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Homesick Soy Candles That Remind You Of Home

Homesick Soy Candles That Remind You Of Home

In the summer of 1992 I was told we were moving from Northern California Bay Area to Washington State. In 1992 we had no cell phones or Facebook so the thought of moving the summer before Sophomore year in high school was devastating to me. I would leave my good friends I have been in school with 9+ years and would have to be the new kid in a strange high school. I also would be moving away from my cousins who were always a bike ride away. I was angry and so was my cousin 6 months older than me. We were best friends and so we hopped on our bikes in the heat of summer and attempted to run away. That did not work. We made it to the next town over and the heat and exhaustion hit us and my Mom came to pick us up.

I started my new school as a 10th grader anyhow and I still have some of those first friends in my life today. In fact 4 of us that became friends my first year in the town all became pregnant with in the same year 2006/2007 and all four of us had boys. Our boys are also friends today at 9 and 10 years old. So, it worked out and I have been back many times over the years to visit my cousins. It is always sweet to remember my birth place and first home and now that I have my Homesick candle, the scent takes me right back.

Homesick soy candles are naturally made with cotton wicks. Their custom scents bring your home state fragrances together in one candle. My No. Cal candle has the aroma of bold wines and redwood forests. There is a very light hint of pears, apples, cloves, and cinnamon with a nice touch of sweet vanilla. It is amazing how one sniff of my candle truly triggered what I would relate to as my state and the hot summer days and spring  and fall air.

What is your home state? Don’t burn candles but still want the memory? Try ordering their fragrance oils by state or gifts by state such as logo tees, cutting boards and more. If you need a gift idea for someone who calls another place home I cannot think of a perfect gift than the shop at Homesick. Just shop by state and see all of the choices.

Earth Friendly

How To Lower your Families Carbon Footprint


How To Lower your Families Carbon Footprint
Source: Pixabay

Reduce & Recycle

The Co2 emissions that are produced from landfills are a significant contributor to the pollution and greenhouse gases that are given off into our environment. With many families not doing enough to recycle and reduce the amount of waste that is being discarded, the landfills in our communities are a major problem.

The best place to start with reducing the amount of waste that ends up in our landfills is by being more mindful of what we recycle. By being more responsible with how and what we recycle, we can reduce the amount of rubbish that is being sent off to landfills by up to 50%, so  it is definitely worth investing the time and thought to ensuring your family is effectively reducing waste and increasing the amount you recycle.

This is not just recycling plastic, paper and glass you can also be thinking about the items that you can pass on like clothes and furniture items. Either selling items second hand or giving the away to charity shops, can give old items a new home and can reduce the amount of discarded items that end up in our landfills.

Benefits of Going Electric

With electric scooters, cars and motorbikes being the biggest movement in the current engineering market, there is no ignoring the benefits they bring in trying to achieve a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Electric motorbikes, cars and scooters not only produce zero emissions, because they are run solely from electricity, not fuel, they also radically reduce the amount of noise pollution as they are practically silent.

Electrical family cars, although they may warrant a significant investment upfront for the actual purchase of the car, they are a great investment as long term the charging and upkeep is mch cheaper than the old, fuel-based models.

Go Paperless

It is not only businesses that are going paperless these days, it is also families. It is not as tricky or as troublesome as you might think. With us living in such a highly digital age, most of our important documents are now kept on computers and are stored away on our laptops software. You can contact your service providers and ask them to send you all bills and correspondence online so that you don’t receive any paper mail through the post and you can write your lists on online apps. Little details, like these, all add up to making a big difference in the amount of paper we are consuming all over the world.

Get Green Fingered

Plants consume a lot of the Co2 in the atmosphere and therefore go some way in purifying the air that we are polluting, therefore why not try your hand at growing some plants, to do your bit to create a cleaner atmosphere. If you have a garden, vegetable patches are a wonderful way to not only grow new plants but also to decrease the demand for non-organic fruits and vegetables that are being shipped from all over the world.

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Enjoy Organic Cotton Sheets, Towels & Duvets by Subscription Plans

If you follow my blog you know that I love to pay special attention to brands that give back especially that are earth-friendly and sustainable. Brands like Coyuchi that go beyond a product to bring a service to allow everyone a chance to enjoy organic and sustainable products in affordable ways are a huge benefit to us all.

