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Best Features Of The New Google Pixelbook Chromebook a Best Buy

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Best Features Of The New Google Pixelbook Chromebook a Best Buy

Is it time to trade in your laptop for a Chromebook? Do you know what the main difference is? A Chromebook is a laptop in a bit of a different standard. Instead of Windows 10 or macOS, Chromebooks run Google’s Chrome OS. They are designed with most applications and documents living in the cloud. So in a sense when you are laptop shopping you are either looking for a laptop, Chromebook or Macbook. It will depend primarily on what operating system you want and the handling of apps.

For instance, if you are looking for a laptop style for your child or teen, Chromebooks are great because at that age they are so app happy and Chromebooks are great for that. But, there are many other reasons you may want to shop for a Chromebook and if you love the newest trends and models, the new Google Pixelbook may be the right choice for you.


What makes the new Google Pixelbook a standout?

  • The first laptop with Google Assistance built in
  • Ultra thin design – just 10.3mm. The 360° touchscreen and 4-in-1 design lets you sketch, edit, watch movies and more
  • The latest security and software features with its Chrome OS power
  • Updates are done automatically in the background
  • Starts up in under 10 seconds
  • Up to 10 hours on a single charge
  • Sold Separately: Pixelbook Pen1: a smart and responsive pen available to enhance your work and play

What about using Apps on the Google Pixelbook?

Let’s just name a few familiar apps easily worked on with your Google Pixelbook: Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Gmail, Photos and more including YouTube Red and Google Play Movies to enjoy even without Wi-Fi.

Now You do need internet connection to always work on your Chromebook. However, any movies, etc you download can be watched without Wifi making travel handy as ever.

Save on the Google Pixelbook at Best Buy

From March 25-April 7, 2018 you can save $100 on this Chromebook! Head on in so they can show you even more and decide if it is time to upgrade to the new Google Pixelbook at Best Buy.

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Singing Machine’s Wise Ol’ Owl Blackboard Calculator – Video Review

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Singing Machine's Wise Ol' Owl Blackboard Calculator - Video Review

Math help! Do you need it? With homework to homeschool work we do our best to help our child, but many times we need that trusty old calculator just to make sure we guided them correctly. The Singing Machine’s Wise Ol’ Owl Blackboard Calculator makes learning and checking your work fun. It is an owl that speaks to you.

math help

When Anthony does his math homework I have one rule – no calculators. There will be a point in higher levels of math one day where the work is calculator driven, but for now I want him problem solving without the easy help. With his division and multiplication he needs to learn in the same way he will be tested. Because they cannot use a calculator on his tests in class he needs to know how to solve without one. His grades show me it is the right decision. However, he loves having a calculator handy to check his own work at after he solves the problems.

This calculator has many functions listed below:

  • Basic Multi-function: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
  • Blackboard calculator sounds when buttons are pressed
  • Language function to learn math in three languages: English, French, and Spanish
  • Large LCD display for easy viewing
  • Colorful soft rubber keys make homework time fun
  • Auto shut off after about 4 minutes of inactivity
  • Battery operated

>>Anthony shows you more and offers his subscribers a giveaway!

Enter the giveaway below. One lucky reader will win this very unit we have featured. To get your own Wise Ol’ Owl Blackboard Calculator, visit HERE! Enter below for the giveaway. Open to US and ages 13+. Good luck!

Free Giveaways

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New Teenage Drivers – 3 Things To Go Over with Them Before Their First Solo Drive

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New Teenage Drivers - 3 Things To Go Over with Them Before Their First Solo Drive

The third boy is 6 years away from driving while the older 2 have been driving a few years already. A teen learning to drive is about the most nerve wrecking of our parenting phases. It can be bittersweet as we fear them hitting the roads solo yet we now have an extra driver for errands and pick ups which is nice. Having taught 2 boys and eventually the third, I can look back and know that they not only survived the teen years, but survived driving through the teen years.

