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Featuring Honest® Tea for National Fair Trade Month

I have partnered with Honest Tea for the feature

October is full of recognition from Breast cancer to Non-GMO month. Did you know October is also Fair Trade Month? What does that mean? Simply put, we can stop to focus on who and where our products come from. In our part of the world we can celebrate brands like Honest® Tea and the retailers who support such brands; who support safe working conditions and the Farmers who crop without chemicals and pesticides.

When retailers and brands support these farms they can stay in business. No longer are the days where one could not afford sustainable products against factories and farms practicing recklessly for mass production. As consumers we want our food to come from safe places and we don’t want another human treated inhumanly to get us our products. We just don’t want to support that and the brands and retailers are listening. I can find sustainable brands right beside any other brand in my local grocery store.

My son is allowed to choose 2-3 lunches at school and the rest we make at home. Honest® Tea pouches for kids are always in my fridge ready for lunch days, neighbor kids when they are over, snack day for the soccer game and even all summer. They have plenty of flavor options so I can rotate flavors to give him variety. Honest® Tea products are USDA Organic-certified with sustainable ingredients and fair-trade certified cane sugar and tea.

Honest® Tea is the #1 organic tea in the U.S. and their products are:

  • Fair Trade Certified
  • Zero Calories per Bottle
  • USDA Organic
  • NON GMOs
  • Gluten Free
  • Kosher
  • Available in flavored Honest Tea, Honest Sport and Kids pouches

So, let’s celebrate these brands all year long! Start with Honest® Tea by visiting their website for more information.

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An Easy Way To Make Cocktails with Herb & Lou’s Infused Cubes

I have partnered with Herb & Lou’s Infused Cubes for this feature


An Easy Way To Make Cocktails with Herb & Lou's Infused Cubes

Would you call yourself a bartender in the sense that you know how to make the drinks your guests may request in a moments notice? I know rum & coke and screwdrivers and that’s about the extent of my cocktail recipe brain. I typically shop mixers because they at least include the written recipes on the bottles to guide me. Hardly do we all get together as friends and not enjoy some drinks in the evening. I typically buy random beverages and pull out my liquor and let my guests fend for themselves and even then I am sure I am leaving out some essential mixer option until I discovered Herb & Lou’s Infused Cubes.


Making cocktails is so fool proof even I can manage to make a great drink. It is so simple to do. Here is a bit of the packaging. Once you get your cubes you will store them in the freezer.


Step 1: Freeze the box of cubes

Step 2: Set up your bar with choices of different spirits for your guests. Set out some glasses, a cocktail shaker, sliced lemons and oranges and easy access to those frozen Herb & Lou’s Infused Cubes.

Step 3: add a frozen cube to your spirit of choice-in this one I chose the Blood Orange-Ginger to mix with some local distilled gin. Shake the 2 together in your cocktail shaker and pour over ice (or not if you like it straight).

Step 4: Enjoy! It’s that easy. The Herb & Lou’s Infused Cubes are pre-mixed with the finest of ingredients. And for the non-alcoholic beverage just mix a cube with some seltzer. The flavors are so delicious

  • The Clyde: Peach with Benedictine-Inspired Herbs and Artisanal Bitters
  • The Cecile: Cucumber and Watermelon with Clover Honey and Thyme
  • The Cooper: Blood Orange-Ginger Old Fashioned


With the Holidays around the corner what a great product to keep in your freezer and have on hand for those dinner parties. I found some at my local Barnes & Nobles as they do make great gift ideas! Check the retail locator near you by visiting the website. You can also order on Amazon.

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Make Any Beer Taste Better with the New Fizzics Waytap

I have partnered with Fizzics for this feature

Make Any Beer Taste Better with the New Fizzics Waytap

As we settle into our new home, the final step to settling in is welcoming friends and family over. With everyone’s schedules we have a few small evenings planned to try and entertain as many friends as possible and allow them into our home. The last get together with family we pulled out our Fizzics Waytap at the bar. It really intrigued the beer drinkers and I can tell by the look on their faces they felt this was just a fancy bar decor that can’t possibly make their beer taste that much better and then I put their beer bottle into the Fizzics Waytap and all doubts were erased because it really makes any beer taste better!



You may have seen the original Fizzics that was pretty bulky and promised that great draft beer from a tap taste. It delivered but was a bit of a monster on the counter tops. The Fizzics Waytap is a new slimmer portable size and comes in white, slate and black. I am not one to clutter space and cupboards so this new design is more my style and more often than not I get compliments from friends that the look is modern and very nice out on the counter.

You don’t need any special brew-take your favorite beer in a bottle and put it in the Fizzics. It is battery operated so no cords or charging needed. You then grab a beer mug and tilt as you do your pour by pulling the tap forward. Once it stops or at about 3/4 full you then push the tap back for that micro-foam that gives that beer tap look and taste.

When it comes to drinks and food with friends I love to focus on quality. I will spend days preparing for guests. I like to try new recipes and new beers. Living near Seattle we have so many local beers in our stores and get togethers are a great time to introduce new seasonal and local brews and spirits. I have certain brand liquor I will or won’t buy and I even want the food I serve to be fun and want people to gather around the table. The Fizzics is more than just a better tasting beer but the beer looks and smells better too. Do you see the difference in the photo above?

Do you know that annoying feeling when someone hand pours you beer and your first few sip are a mouthful of foam or you have to wait until that foam subsides to start sipping? Once you pour using the Fizzics Waytap you have that foam but as you sip, the smaller bubbles allows your beer through and you get that fresh beer sip without a mouthful of foam. That was a big difference I had noticed when comparing to hand poured beer. All of our family that tried it loved the taste. It was a bit less bubbly than right out of the bootle. It was so smooth and the aromas really come through even on an average brand beer.