Did you know 10 million tons of textiles—e.g. clothes, bedding, towels, etc.—end up in landfills each year. That’s a pile of sheets and towels 150% the size of the Great Pyramid in Egypt!

Enjoy Organic Cotton Sheets, Towels & Duvets by Subscription Plans

I recently partnered with Coyuchi—a pioneer in organic sheets, towels, and sleepwear—to explore the importance of sustainable home linens and share the good news about their new linen subscription service.

For 25 years, Coyuchi has been a leader in natural and organic home linens that are good to both you and the planet. Now Coyuchi is launching ‘Coyuchi for Life,’ a first-of-its-kind subscription service for environmentally sustainable and organic sheets, towels, and duvet covers.

With ‘Coyuchi for Life,’ users subscribe to organic bed and bath linens from Coyuchi in 6-, 12-, or 24-month increments. When the subscription period is up, customers send back used linens to be recycled or renewed, and receive a new set. The service allows consumers to subscribe to sustainability and change their sheets for good.
Textile waste in landfills takes up space and decomposing natural fibers release methane gas, a potent pollutant that contributes to climate change. Reclaiming textiles and keeping them from entering the landfill in the first place has many positive benefits.
Coyuchi sheets, duvets, and towels are made from natural and organic fibers, free of the toxic dyes, bleaches, and finishes used in conventional textiles. Coyuchi for Life subscriptions make it easy to get new linens every 6, 12 or 24 months starting as low as $5/month for towels or $7/month for sheets and duvets. They are also GOTS-certified—the highest organic standard for cotton, all over the world.

‘Coyuchi For Life’ subscribers enjoy the luxury of fresh, new organic sheets, towels, and duvet covers, while also making it easy to recycle their old linens (something which is harder than one would think). Beautiful bedding that feels good, supports a healthy home and cleaner environment, for roughly the price of a Netflix subscription? It’s a no-brainer.

 To subscribe to Coyuchi for Life, please visit:
I’d love to hear about how you live sustainably! Would you ever consider organic linens? What about an organic linen subscription service?  Share your thoughts in the comments below. 
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Is Your Sunscreen Safe and Effective? #GiveChemicalsTheBird – GIVEAWAY

Thank you Goddess Garden for partnering with Parenting Healthy to sponsor this post

Before you shop for this years sunscreens and browse the never ending selections on store shelves, let’s work together to #GiveChemicalsTheBird. What do I mean by that? Try making a safer sunscreen choice by buying mineral-based sunscreens. Why? They are effective and do not contain chemicals your skin must absorb for it to be effective.

Your skin is your largest organ of your body. More and more it is becoming highly recommended that we consider the creams, soaps and lotions we use on ours and our children’s skin. Goddess Garden sunscreen varieties do not contain the PABA, parabens, phthalates, BPA, Oxybenzone, Avobenzone, Petroleum or toxic chemicals that most brands may contain and absorb through all of the skin layers. Check the labels!

[bctt tweet=”Let’s work together to #GiveChemicalsTheBird this summer. Start here: ” username=”3sonshavei”]

Let’s break this infographic down a bit. Look at your sunscreens in your home right now…go ahead…then come back to this. Do you see the ingredient, Oxybenzone? This chemical is well-known in sunscreens and absorbs through your skin layers and will enter your blood stream. This chemical is in the same class as BPA, only stronger. Yikes!

Do you see Parabens? These are in many sunscreens, bath products and beauty brands. It is a preservative and is genuinely linked to cancer and add in the sun UVB rays to get damaged DNA and an increase in skin aging. Moving down the ingredient list, do you see Phthalates? These and your hormones DO NOT get along. Guess where you won’t find these ingredients? In mineral sunscreens like Goddess Garden. There are so many topics to educate you on ingredients and facts on their blog.

What is Goddess Garden?

Goddess Garden was born from a Mom with a daughter allergic to most synthetic ingredients who needed a safe product in the sun. Most natural sunscreens were like paste and left you feeling greasy so she worked hard to create a safe, organic sunscreen that goes on and blends in well. I can tell you my son always reaches for this brand and I have tried others. He loves how easy it blends. Then she grew to other skincare products, listening to customers suggestions and you can find lip balms, aromatherapy and more that are natural, safe and effective. Visit Goddess Garden to see them all! And don’t forget to #GiveChemicalsTheBird this summer.

