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A&E Network New Docuseries Premiere Undercover High Debuts January 9

A&E Network New Docuseries Premiere Undercover High Debuts January 9

7 Adults ages 21-26 go back to High School! Why? Because times have changed, social media is a massive new presence and it takes stepping in undercover to get into their world as High Schoolers today. The location used is Highland Park High School in Topeka, Kansas. Only very few select staff and community members are aware of these undercover adults spending a semester in the High School. In fact, the undercover adults are not even aware they are 1 in 7!

A&E took a huge step with Undercover High into attempting to understand the world our teens live in about 180 days a year. With cell phones in hand almost at all times, with disrespect flowing like lava from an active volcano these 7 adults will try to blend in and make friends, join clubs and really get try to engage with the students as a peer. Even in the very first episode it is shocking what one social media chat discovers for one of the female undercover adults. Right away, one conversation among many young men involve some serious discussions with school adults.

You won’t want to miss it! Can you even imagine life today as a High Schooler? I can’t and even after watching the series myself ahead of you, it is still hard to believe what our youth endure everyday at school. Maybe this will bring some change and discussions. All the things students DON’T tell adults will become exposed. That could bring some amazing changes.

Parents! Watch This! January 9, 2018 with your tween and teen.

I am excited to see how this docuseries can perhaps bring awareness, care and change to our schools struggling to keep up with today’s world and the social media that highly influences it, for the good and bad.

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Rocket: A Journey Through the Pages Book

A copy was sent for feature

Rocket: A Journey Through the Pages Book

By: Mike Vago

Need more ideas for the kids this season? How about a book that will take them on a journey through space. Follow the rocket with each turn of the page, around comets and planets and learn while they explore.

Rocket: A Journey Through the Pages Book

The book is for ages 4-8 and you can actually manipulate the rocket. It is 14 pages long and makes a great gift idea!

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Pet Me Multiplication and Division Math Board Game for Kids

I have partnered with Logic Roots for samples and feature

Logic Roots Pet Me Multiplication and Division Math Board Game

Anthony is in the 4th grade and knee deep into multiplication and division, They have been working on dividing 2×4 digits and multiplying large numbers as well. Having tools to practice at home is crucial. The first week of class he was so bummed when he kept bringing home homework papers filled with 1×1 multiplication problems. “Mom! This is easy. Why do we do like hundreds of these problems every week?”

Last week as he was doing his multiplication homework I reminded him about how upset he was wit the redundant work he had the beginning of the year. “The reason you did those over and over again was to make multiplying 1 digit at a time easier. Now that you are multiplying 3-4 in one problem it makes it faster and bit easier to learn to solve.” Now he got it.

division practice

It’s a lot of work sorting out those long division and multiplication problems at this age. Pet Me is here to help. It makes it so much more fun to practice math then those boring white sheets of papers with letters in black to solve with a pencil. He still has to do his homework sheets but just before bedtime we do our “fun” learning time.

math game

Pet Wonderland is full of adorable puppies, kittens and parrots. The theme of the game is a walk in the park. You will win many hearts as you feed them and meet them all. The goal of the game is to win the most hearts. It is about dividing food and love up equally.

Other players check the math and make sure each player is distributing evenly to the animals they encounter. Then sometimes you get an uneven equation and have remainders left over. It is all about landing on spots where the animals are not already adopted (fed) and claim them with hearts earned.

Pet Me game

Pet Me is one of several math games by Logic Roots and is great for ages 8+. There are more choices for this age and younger. You can find math sheets too for age-appropriate and subject practice.

You can buy on Amazon too!

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Utopia 360° 4D+ Augmented and Virtual Reality bundles

I was sent sample for feature of the Utopia Space bundle

Utopia 360° 4D+ Augmented and Virtual Reality bundles

It is STEM and fun built into 1 box. For the space, dinosaur and animal lovers comes an augmented reality experience to enjoy on your tablet and phone. See images in 4-D from your tablet and then take a 360 virtual reality tour with the included VR glasses and your phone. This means that if the phone isn’t handy, you can still learn and explore with a tablet. Just download the app and have a space to set your cards down on a flat surface. Let’s explore our space set a bit….

The bundle includes the Utopia 360° VR glasses. We can even use the included glasses for other VR apps we have from watching 360° movies to playing games.

You also get a set of 26 interactive cards. These cards explore space, missions and vehicles related to exploring the planets. Use the tablet to get that 4D view and use the glasses to learn more including stats and facts as you choose a planet or product to view.

You can even take a 360° tour of the International Space Station. Use your camera button to snap screenshots too and see your real life objects in space photos.