Drivers Ed teaches them the bulk of hat they need to know as drivers, but as parents we have to finish that off with a few rules and tips of our own before their first solo drive. Before this day even comes we have some tasks such as finding the best and safest cars for our teens. has the Best of 2018 Car Awards to help you get a feel of what makes these the best cars to own right now. Here are 3 things to go over with them before their first solo drive!

Driving is a privilege NOT a right

We used this phrase from their practice drives to their solo drives. Driving is a privilege and NOT a right! It can easily be explained with less eye rolling from them if you help them visualize their expectations and consequences like this.

We would tell the boys our honest feelings, that we are very nervous and a bit scared letting them go. We assured them we love them “…and because we want to protect them handing over keys is like handing you the end of a rope. On one end is US and and the other end is YOU. YOU get so much slack to start off and as long as you obey curfew and rules, the slack will be there for you. But, as soon as you break the rules we get to pull in that slack. If it gets pulled in enough, we control both ends of that rope and you hand over the keys. Obey often and keep within the rules and we can let even more slack out giving you more freedom as time goes by.” This type of conversation is a great analogy for them and typically they should respond well if they understand why the rules are most important (because you love and protect them) and that there is a potential to earn more freedoms yet there is a point you may need the keys back for a bit.


Technology Is On Our Side

Before you think I am going to make your child feel like a prisoner of being watched and tracked by their every move, understand that we have the ability to track their every move! When the middle son began driving this technology was just coming out and we used it. The 2 important options you can use with your new driver are: tracking and online usage viewing from your cell providers app. Tracking is a great tool to not only feel comforted you know where your teen is but it is a great way to send them off with a constant reminder that driving is NOT a right but a privilege. I would never track your child without their knowledge and let them know you respect them enough to never do that without being transparent about it, however have rules up front if they turn their phones off at certain times to disrupt the tracking. No teen ever turns off their phone unless absolutely necessary so if it is 8pm and they are “out with friends” and their phone is off? Hmmmm?! Make sure they know you just pulled in a lot of slack on that driving rope and another incident means the keys are yours!

The second piece of technology is your cell providers app. Why? Here is how we used it when they were new drivers. It’s simple-when you set your rules the most imperative is distracted driving like no cell phones, crowded car or blaring music so they can concentrate on the roads. So when I knew my ‘bonus’ boys were (say) leaving their Mom’s house to drive to ours which was about a 20 minute drive, a little peek at the app once their arrival time is noted will show you if they sent a text or message during their drive time. There were those moments we got to pull in slack because they had no good excuse for the text sent outbound 10 minutes into their drive home?!



In helping the boys through drivers ed, I noticed something. Weather was a very short mention in the book. Please take the time if it is harsh weather to remind them about distance and stop time. Not to mention that the biggest concern for them needs to be OTHER drivers so they need to remember to keep their head up and stay alert for others who may be having issues and keep distant. Also, remind them to NOT get out of their car in trouble spots unless very necessary because if they had problems on that road then others will too and they are sitting ducks for a car coming along that loses control near your child standing in the way. It sounds like common sense, but remember their age and ability to think these things through in an instant are not as sharp as it is for us adults!

For more car buying and driving advise, visit It is so great to have these sites to guide us and make sure we have checked all our parental boxes before our teen hits the roads.


Coping With The Cost of College

Coping With The Cost of College
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College is expensive.  Even if you put the tuition fees to one side, you then have rent, living expenses, travel costs and so on… indeed, the prospect of sending their kids to college can be a real uphill struggle for many families and whilst it’s nice to provide in the form of college care packages, tackling the almighty cost of college isn’t something most families can manage – which is why this article looks at a number of inventive ways to make an extra income whilst at college.

Before that, it should be mentioned that if you’re looking for a more frugal way to receive a decent college education, the majority of major universities are now offering distance learning opportunities; even internationally – as an example Aston University, a leading university in England offer a business management degree by distance learning that would save a huge amount of money in terms of travel, accommodation and daily living expenses.  

In any event, it’s always good for students to earn some extra income to help fund their studies and lifestyle, so here are five simple ideas to inspire you to take action.