Even if you think you may not care about the difference in taste and appearance I really encourage you to try the new Fizzics Waytap. It won’t interfere with the decor of your kitchen and it is hard to send you the taste and aroma without any taste-o-vision from here so you can experience the difference for yourself. So you will just have to trust me. I have about 3 family members so excited after trying this that I now have a great holiday gift idea for them all! You can find these at retailers like Amazon and even QVC had a great price that may still be available and of course you can find it at the Fizzics website.

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Drinking Snapple Straight Up Tea – Giveaway

received this product for free from Smiley360 in exchange for my honest review.

Drinking Snapple Straight Up Tea - Giveaway

Iced tea remains a popular summer drink and Snapple has a new variety to offer. This is the Snapple Straight Up Teas. I found mine at my local Target tore. The name says it all…a tea with natural ingredients and no artificial additives.

[bctt tweet=”Have you tried #StraightUpatTarget Enter to win some. Giveaway ends 7/5. ” username=”3sonshavei”]

Snapple Straight UP Teas come in a variety of flavors,

  • Sorta Sweet
  • Sweet
  • Unsweetened
  • Roobios
  • Honey Green

Near the juice and teas in the appropriate aisle I found 2 of the flavors, Sweetened and Unsweetened. My husband prefers unsweetened and he liked it a lot. I need sweetness so the Sweet tea was so delicious. You get the sweetness it tells you it provides and the refreshing aftertaste.

I was given several extra Snapple goodies to giveaway. 3 Readers will win 5 VIP coupons for Snapple Straight Up Tea. Enter below. Open to US and ends on 7/5. Good luck!


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DIY Care Packages for those in Need and those that Help – Giveaway

I am a Premier Protein Ambassador and they are featured in this post as sponsored #TheDayIsYours

Care packages are packages that show you care as the name states. Whether you want to help out someone in need, comfort someone who you are apart from or reward those that help, putting together a care package can offer some much needed items to help someone out.

We keep homeless care packages in the back of the car. Whether we box up leftovers at a restaurant or hand over a care package it gives those in need some comfort and necessities that I would hope gets them by. I change the homeless DIY care packages up for different seasons. Then if my son is with me I encourage him to grab a bag from the trunk and we make a new friend and hand him or her a bag. We get a thank you and my son adopts a prideful smile and we check stock to see how many more we have for the next encounter whenever that may be.

DIY Care Packages for those in Need and those that Help

In the winter our homeless packages include gloves, cough drops hand warmers. In the summer I include chapsticks and moist wipes to cool down a hot and sweaty face. If I can come across small sunscreen samples I may include that too. I typically make up 4-5 at a time. Sometimes I can hand out 2 a week and sometimes it can be 2 weeks before I cross paths with someone who can use one. No matter the season I always have a water bottle, extra pair of socks, bandaids, Kleenex, a toothbrush and a nutrition bar. I may add more depending on what I can round up to add with these items.

These last packs we made include Premier Protein bars. What a great bite of nutrition on a long day. They are coated in yogurts and chocolates but it is a thin coating and they seem to hold up well when in a warm car for a bit. They don’t turn to goo and mush so these bars are great to add in the summer as well as winter.

Another care package I assemble every year are volunteer bags. I am on the PTA Board and our biggest event of the year at the school is the June Water Carnival. We need so many volunteers for this event-close to 60! So, leading up to the long day I make DIY volunteer care packages that are handed out when our volunteers check in. The event chair types out instructions for the volunteers depending on their task and we insert those into the bags. Also included are a name badge, a lei (this helps us find volunteers in a sea of children and teachers), snacks and a bottle of water for them to have on hand.

Like the homeless packages, I include nutrition bars. This year Premier Protein graciously provided me with bars to give to our volunteers. This saves on the PTA budget and gives the parents that protein without artificial additives they need in delicious flavors. Thank you Premier Protein for being apart of these packages for such deserving people-in need or just helping out.

The Giveaway

1 lucky reader will win a Premier Protein package. Ends 6/30/2017. Open to US and 18+. Good luck

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Brooklyn Bean Roastery CocoMocha Review and Giveaway

Thank you to Brooklyn Bean Roastery for the partnership on this feature

Brooklyn Bean Roastery CocoMocha Review and Giveaway

With spring ending and summer beginning this month it is time to change your coffee flavor. Yes! I said change your coffee flavor and why not? With so many flavor choices and coffee strengths there is enough to change flavors every season of the year. Nothing goes together better than coconut and summer. The aroma of beach, coconuts and the warmth of the sun and long days. Cocomocha coffee from Brooklyn Bean Roastery is my summer flavor.

I have to admit that I was skeptical about coconut and coffee and perhaps drinking it without my trusty creamer giving me the sweetness I crave in my coffee. I cannot think of another coffee flavor I’ve tried where I don’t need my creamer prior to trying this coffee. It is a limited, seasonal coffee.

The box has 40 K-Cup pods and retails about $24 on Amazon and it is a Prime qualifier so you can be enjoying a cup within the next 48 hours. Of course they have many other flavors and strengths of coffee and cocoa to choose from.

The Giveaway

1 lucky reader will win a box of Cocomocha coffee from Brooklyn Bean Roastery. Open to US, ages 18+ and must not have won their coffee in another giveaway in the last 90 days. Ends 6/25. Good luck!