Find the closest Goddess Garden retailer to you.

The Giveaway

1 lucky reader will win a 3.4oz Facial tube, 6oz Kids Tube, and a 0.6oz Kids Sport sunscreen stick from Goddess Garden. Ends 6/7 and open to US. Good luck-enter below.

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Safe Cleaning For Home and Family with Dapple

Thank you Dapple for partnering with us on this feature. Opinions are my own

Safe Cleaning For Home and Family

 When you become first time parents you quickly realize how much cleaning is involved with having a baby. Then they become toddlers and the cleaning of nursery, high chairs and bottles give way to sippy cups, fingers and plastic plates. When using soaps with synthetic ingredients you get residue and lingering odors after some time, especially in the cracks of those bottles and sippy cup parts. Dapple has your plant-based and baby-friendly solution for a better cleaner.

dish dapple

When it comes to standing at the kitchen sink which you will do a lot…like all of the time, you need a bottle and dish soap that is safe and effective. Having it smell good is a bonus too. Dapple has some new Bottle & Dish soaps. They now have a foam soap option and new scents for their dish soap such as grapefruit, tangerine and pomegranate. I use it to even scrub my pots and pans and it is effective on any mess. I love how sudsy it gets while cleaning.

Dapple wipes

Even at 8, you are still dealing with sticky fingers like my son after his popsicles. At the older age you tend to not have to be on top of them at all times. However, there are times like I have where they are playing away on the computer keyboard and you look down at the sticky mess of fingers they have! Time to break out the Dapple Pure N’ Clean Everything Wipes.

laundry dapple

Have you ever had baby in one hand and tried stuffing a washer and dryer and pour laundry soap to add? How does that work out for you? With Dapple, you grab a strip. That’s it. They have baby-safe laundry detergent strips you toss in the wash and it is hypoallergenic and free of the SLS, Parabens and formaldehyde you can find in some commercial products. You’ll only pay under .50 cents a load too!

safe cleaning

Dapple was created by Mom’s who wanted the best for their own babies while scrubbing bottles and cups and maintaining the rest of the household chores. Like us, they are not fans of odor and residues left behind on our everyday baby products. I found Dapple on Amazon and you can see their locator on the website for other retailers to buy from. Visit Dapple to see the entire line of products.

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Safe Sunscreen for the Entire Family

thinksport and thinkbaby partnered with Parenting Healthy for this feature

Safe Sunscreen for the entire family

It is the same thought process every spring as we head into summer. We think about the products we will need for the summer and have all the best intentions of finding the best of everything. We look for the cutest swimsuits, fun beach towels with characters for the kids, most effective band aids and the safest sunscreens.

Then one day we are at the store, see a sale on an end cap and all thoughts of best go right out of the window for price and convenience. That may work for your beach towels and swim suits, but let’s make it a goal to really think about the sunscreen you spend your money on this summer. I want to introduce you to the Thinkbaby and Thinksport brand.

thinkBaby sunscreen

Just remember this active ingredient: Zinc Oxide. The general sunscreens (the majority of the ones on the store shelf that have long-named active ingredients and don’t list zinc oxide as one) use chemicals that actually break down in the sun and need to absorb into your skin. The Zinc Oxide mineral does not absorb into your skin.

Now you still want to reapply any sunscreen especially if you are spending the day wet and in the water. With the Thinkbaby and Thinksport sunscreens it is water resistant for 80 minutes. It is the first sunscreen to have passed the Whole Foods Premium Body Care requirements.


Once you find a sunscreen with zinc oxide as the active ingredient you want to focus on application. It may be safer but no one wants to feel greasy all day. Thinkbaby and Thinksport really do work well in this ways with its mineral based formula. We do not feel oily after application at all.

Your skin is your largest organ of your body. More and more it is becoming highly recommended that we consider the creams, soaps and lotions we use on ours and our children’s skin. Thinkbaby and Thinksport does not contain the PABA, parabens, phthalates, BPA, Oxybenzone, Avobenzone, Petroleum or toxic chemicals that most brands may contain and absorb through all of the skin layers. Check the labels!

sunscreen experiment

SS project

sun protection science

Bonus * Want a fun science experiment for your children to encourage them to use sunscreen or wear that UV clothing? See Anthony’s video below:

You can find all thinkBaby products at their website. Hop on over.