yulu games? These have become such a hit with my 9 year old. He owns Safe Breaker and now his newest game is Operation: Escape. These games are like a virtual escape room concept where the goal is to break in or break free. Operation: Escape is about breaking free. The Skill Challenge requires players to wiggle a key out from the bottom of a cage using sticks. The Strategy Challenge uses cards divided into 3 levels of difficulty. Find these popular gift ideas in stores and on Amazon.

Gift Ideas, Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Sonic Forces and Sonic Mania Video Game Gifts

I received the following for feature

video game gifts

Sonic fans rejoice because the classic video game along with gifts and an elevated version of the Sonic game are all available for the holidays. Sonic Mania is the classic version redone for you updated gaming systems – PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. Sonic Forces is also available on those game systems and is more fast paced action as Modern Sonic, catapult past perilous platforms as Classic Sonic, and use powerful new gadgets as their own Custom Hero Character.

sonic mania

You can purchase the Sega Mania and Sonic Forces video game in the following ways to gift this season:


Sonic Forces 

Anthony has had the chance to experience both Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces and here is his review from this 9 year old. Keep in mind he is aware that his Dad and I experienced the original Sonic Era and he loves when we share our games and play with him, but he was not a part of the original Sonic. He is of a new Sonic era and that is why Sonic Forces is brilliant.

Anthony talks about the new Sonic video game

I hope you enjoyed watching Anthony demonstrate Sonic Forces for you. Keep an eye out on fun Sonic video game themed items too!

Sonic Hats

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World Fashion Designers Products Available at Vida

Parenting Healthy has partnered with Vida for this fashion feature

World Fashion Designers Products Available at Vida

Who is Vida?

Notice I said ‘Who’ and not ‘What’ is Vida? Vida is a website featuring many manufacturers and fashion designers, creatives from all over the world. You get to shop unique fabrics, designs and gifts unlike any you will find in a mass retailer. I have shawls and pull overs, but none that are anything like my Magosja-Turkawski Sheer Wrap. I have many purses and none are like my 12th Man Seattle Building Clutch. Browsing the site is so much fun and there are so many great gift ideas for the fashion designers, art lovers and even just a woman who needs something extra special.

Seattle Pouch

This is the 12th Man Seattle Building Statement Clutch. Featuring a familiar skyline shot here in Seattle and for all of the Seattle Seahawks fans who are the 12th man I will be wearing this when we travel so I carry the spirit of my home city with me.

Vida Pouch 

Not just simply is it an image of the Seahawks, but the beauty of the skyline spread across the fabric. This piece is from Laurie Littlefieldwells’ collection. She is a photographer in Seattle and the print is on canvas and includes genuine leather. There is a small pocket inside for a storage compartment View her entire collection here!

Seattle Fashion

How beautiful is the fabric and colors below of my sheer wrap? This is from the Magosja Turkawski collection. Magosja is illustrator and designer from Amsterdam. All of her scarfs, tees and wraps have these gorgeous reds and blues.

Vida Sheer Fabric

This wrap is labeled as the Red Rocks Sheer Wrap. I love that it is so light and airy. It looks great even over a pair of comfy jeans. Instantly you are wearing elegance once you slip your arms through. Like wearing a piece of watercolor art stitched together by fashion designers.

Vida Top

Find a local artist or one for your favorite part of the world and you can wear and tote around pieces of inspiration and creativity from artists, fashion designers and illustrators, even photographers. Visit Vida and sign up as a member so you get sent the latest products and deals.

Beauty, Clothing, Gift Ideas, Holiday Gift Guide 2017

4 Holiday Gifts For Mom

I have partnered with the following brands for this holiday gifts feature

4 Gift Ideas for Mom

Holiday Gifts for Mom

Some of the best gifts I get are those simple everyday products that I need to reach for but can feel guilty spending the budget on. Whether it is a comfy pair of lounge pants to end my day or a wine set to relax with, it is the simple gifts that get the best use. Consider these 4 holiday gifts ideas from American Made, Philosophy, Joico and Thoughtfully.

American Made gifts

Are you wondering why you would wrap Mom a pair of jogger pants? I’ll tell you why. Once Christmas is over and we have begun to put gifts away from the kids and family and have clean up to do, we look at our gifts and see those brand new, comfy pants. We grab those up, rip off the tags and put on those brand new joggers and we always feel great and relaxed in them. I can’t speak for every Mom, but I love looking in my room after a holiday and seeing brand new beauty products and comfy clothes sitting there waiting to be used. These are the French Terry Jogger Pants from American Made.

Joico Gifts

What is the first thing you do with a new shampoo or conditioner bottle in your hand? Do you open it to smell also? That is what I always do. Not that shampoo should be judged by its aroma, but a clean smelling shampoo is so refreshing at those 10 (I mean 2 or 3) minutes of shower time the kids give us. I love Joico and now there are gift sets available that gets Mom the Shampoo, Conditioner and other Joico products all in one gift box. JC Penney and Amazon have some available.

Thoughtfully Gifts

Thoughtfully. What a better name to give to these gift sets that are stories in a box. From gifts for men, women, wine lovers, readers and more these sets are beautifully packaged. Take this Cheers to Art set for wine lovers, it comes with wine glasses, canvas, paints, candies and more. Excellent holiday gifts under $50 packed with love and fine things for Mom. If you have to mail your gift this is a great way to shop. They will send it packaged beautifully for her.


If you love getting bath and body holiday gifts but the aisles and aisles of brands and product overwhelm you, I can help. Philosophy can be found in many retailers and online and is a great brand! You really can’t go wrong with their products. Trust me! Mom will have a moment to herself and look over on her bathroom counter to lotions, bath wash and wipes calling her name for a moment of pampering. She will open them and use them. A shower gel and bubble bath called Pajamas? How can you go wrong?

Philosophy Gifts

Purity Wipes