A quite enjoyable way to make money is to treasure hunt around thrift stores and yard sales, looking for items that you know have a strong desire on eBay.  Often, people aren’t aware of the value that’s in amongst the vats of items in thrift stores and with a bit of careful research and rummaging around boxes, you can find some incredible high profit deals.


Lots of people have items that are “free to a good home”, presuming you have the means and manpower to come and pick them up.  You could simple use eBay, but If you match this with people putting requests in the ‘want to buy’ sections of newspapers and online listings, such as Craigslist this will be the most efficient and reliable way to ensure you are gathering items that you can sell on; after-all, you don’t want to have to rent out a storage unit just to put things nobody wants in storage.  The most expensive aspect of this set-up is having a vehicle large enough to transport the items, but this can pay for itself, if on top of the sale price for the item, you are able to charge a few dollars for delivery to the new customer.


There’s a limit to how much you can make doing this, as there is a restriction to how many times a week you can attend, but typically your time investment would be around three hours per week in order to make $250 to $350 per month.  Understandably, this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but it’s a rewarding way to make money on the basis your blood plasma is necessary to help fuel life saving operations.


Babysitting can be easy money.  If you’re lucky, the kids will be asleep most the time, and you’ll get free time in someone’s home to study or earn even more income by, as an example, being paid to browse websites or answer online questionnaires.


Whilst this is clearly restricted to three seasons of the year, if you charge $25 per lawn, and mow ten lawns a week (basically a weekend’s work) you’ll make $250 per week – that’s a $1,000 per month… and the best part of this, is that once you get regular customers, you can build up a monthly ‘round’ of appointments that generates a reliable stream of income; and doesn’t require you constantly getting new customers.

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Valentine’s Gift Ideas For Your Child’s Teacher

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Valentine's Gift Ideas For Your Child's Teacher

I know! We had back to school with the new teacher and Christmas was just last month and now I am telling you of Valentine’s gift ideas for your child’s teacher. As a daughter of a teacher I can’t stress enough how much money out-of-pocket your child’s teacher is putting into the classroom. From most of the decor to rewards and more. The more years a teacher teaches they eventually accumulate a lot and for the newer teachers they are just starting out. To give gifts that help the teacher do good in class is much appreciated.

teacher tote (1)

Besides all the work your teacher outs into the classroom atmosphere and systems she sets up for the kids she has to go home with her work. Papers to correct and lessons to plan are more plentiful than the hours in class with no kids allow for her or him to get it all done. You can help them out with these totes from Teacher Peach.

This Teachers Rock Canvas Boat Tote is the perfect tote for all of those lose papers. It holds a lot and zips up to keep it all confined for transporting. I just love all the words and designs Teacher Peach offers on these bags.

TeacherPeach logo

While stocking up for class Valentine’s Day cards, how about cards the teacher can use as well for the kids. Only these Positive Postcards can be used all year long. How proud would your child be to come home with one of these cards in their hands?

class cards

Head on over and see all of the teacher and classroom gifts at Teacher Peach! They are great for year round gifting!

vday gifts


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Imaginate and Learn with Children’s Book: The Cozies: The Legend of Operation Moonlight

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Imaginate and Learn with Children's Book: The Cozies: The Legend of Operation Moonlight

The Cozies: The Legend of Operation Moonlight

By: T.L. Fischer

Imaginate and Learn with Children’s Book: The Cozies: The Legend of Operation Moonlight. IN this boom we take a journey with 6 creatures, all whom are figments of our imagination. Each creature has its own characteristic and shape. They work to comfort children and in this story, one human child they are watching over is kidnapped. Under the leadership of a brave Cozy named Musetta, these invisible beings find that they can make a difference. They prove that one can overcome a feeling of helplessness through a combination of imagination and action.

Imaginate and learn with the Cozies #childrensbooks #read #book

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So head to Amazon and get your copy sent or downloaded today!

Love children book reviews? Find more HERE!