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With the 4D+ Animal Zoo you can use food cards beside animal cards and watch the animals find the food and feed. There is an interactive spelling quiz and learn the alphabet and animal names & sounds. With the 4D+ Dinosaur Experience you can capture photos with dinosaurs, use the glasses to walk with the dinosaurs and learn facts and explore 3D archives. You can find all of the ReTrak sets at retailers and online at Amazon too.

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Q Wunder Helps Children With Social and Emotional Skills

I have partnered with Q Wunder for this feature. Product was sent

Q Wunder Helps Children With Social and Emotional Skills

Q Wunder is an entire system of products by EQtainment that is here to help parents and professionals make children happier by working on the social and emotional skills that every child truly needs help with at some point in life. Whether you have a special needs child or a child who experienced trauma or a life changing event has occurred these are great tools to help your child cope.

Edit: Right now you can find Q Wunder prizes will be featured in Chick-fil-A® Kid’s Meals. While supplies last.


The Q Wunder Tools

Q Wunder uses episodes to watch, music and games all along the same theme and continuing story and topics your child will relate to. Q is a monkey. Q is very intelligent but he can use some help at times learning the right way to talk to people and can let his feelings and emotions get away from him sometimes. The tools of the Q Wunder system allows us to go alongside Q and learn and grow.

  • Q-Time Buddy: He is the lovable monkey plush that when held and played with can offer children a simple way to develop focus and attention span with a simple breathing exercise they will learn about
  • Q’s Race to the Top (Board Game): help Q race to the top of his tree house by answering questions and performing fun actions. The questions are designed to promote feeling identification and verbalization, manners, social skills, creative thinking, balance, and coordination
  • Q’s On-The-Go Pack: 90 question and action cards in a convenient carrying case
  • Q’s Wild Ride CD & Book: Q races to the ballpark on his hovercraft but he will learn some lessons along the way and your child can follow along too
  • Q’s Coloring Book: Just some added fun about Q’s journeys
  • Q Wunder App: there is even more to do within the app as well as see your child’s progress through the shows and games

How to use Q Wunder

First, I would start by downloading the app and creating an account. A story at bedtime and some cuddling with the Q-Time Buddy then some game play and coloring make for a well-rounded lesson on those social and emotional skills.


The app has an interactive kids show, fun games, fun songs and bonus features including some celebrities you and your child will recognize. Parents will find podcasts with well-known guests, parenting resources. Start with a short quiz about your child so that their app world is set up right for them and start playing and growing. The books, board games and plush are the fun additions to complete this system.


More fun with Q Wunder

“The show episodes and app feature Sofia Dickens, Chief Creative Officer of EQtainment and former video correspondent for the Emmy Award–winning quiz show, Jeopardy!, and anchored the nation’s largest youth news source, Channel One News, along with her celebrity guests, such as Michael Strahan, Nick  & Vanessa Lachey, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, David  & Christina Arquette, Willie Robertson and many more!”

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Best Buy Holiday Toy Choices

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Best Buy Holiday Toy Choices

It’s here! The 2017 Best Buy Holiday Toy Guide has all the hot toys that I know my son has on his wish list. Anthony is 9 and it is all about gaming and building for him. While looking through the Best Buy toy catalog that came in my mailings I saw a few of his wish list items that will be available through one of our favorite stores to shop at for the boys.

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Sphero R2D2

The best way to find out what he is looking for is to hand him the toy catalog and so I gave him a sharpie and told him he can mark the top choices he sees inside. His eyes lit up as he turned every page. I also saw a few toys we already own and love. I was excited to see the BOSEbuild Speaker Cube. Anthony was gifted this last year and we had a blast building his own bluetooth speaker. It still gets daily use and he loves showing his friends how he built it himself.

They also have the Sphero SPRK+ that he was given last spring for his birthday and loves to roll it around the house and program it. These 2 items I can speak for personally and should get a lot of use by the child you are gifting to.

Laser Tag

Anthony’s Best Buy Holiday Toy Choices

What are Anthony’s top picks? The Nintendo Switch! That is what he has been asking for the most along with some games for it. He also circled the Recoil Laser Tag Starter Set. Our neighbor has this set and they played with it several times over the end of summer and he has been wanting his own. He also circled the Sphero BB-8 and R2D2 app-enabled Droids. His game room is Star Wars theme so he likes to build and display anything Star Wars related in the room on his shelves.

Want to see the entire guide for yourself? You can find toys that educate, focus on STEM and entertain for hours. Visit the Best Buy toy catalog!